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P Hansen Quarter of this year, the worldwide pulp costs continue to skyrocket, the cost of living has increased considerably and the printing union paper. While wood pulp rates are soaring along one side is more extreme shopping Promotion project, issue, life, paper huge Vader picked a new way; will be launched in January next year in central China of non-wood pulp products. This is the day Wider International Holdings Ltd. President Li Zhaowang in Ouidah hi Aries New South dealership orders at the conference and the information disclosed products market.

Market speculation, as wood pulp prices have actually been rising, family paper currently low revenue margins, Vader launch non-wood pulp products, is a development in this market situation, move the main printing. Veterans forecasted, based upon wood pulp stock and price patterns, family paper in the second quarter of next year, there are different degrees of boost, while the paper-making business will undoubtedly look for high-margin items as a brand-new development point of printing union. Brand-new costs edged corporate status

very cautious Press reporter observed in the major supermarkets, the current market value of tissue is unclear, some brand names continue to do unique promos, and prices of brand-new items than the original rate rise in central China.

< br/ > In the Trust-Mart, the wind is doing 10 rolls of roll sales, initial 23.8 yuan 14.9 yuan at present costs; Vader timeless blue handkerchief little change in the rate of paper, about 5.5 yuan a year ago, and now is 5.9 yuan; Ouida Volume 10 the cost of 2 kg toilet roll is 31.5 yuan a year ago about the rate of 28 yuan in main China.

Knowledgeable about the marketplace situation of the market Mr. Liu told reporters that the marketplace costs of family paper products, basic modifications in the original much, however some new items out the product line than the original price was slightly greater printing innovation. If push Heng International recently a brand positioning is high; and Vader hi Aries series of prices a little higher than the initial cost printed tools.

Respondents have said that at present no price boost prepared in central China. Ouida Holdings Chief Financial Officer have thought Howard told a news conference in performance, the Group first half of 2009 typical selling price increased by 3.8%; first half of the Group’s products have actually been rate boosts in the future to depend upon market conditions devices Consumables. Ouida Lichao Wang tells press reporters that Vader is presently no cost increases prepared, but the recent rate of dealership orders is based on higher pulp expenses were changed in the future will continue to raise the printing market. Kimberly-Clark Kleenex brand name marketing company accountable authorities of Otto likewise told reporters that Kleenex no rate increases prepared, but will control the sales force materials market.

Due to the fact that wood pulp rates due to overcapacity
Do a lot of life in the quiet paper costs increased, generally triggered by the international pulp rates in the printing market. Ms. Zhang told reporters the market items market. It is reported that Tissue, Toilet tissue and other makers deal with the biggest issue is the price of wood pulp the raw materials, as wood pulp tissue paper production expenses represented 60% of the overall expense, the cost of printing is an important market. At the same time, due to absence of domestic wood resources, lots of business are using imported paper Pulp As a paper material, the worldwide pulp prices will inevitably increase the cost of making paper-making enterprise printing.

November 20, according to the latest information, the global pulp rates continue to increase, such as The United States and Canada, the cost of bleached softwood kraft pulp reached 776.94 U.S. dollars tons, compared with a week back, up 7.5%; the price of hardwood kraft pulp 459.15 U.S. dollars lots, compared to a week earlier, up 15% of the printing union.

Kleenex Otto also told reporters that the second quarter of this year, pulp prices have been rising, up by more than 30%, is still in an increasing pattern in central China. Participated in pulp Offer Mr. Wang stated the warmer the worldwide pulp market in main China. International pulp market in April this year, beginning from the fast heating products market. Back in March, China’s wood pulp imports began to substantial increase in imports in June in central printing approaching 1.4 million lots mark.

In wood pulp prices, while excess capability is Paper Undoubtedly an issue, excess capacity will influence the rate Lichao Wang explained that the monetary crisis and the capacity to focus the release of the 2009 paper of life in parts of the market is facing the pressure of excess, however the total issue is not huge central printing. Home paper market normally and the GDP growth rate stays the exact same, so a minimum of this year, an 8% boost printing tools. China’s household paper capability of 400 lots of central China. As Environmental management Requirements, the federal government plans to shut 600,000 tons of backward production capability, accounting for 15% of complete capability, can mostly relieve the pressure of excess printing tools.

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