Supreme Darth Vader Outfit – The Scariest Halloween Outfit?

darth vader
by Paul Aeneas If you’re looking for the scariest outfit for

Halloween this year, the Supreme Darth Vader costume might be it. With this costume, you can go to any Halloween party dressed as one of the baddest bad individuals of all time. However exactly what’s really frightening about this outfit isn’t the motion picture character who influenced it. The scariest aspect of it is the rate. Yes, the cost. How much are you going to pay to look like Darth

Vader? For around $50, you can purchase a Darth Vader costume(sans light saber)at practically any outfit store. But if you want the Supreme Darth Vader outfit, you’ll need to pay$700 or more. And it does not come with a light saber either. So exactly what’s the distinction between the cheapie variation and the collector’s version? Credibility. The Darth Vader Collector’s outfit was created from the original Lucas Studios molds and patterns. So you’ll essentially be using the same attire used in” Vengeance of the Sith,” not some cheap wannabe impostor. Specifically, exactly what you’ll get is an officially licensed STAR WARS Revenge of the Sith outfit that includes a black one-piece suit with synthetic leather pants and sleeves, a flaring cape made from the original Lucas Studios patterns, black onslaughts (gloves), and injection-molded plastic armor pieces(collar, shoulder guards, boot tops, chest piece, belt, and supreme edition mask and helmet )that were cast from the original Lucas Studio molds. The chest piece brighten, and the outfit has a breathing gadget, however you’ll have to spend some more money for a light saber and black boots to complete the costume. With this costume, you’ll unquestionably be the best-dressed Vader at any Halloween party.(Let’s face it -there might be other folks

using Star Wars outfits at the celebration, however how many of them are going to pony up that kind of cash for a Halloween costume?)Obviously, Real Star Wars fans with deep pockets aren’t limited to the costly Supreme Darth Vader outfits for Halloween either. If

you’ve got the cash, you can likewise find Supreme Stormtrooper, Chewbacca and Boba Fett clothing.