Han Shot First AGAIN? This 'Star Wars VII' Theory Legit Changes The Ending Of

Han Shot First AGAIN? This '' Star Wars VII ' Theory Legit Modifications The Ending Of
The remarkable finale of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens took a great deal of fans by surprise. After all this time, we got to see Leia Organa and Han Solo'' s kid … only for him to follow the weird family custom of bumping off his dad. Or did he? Did …
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Star Wars VII: The Audience Awakens
While I do not see EconMatters as a film critic like Roger Ebert, sometimes it feels practically like civil responsibility to let people understand not to lose money on a bad movie. I missed the Start War VII when it opened during Christmas last year and at the very same time …
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Harry Potter Theory: The GIRL Who Lived?!

Harry Potter book series
harry potter
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Harry Potter Adult Edition Hardback Boxed Set, Harry Potter Kid Editions, and Harry Potter Traditional Chinese Editions.

Harry Potter Theory: The LADY Who Lived ?!
However here I am, with a brand-new theory that I think might be possible. Numerous in the Wizarding World know Harry Potter as “”The Kid Who Lived””. This is since he was the only individual that had actually ever survived the Killing Curse and that curse was done by Voldemort.
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