Grand Canyon Tours South Rim – A Different Tour in Las Vegas

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There are several events when visiting Las Vegas for all ages, yet staying in this place will not limit your desires. There are countless of vacation spots like parks, historical places and a lot more enabling tourists’ daytime trips to different locations and experienced the city’s nightlife. One of the best places to visit is the Grand Canyon tours south rim from Las Vegas. Reading this article will provide you some of features of numerous option tours to the Grand Canyon.

There are several options when visiting the Canyon and the most effective way to do this is touring by bus. Riding a bus going to the Canyon is no different from other touring destinations yet it is inexpensive and the entire family will enjoy. By means of riding the bus, tourists will be approaching directly to the end of the Grand Canyon itself, and will guarantee every tourist to admire the stunning depth of the place. Definitely, if you wish to save more bucks while traveling and wish to extend some days touring from the Grand Canyon tours south rim, riding on a bus is an enjoyable experience.

Another stunning experience is riding a plane or a chopper when visiting the canyon, and seeing the incredible size and scope formation of the place is a rare encounter. Many newlywed couples are spending their honeymoon here and enjoy the breathtaking views while riding a plane. There are also VIP tours in the place by riding a chopper to visit the different stunning sceneries of the region.

Once you visited the Grand Canyon, make sure to travel the different areas also to complete the tour in the place. Both Grand Canyon tours south rim and west rim are famous and provide an entirely distinctive vacation tour. Hummers as well as Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are also allowed to different alternative touring here. Indeed, visiting Las Vegas is a unique experience particularly if you was able to visit the canyon together with your family, friends or companions. It is a brilliant tourist destination having interesting history and natural beauty.

Grand Canyon Airlines is believed to be the world’s oldest, most experienced air tour company in continuous operation since 1927. Proudly owned since 1967 by Elling B. Halvorson and Family, Mr. Halvorson has been credited with truly developing and shaping the air tour industry of the Grand Canyon.

Helicopter Tour Coupons in Grand Canyon

Las Vegas is known as the coupon capital of the world. In other words, it’s the home of deals, promotions, and discounts, not exclude tours. Grand Canyon helicopter tours are offering at steep discounts. I will show you how to get the hottest promotional offers.


The trick to getting great discounts is buying direct from the tour operator. Not the broker. Not the hotel concierge. Not the sidewalk ticket vendor. Each of these guys exists because they make insane commissions. The result: You pay more.


Tour operators understand that middlemen are a part of doing business. In a perfect world, however, they’d prefer to book all their trips themselves. Why? The process is smoother. Customer service is higher. And, most importantly, they know that you’re getting the right trip at a fair price. Brokers, on the other hand, are interested in selling you the trip that gets biggest commission.


Tour operators understand the concept of “customer value.” They also “get” the idea of repeat and referral business. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be in business. These companies know intrinsically that if you are happy with your helicopter trip that you’ll refer your family and friends. It’s a “value” that’s so important that they factor it into their business plan. Middlemen don’t do that.


As such, tour operators like Papillon Helicopters, Maverick Helicopters, and Sundance Helicopters do everything in their power to get you to purchase your flight on their website. How so? By offering you coupons and specials that give you savings up to 35 percent. For instance, Papillon Helicopter’s Grand Celebration tour, the most popular West Rim landing trip, retails for $ 399. That’s a fair price when compared to the company’s competitors. But if you book that same tour online, you pay only $ 280. That’s a savings of nearly $ 120. Or how about the Grand Celebration with Skywalk and Boat, Papillon’s #2 best-selling tour. It retails for $ 597 but savvy travelers can book it at $ 400 per person, netting themselves a savings of nearly $ 200!


Groups of ten or more people can really load up on the savings. Eligible for the small-group discount, these parties can take an additional 10 percent off the already low promotional price. On the Papillon Helicopters website, for example, click on the “small-group” pricing button on the left side of the page. This will refresh the site and you’ll have access to small-group rates.


There’s no lack of helicopter tour coupons in Las Vegas, the leader in discount tour packages. Marketers and middlemen far and wide will tell you that they’ve got the cheapest package price. Not true. The owners of the helicopter tour companies are offering the best price. These businessmen accept third parties selling their trips as a “cost of doing business.” Their preference, however, is if you bought straight from them, and they’ll reward you with discounts of up to 35 percent (higher for group bookings) if you do. They do this because they value your business and want to sell you a trip that meets and exceeds your expectations. That’s why they post fantastic promotional offers on their websites. Remember: If you are ready to fly, book direct online.


Travel writer Keith Kravitz shares more tips on how to get Grand Canyon helicopter tour coupons at

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A Once in a Lifetime Grand Canyon Tour Within Your Budget

Its reputation precedes itself. Mention the Grand Canyon to practically anyone and chances are, he or she knows how this massive gorge sits right in the center of Arizona and amazes those who behold it. While travel guides do their best do capture its beauty on paper or words, those who experienced it for themselves say that nothing could have prepared them for the sheer awe-inspiring and superlative-defiant experience that is the Grand Canyon. See, even these words seem futile in trying to describe its effect on tourists!

What makes it so special?

The Grand Canyon is not only one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world; it is also a living, breathing history lesson. Several million years of raging waters from the Colorado River carved these canyons into what they are today. If you have kids, a trip won’t only be an excellent time to bond with your family; it will also be a huge and interactive learning experience. Remember, it is also a national park with 287 species of birds, 88 species of mammals, 58 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 26 species of fish. That is a lesson in biology right there.

There are five million tourists who flock to the Grand Canyon every year, that’s why it is considered as one of the most visited travel destinations in the world. So if you want to avoid the density of people, avoid traveling to the Grand Canyon during summer. In any case, you can always have that trip during spring, winter, or fall.

There is something that will hit everyone’s fancy in this place. Nature walks, for one, will allow you to breathe in the freshness of the surroundings. The scenery alone should be a great and well-deserved rest from the crowded, noisy, and chaotic backdrop of the city. Everybody needs a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Making the right choices in traveling

Because of the popularity of the site, there are a lot of opportunities for people who are raring to see the Grand Canyon at least once in their lifetime. Most of these packages include transportation from the surrounding areas, which range from the simple ones, like hiking and backpacking, to the downright lavish such as luxury vans and Maverick helicopters.

Needless to say, expect a Grand Canyon luxury tour to make a serious dent in your budget. And with how the economy is currently going, would you really blow a year’s worth of savings on an eight-day trip? When it means cutting down on your budget for your kids’ schooling, or having to work extra hours, or running behind on bills, can you really afford that trip?

Experience the Grand Canyon without spending a fortune

It’s true! The Grand Canyon has almost become synonymous with American tourism. Eighty percent of tourists who go to see the Grand Canyon are Americans– domestic tourists that appreciate this massive wonder practically in their backyard. However, It does not have to cost a fortune to book that trip and fulfill what is rightfully every person’s travel fantasy.

You can try the self-guided rim-to-river hiking adventure to the Grand Canyon for next to nothing! There may be millions of people who have been to the Canyon but very few can actually say they’ve gone more than a mile below the rim. Seeing the Canyon up close is more awesome!

Another option is to stay at Phantom Ranch, a friendly retreat that can accommodate up to 88 people either in stone-and-log cabins or bunk dormitories at very affordable rates. Of course you shouldn’t expect great amenities in budget places like this!

The most important part of traveling to the Grand Canyon is when you can re-live the experience for many years. It would be so much better if you can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime tour for a fraction of the price!

Become a member of Global Resorts Network and enjoy an 8-day stay at 4- to 5-star hotels in Grand Canyon for only 8 – 9. Some of these member hotels offer an all-inclusive package for this rate! Visit Barry and Kim at for more information!

Grand Canyon Tours – 7 Things to Think About Before Taking a South Rim Bus Tour

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by cottontimer The Las Vegas Grand Canyon South Rim bus is quickly the most economical method to get to the national park. It’s comfortable, too, particularly if you take a trip aboard one of today’s high-end motor coaches. Before you climb up aboard and settle into your plush seat, here are seven things you have to think of prior to you struck the roadway: 1. The South Rim is 270 miles away from Vegas and takes 5.5 hours to reach by bus. Tours include approximately 3 hours at the rim. Travelers go back to their Strip hotel around 9 p.m. Conservatively, spending plan 15 hours for this trip. 2. Review your schedule and see if it consists of a stop at the second-tallest bridge in the U.S. The brand-new Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge opened in October 2010 and it’s a sight to witness. Even better is walking across it. The excitement comes from being suspended 900 feet above the Colorado River. And the view of Hoover Dam is incredible. 3. See if lunch is included. This trip is a long one and you will get hungry. Breakfast will get you as far as Kingman, AZ(ensure
to load up on treats here). The normal box lunch is OK for lunch. I suggest pleasing your cravings at the dining establishment in the Bright Angel Lodge, where the servings are substantial and tasty. 4. Gown for the weather condition. During summer, bring a hat, sun block, great deals of water, and loose clothes like long-sleeved shirts and pants.

Bring a windbreaker if you have one. South Rim winter’s are much chillier than exactly what you’ll experience in Vegas. I suggest you wear layers for comfort and heat. Bring a hat and/or beanie, scarf, gloves, and a medium weight jacket. Place on a set of sturdy shoes or boots. A set of YakTrakz anti-slip walker-crampons are a terrific way to deal with icy conditions. 5. Make sure to your issue of “The Guide.”The Park Service puts out this splendidly useful publication.

Upgraded quarterly, the newspaper knows about Park history, museums, gift shops, dining establishments, the best view points, and a map of the complimentary shuttle system. In my viewpoint, it’s the key that unlocks all the Park’s fantastic features. 6. Not all lookouts are created equivalent. Time is minimal and you wish to ensure you see the most-famous viewing points.

My ideas include Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station, Hermit’s Rest, and Yaki Point. Do daybreak at Mather and Sundown at Hopi Point. The view from the Rim Path behind Intense Angel Lodge is likewise excellent(listed below you’ll see Indian Gardens and a tiny bit of Phantom Ranch). 7. Keep in mind: Exactly what decreases need to show up. South Rim routes are first-rate. But they are steep. I recommend taking a leisurely 30-minute walk down and

then turning back. Over the summer season, bring great deals of water and a salty treat like trail mix throughout the summer. Take lots of breaks increasing. There’s no rush. Stand to the side to let mule trains pass.South Rim bus tours from Las Vegas are a hit with Las Vegas travelers. And for good reason. It’s inexpensive, consists of lunch and all park entrance charges, and its done on a cutting edge luxury bus. It’s likewise a sightseeing paradise. On the way, you’ll see such western icons as Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Kaibab Plateau, and the Colorado River. If you are trying to find a budget friendly, enjoyable way to do the South Rim, this bus trip is absolutely the method to go. Inexpensive South Rim bus trips? Travel author Keith Kravitz examines the finest Grand Canyon bus trips here.

11 Must-Know Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Tips

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by Compulsive Collector The Grand Canyon is impressive in

scale. It’s 190 miles long, averages a mile deep, and includes 1,900 square miles. If you view it from the ground, you’ll see 45 miles. From a helicopter, you’ll see more than 140 miles. That’s a threefold boost in how much canyon you can see in a day. Flying is the very best way to enjoy this natural wonder to the max. Prior to you take out the plastic and book an air trip, read my 11 need-to-know suggestions about helicopter tours. They’ll ensure that your flight is smooth from start to finish. # 1 Book your tour beforehand. Helicopter tours are remarkably popular. Especially from Las Vegas, NV. Making innovative appointments ensure that you fly on the day of your option. # 2. Check out the fine print. Understand the cancellation policy BEFORE you spend for your flight. It’s extremely difficult to cancel and get a full refund after the truth. # 3. Know which rim you’ll be visiting. West Rim or South Rim. These are the two rims
that host all helicopter trips in the National forest. The West Rim is 120 miles east of Las Vegas. The South Rim is situated in Arizona, just west of Flagstaff, AZ. # 4. Know your budget. Helicopter tours begin at$200 per person. They increase from there depending upon upgrades(Grand Canyon Skywalk, river rafting, deluxe helicopters, and so on) # 5. Attempt to schedule your tour in the morning. Doing so enables you to re-schedule if there’s bad weather afoot. It’s likewise when your flight will be the smoothest. # 6. Bring your”memory devices.”Electronic cameras, camcorders, and cell phones. The views are amazing. Helicopters are equipped with 180-degree windows, offering you full canyon panoramas. Remember to charge your individual electronics the night prior to. Field glasses are also helpful. # 7 Verify your appointment when you get here at your location. An easy telephone call or e-mail is all that’s required. # 8 Pointer the pilot. They likewise function as your guide and know the canyon like the back of their hand. Start in between$20 to$30(United States currency)and use judgment from there. # 9. Don’t invest the whole trip
glued to your viewfinder. It’s difficult to experience the “minute “and record/photograph every minute of it. Listen to the pilot for cues. Exactly what you missed en route you can get on the method back. # 10. Ask if your trip operator records your flight. This is an excellent method to supplement your own picture-taking efforts. # 11. Videos of the flight expense additional. They are not bundled into the cost of your bundle.

The classic South Rim helicopter trip lifts off from the Kaibab Plateau and takes you into the Dragoon Passage, the best, deepest part of the canyon
. West Rim flights are famous for the flight to the bottom, which is a 4,000-foot descent.

Both journeys verge on miraculous. Helicopters leaving from the Las Vegas area can reach the West Rim in 45 minutes. In addition to flying to the bottom( this is the only location where you can do it ), you can include a float down the Colorado River on a pontoon boat or admission to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass bridge that extends 70 feet past the edge and raises you 4,000 feet above the river. Top of the rim, inspect out the authentic Hualapai Indian Town. There’s likewise a totally free shuttle service that stop at choose viewpoints. Secret landmarks include Eagle Point, Guano Point, and Hualapai Cattle ranch. South Rim helicopter trips leave from Grand Canyon Airport, located 10 minutes from the main Park entrance in the town of Tusayan. There are no direct helicopter flights from Las Vegas. To get there, you must take a short-hop aircraft flight or a 5.5-hour bus flight then transfer to

complete the helicopter part of you bundle. Helicopter tours last Thirty Minutes and fly from the Kaibab Plateau into the Dragoon Corridor up until reaching the North Rim before reversing. Aircraft are not permitted to fly listed below the rim or arrive at the bottom. Travelers” in-the-know”understand that helicopters are the only method to see as much of the Grand Canyon as possible in a short quantity of time. These 11 ideas are useful before, during, and after you book a trip. Give them a fast review and I guarantee you that you’ll experience the Grand Canyon helicopter flight

of a lifetime All set to fly above the Grand Canyon? Read travel professional Keith Kravitz’ reviews initially at Associated< a href=" "> Luke Skywalker Articles