Whatever Does This Sentence Mean? Where There is a Dead Body, There the Vultures Will Gather!

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by Compulsive Collector It has been asked, where did the

title of this research study come from? Are you knowledgeable about these words? That last verse of Luke Chapter 17-verse 37

-“Where there is a dead body there the vultures will gather”. If somebody asked you- where do these words come from – would you have understood? If you asked some people outside, would they know? It has been asked, is this Shakespeare, Tennyson or Wordsworth? No. These words originate from the lips of Jesus Christ, so we ‘d much better understand what they mean. We remain in Luke Chapter 17, and do remember it is a research study and not simply a rushing through! This needs to be a longer study too because it is difficult to divide it. This passage is quite a unity. Let’s begin at verse 20. Do require time to read the text and check what is said here with the reliable text. Some Pharisees came on the scene and they needed to know when the Kingdom of God was coming. Jesus answered -The Kingdom of God is not coming with signs which will be noticeably observed, and this word ‘visibly’ or’ observed’is the medical term for the observation of symptoms. These spiritual leaders were looking for a visible observable physical kingdom-like a country

-a different kind of country-like England -Wales -Scotland-and The Kingdom of God. That is how they thought, and that is how numerous believe today. Individuals are trying to find a kingdom because sense, and Jesus needs to teach them and us-” If you are looking in the incorrect location and in the incorrect method, you will see definitely nothing.” When Jesus Christ the King comes, it is NOT a mighty spectacle. When Jesus relocates His church restoring it-renewing it-it is not generally a great nationwide success story. Everything does not unexpectedly alter and enhance. Some things enhance. Some things do not. And, we need to never restrict the Kingdom of God-to here or there. We can not limit Jesus.

We can not restrict Christ. We can not catch the Kingdom and put it in a box. We can not keep it securely within any boundaries – no matter what these boundaries are. The kingdom of God comes and crashes through in the most unusual and unexpected ways at times. We can not restrict it to one country, nor to any one place. When the kingdom of God comes -when the increased and living Lord Jesus Christ comes among us -and the Kingdom is before us-and we get a peek of the Kingdom- we have the ability to enter it.

That was exactly what interested Jesus. Are you IN? Are you on the WITHIN the KINGDOM? Jesus wants you to be in the Kingdom, and these spiritual leaders were plainly outside the Kingdom of God, and most

of them remained outside the Kingdom of God, and truly, they did not desire to enter. That is unfortunate and tragic, which continues to occur today-that takes place today. God’s Kingdom is the only remedy to what is going on in the world today. God’s Kingdom is the only answer. Verse 22. Jesus has to teach the disciples. Do not resemble the Pharisees. Don’t be susceptible. Do

n’t enable yourselves to be misled or tricked, and DO NOT PANIC. Do not search in the incorrect method- in the wrong location, and DO

NOT LISTEN to the incorrect people. Why? Incorrect guides will emerge and state- “Here it is-there it is”. Do not go rushing around trying to find where the Kingdom of God is expected

to be. “It is within you, or among you “. Then Jesus starts to discuss His 2nd Pertaining to the earth. It will resemble lightening. You will know. Everyone will understand. However first Jesus says -I need to suffer. There had to be the Cross prior to The Crown.

Jesus needed to be turned down before He could

reign. Prior to Jesus can be the risen living King, He needs to be crucified. When the days of the Coming Again of Jesus approach -when that day is close -it will be very much like the days of Noah.

Life will be going on normal. Jesus had no issue with Noah and the Flood. The record of what occurred in Genesis Chapters 6, 7 and 8 was of no issue to Jesus. Life will be going on. Individuals will be eating and drinking and marrying – absolutely nothing essentially wicked in any of these activities -but there will be a great deal of sin around. People had been so absorbed -absolutely immersed- lost their spiritual level of sensitivity-provided to materialism -their spiritual senses having been blunted. Suddenly, it will be all over. The Church of Jesus Christ will be taken up to satisfy Jesus Christ in the sky, and we will be with Jesus for ever. On that day no force

will be able to keep me tied to this earth. Those who come from Jesus Christ will be taken up with an irresistible force.

It is going to be some day! It will resemble the days of Lot. People will be consumed with materialism, business and generating income, and trading will be top concern. Unexpectedly judgement rained down upon Sodom and Gomorrah. When Jesus Christ returns many individuals are going to be extremely stunned. Sodom has become a word in our language with a really particular significance. 2 weeks ago, I went home on a Wednesday night, switched on the tv to see the News, and two males were locked in an accept and kissing. That would never have been broadcast 5 or 6 years ago. Jesus goes on to teach in verse 30-on that day never mind your possessions. When I return -you just come.

Do not wish to return. Remember Lot’s partner! She was engulfed because storm of judgement- salt and sulphur. It is most intriguing what Jesus informs us to keep in mind. Lot’s partner left Sodom with Lot. Her body left Sodom,

however her heart didn’t. Her heart was not where it should have been -with her hubby.

Where is your heart? If you wish to remain in the Ark when the flood comes, deal with that now. Sort these things out now. With Noah it was NOT some extra time task. If you desire to escape God’s judgement, do not anticipate to be in the bulk. Jesus says -Be ready to leave everything. Even on that day when Jesus Christ comes once again, it is as if some will want, and rush to obtain, and wish to take, their worthless ownerships. Just leave what you have, and all of a sudden you will find that you have whatever. When Jesus Christ returns, life will be going on as usual. There will be two asleep; one will be taken and the

other left. Does that refer to marital relationships where one is a follower and the other isn’t? I do sense that is exactly what Jesus is describing here. When Jesus returns, earthly ties will not have any significance or significance. Two will be working away; one taken to be with Jesus, and the other left. Some who work next to you, or who are extremely near you physically, and who may reside in your house, may not need to know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. They may reveal a little interest, but they may not wish to know and serve and like the Lord Jesus, and be devoted to the Church of Jesus Christ with all its various weaknesses. Do you see why being correctly connected to Jesus Christ now is so extremely

important? This is the most crucial thing in the entire world- being in the Kingdom of God. On that day when Jesus comes, it will be far too late to do anything about it. That is why we are informed to obtain prepared now and to make our peace with God through the Blood of Jesus Christ shed on the Cross. This is the day of redemption. Yes, it will be catastrophic, but to believers

it will be so natural, and there is nothing to fear-not if you are in Christ. Jesus is discussing being eliminated and about His individuals being eliminated to be with

Him. And the disciples ask, “Where, Lord?” Where will we go? How will we get there? They desired Jesus to inform them all the necessary details. It is at this point that Jesus speaks that salutary sentence.”Where there is a dead carcass of an animal, the vultures instinctively understand where to go.”On that day you will be resulted in be with me. You will have the exact same homing instinct. Don’t worry about where, or how to arrive. It is like the animals being caused Noah in such a way. It will take place. You will be led. On that day all who come from Jesus Christ will be led safely to be with Him. Disciples will be caused be with Jesus.

Others will be left. It is a longer study but with a severe concern. Which group will you be in? Sandy Shaw Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Pastor

at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Kid’s Panel in Scotland, and has actually traveled thoroughly over these previous years teaching, speaking, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 visits to Israel performing Tours and Pilgrimages, and most just recently in Uganda and Kenya, ministering

at Pastors and Leaders Seminars, in the poor locations surrounding Kampala

, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. Discover More

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