Nice Wonder Women photos

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Batwoman and Wonder Woman
wonder women
Image by edwick
She would only be known as Batwoman, but that’s Valerie Perez again as Wonder Woman.

I’ve known of Valerie Perez’s Wonder Woman cosplay for a little while, but it didn’t sink in who she was until I looked closer at the photos and saw her name. After seeing her briefly in action on the floor, interacting with fans and other cosplayers, the only analogy I can draw is that she’s got the same kind of hard-to-quantify charisma as Lynda Carter that makes Wonder Woman seem like the most natural thing in the world.

1956 Illustrated Film Advert, “Trapeze,” Starring Burt Lancaster, Gina Lollobrigida, Tony Curtis
wonder women
Image by classic_film
Vintage 1950s magazine movie advertisement, "Trapeze," starring actors Burt Lancaster, Gina Lollobrigida, and Tony Curtis, 1956 – released through United Artists, directed by Carol Reed.

"The Wonder Show of the World!"

Published in Redbook magazine, June 1956, Vol. 107, No. 2

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Nice Wonder Women photos

A few nice wonder women images I found:

Brown Leather Bag: Wonderer Essentials
wonder women
Image by Free For Commercial Use (FFC)
A woman, holding a brown leather bag, is standing in a field surrounded by nature. She stops, wonders and ponders.

Photography by Kirk Schwarz.

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Cool Wonder Women images

A few nice wonder women images I found:

wonder women
Image by ohnochriso
Coming for you.

Comikaze 2014
wonder women
Image by V Threepio
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Unknown boy and young woman, dated 1909
wonder women
Image by whatsthatpicture
Another discovery from The Hague. Lovely relaxed and quite intimate portrait, and she is a real beauty.

On the reverse (see below) it appears to say:
"Dear Dam(?)
I am sending you a photo of my boy – always yours …" and then I can’t make out the name, but I am wondering if it is along the lines of "Con S Ray". The S could be superscript. Possibly Constance? The date, 18 February 1909, is in another hand, and looks continental in style, so I am wondering if this was sent to Holland, and that’s how it ended up in a shop in The Hague over 100 years later? If that is so then it would have been the date that it was received, but it still suggests a date for the image of some time in 1909.