Las Vegas Day Trips – Selecting Between Grand Canyon Skywalk and the South Rim

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JD Hancock Picking out whether to go to the Skywalk or Grand Canyon National forest while remaining in Las Vegas? That’s a tough one. Both attractions deserve the trip. Nevertheless, there are a couple of logistical and monetary distinctions in between the 2 that can help resolve the issue for you.


This is a big issue for a lot of people. It takes a bus 2.5 hours to reach Grand Canyon West and 5.5 hours to reach the South Rim. It takes a helicopter 45 minutes and an airplane 25 minutes to reach the West Rim, respectively. It takes a plane 45 minutes to fly to the South Rim; there are no direct helicopter flights. Be prepared to spend a full day on journeys to the West Rim. South Rim airplane trips need a full day, too, while bus tours average about 15 hours.


The one-way driving distance from Las Vegas to the West Rim is 128 miles and 279 miles to the South Rim. Both are fairly long trips. Thankfully, today’s motor coach has all the amenities, consisting of luxurious seats and a clean restroom. There are also a variety of stops where you can stretch your legs (consisting of Hoover Dam).


Each rim has distinct things to do. The West Rim is well-known for its man-made destinations while the South Rim is applauded for its unbelievable natural charm. In addition, while there are visitor centers at the West Rim, the ones at South Rim are more established. Here’s a breakdown:

South Rim:

View Points

This location of the Canyon is loaded with wonderful viewing spots. The most famous are Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station, Yaki Point, Hermit’s Rest and more. All can be reached by means of the Park’s excellent totally free shuttle system.

Dining establishments

Dining chances differ from casual to highbrow easygoing. The largest, heartiest portions are served at the Bright Angel Restaurant. For cafeteria-style, go to Maswick Lodge. Or polish up your shoes and take pleasure in a delicious supper in the El Tovar dining room. If you are looking for a quick bite, try the treat bar behind the Lodge. There’s a full-sized grocery store near Mather Camping area.

Keepsake Shopping

This is a South Rim “must-do.” For Native American handicrafts, it’s the Hopi House. Go to Verkamp’s or Kolb Studio for books, DVDs, and maps. The gift store within the Bright Angel Lodge is the place for t-shirts, water bottles, vital chains, and postcards.

West Rim (Grand Canyon Skywalk):


The Glass Bridge is now Las Vegas’ hottest “off-Strip” attraction. Considering that opening to the public in 2007, more than one million individuals have experienced the Bridge. It’s a fantastic structure: Manufactured from unique glass, it extends 70 feet over the Canyon, wherein you are suspended 4,000 feet above the Colorado River.

Hualapai Cattle ranch

This is truly a special place. It includes a Wild West town where gunfights are staged. Other cowboy “games” consist of axe and hay bale throwing. You get saddle up and go horseback riding or participate in a cattle drive. Over night lodging is available.


Eagle Point is the main lookout for the West Rim. Spectacular views are to be had. Be warned – There’s no guardrail. The area includes an Indian village and outside amphitheater for talks on local culture, flora, and fauna.

Present Shops/Food

Grand Canyon West is a reasonably brand-new advancement of the Hualapai Indian Tribe. The complex that services the Skywalk is the center of activity and includes a present store (this is where you get your Skywalk memento pictures) and sandwich shop. The People’s future plans for the location include hotels and restaurants.


The South Rim, elevation 7,000 feet, is 1,500 feet greater than the West Rim, so anticipate cooler temperature levels. Aside from that, both locations go through extreme weather condition. Here’s a glance at yearly temperature levels for both rims:

South Rim
Elevation is 7,000 feet

Jan. – March
Typical high temperature: 45 degrees. Typical low: 21 degrees.

April – June
Typical high temperature: 69 degrees. Average low: 39 degrees.

July – Sept.:
Typical high temperature level: 82 degrees. Typical low: 52 degrees.

Oct. – Dec.:
Typical high temperature: 52 degrees. Typical low: 27 degrees.

West Rim/Skywalk
Elevation is 4,700 feet.

Jan. – March
Typical high temperature level: 70 degrees. Average low: 43 degrees.

April – June
Average high temperature: 96 degrees. Average low: 65 degrees.

July – Sept.:
Typical high temperature level: 105 degrees. Typical low: 76 degrees.

Oct. – Dec.
Average high temperature: 76 degrees. Average low: 46 degrees.


Warm layers in the winter and wind-resistant, cool clothing in the summer season. Expect winter season snow at the South Rim and use trousers, shoes and a coat (it’s not uncommon to see individuals in shorts!). Throughout the summer, constantly bring a water bottle and plenty of sun block.


Incredibly, tour costs to the rims are similar. West rim bus trips begin under $ 100 and South Rim trips around $ 80. Helicopter trips to the Skywalk start at $ 200. West Rim aircraft tours start at $ 105 and South Rim ones at $ 190 (this specific trip is an overall deal). Aim to buy an all-encompassing trip that includes Skywalk admission, which, if bought independently, will run you $ 29.95 per person.


The Rims of the Grand Canyon are wondrous locations. It would be terrific if there was a Las Vegas-Grand Canyon tour that did both but there isn’t (if there were, it would be a two-day trip). However, the Rims are various enough in regards to tour time, cost, and tourist attractions that you can find the trip that’s right for you.

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