Might X-23 Replace Wolverine in the XMen Movies?

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Might X-23 Replace Wolverine in the XGuy Movies?
Rogue One – Should Jyn Erso Be Connected to Another Star Wars Character? – IGN Keepin' ' It Reel. 3:00 MIN. IGN Keepin ' It Reel, Episode 321: Rogue One Trailer Response and Batman v Superman'' s Big Ticket office Drop. 50:38 MINUTES; Biggest Unanswered …
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Fox Drops Final Trailer for '' X-Men: Armageddon'
' You might remember, when, last year, “”X-Men”author Simon Kinberg responded to fan concerns about the current “”Days of Future Past,” “in addition to the next installment in the franchise, “”Apocalypse”,”revealing that “”first-wave”characters like Storm (as played …
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Is FOX Playing A Sexist Game with The '' X-Male ' Franchise? This Starlet Thinks So!
With the upcoming release of X-Men: Armageddon, we'' ll finally have the ability to see our preferred mutant heroes do some real kickass combating versus one of the best Marvel bad guys ever produced! On the unfortunate side, with the new and yet somehow also …
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Five hours of Darth Vader's burning corpse will replace your Yule Log

5 hours of Darth Vader'' s burning remains will change your Yule Log Nevertheless I have to mention that this was not Darth Vader'' s””corpse”. In my understanding, a corpse is a dead body and evident in the folklore of Star Wars, when a Jedi dies, there is astonishingly no remains. The body disappears to end up being one with the …
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This Darth Vader Gingerbread Man Is All We Want For Christmas
This Darth Vader Gingerbread Man Is All We Want For Christmas. Who wouldn'' t wish to take a bite from the dark side? 12/22/2015 01:39 pm ET|Updated Dec 22, 2015. Damon Dahlen Staff Photographer/Photo Editor, The Huffington Post. The force is …
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It'' s a Star Wars Christmas, So Get Relaxing With the Darth Vader Yule Log
Darth-Vader-Yule-Log. It'' s even more timely than Nick Offerman'' s Yule Log, and it'' s much, far better than The Star Wars Vacation Special. Read more in Slate about Star Wars: Ad. The Only Thing in the New Star Wars That Doesn'' t Feel Like Star …
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