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Sideshow attractions at the Centennial Exhibition, Lyall Bay
wonder women
Image by National Library NZ on The Commons
1939, Ephemera Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, Reference: Eph-C-CABOT-Exhibition-1940-01

Promotions described Mexican Rose as beautiful with a charming personality. She had toured the United States for years, was in Charlie Chaplin’s "Circus days" and appeared in "Our gang" comedies. The Evening Post, for 4 November 1939, Page 10, featured a photograph of Rose having lunch at the Exhibition grounds. Other exhibits brought out for the Exhibition in 1939 were motor cycle speedsters Miss Pat Gamble and Miss Moy Wong, and the Cheung Sze Mun Troupe of Oriental Wonders.

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Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
wonder women
Image by Tom Simpson
From "Skateboard Wiz"

Nice Wonder Women photos

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Wonder Woman Hitches a Ride
wonder women
Image by Han Shot First
With her invisible jet out of commission, Wonder Woman turns to an alternative form of transportation.

Across The Street w/ Wonder Woman
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Image by edwardconde

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wonder woman
wonder women
Image by madtrap