Nice The Avengers photos

A few nice the avengers images I found:

The Avengers: 1/6th scale Agent Coulson teaser
the avengers
Image by marvelousRoland
Well, isn’t this a great surprise? Hot Toys just teased a sixth scale figure of Agent Coulson from The Avengers line.

I would very much like to add Coulson to my collection. I don’t really give that much for the footsoldier, however a pleasant surprise.
I like a ‘normal’ guy standing next to my superheroes.

The Coulson figure should be pretty straight forward. Normal Hot Toys Truetype body type. The clothes aren’t really complex. Only Coulson head sculpt and gun are the most work. I expect an official announcement pretty soon. And to see the figure early next year.

The Avengers
the avengers
Image by Tim.Deering

Nice Wonder Women photos

Some cool wonder women images:

Wonder Woman
wonder women
Image by Daniel Rocal
Hands: and
Background: and
Chest plate and headband:…
Pants texture:

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
wonder women
Image by Tom Simpson
From "Skateboard Wiz"

wonder women
Image by Anthony Chodor

Nice X Men photos

Some cool x men images:

ShadowCat Xmen
x men
Image by dcnerd
Taken at Emerald City Comic Con Seattle WA March 2013

Wolverine & The X-Men #36 LEGO variant cover (1:25 distribution) illustrated by Leonel Castellani
x men
Image by TooMuchDew
In September & October 2013, Marvel will release LEGO-themed variant covers for 21 of its titles to promote the LEGO Marvel Superheroes game due this fall.

Nice The Avengers photos

Some cool the avengers images:

Reese 09
the avengers
Image by Robert Bejil Productions
Gamer Girl shoot with my friend Reese for her SoCal Glamour Girls page.


-AB400 camera left with blue gel @ 1/2 power.
-AB1600 camera right. placed outside and shot through the window via a Paul C. Buff 86" silver PLM with diffusion sock @ 1/2 power.
-Triggered via Cactus V4.

Boston Massacre trial notes [page 7]
the avengers
Image by Boston Public Library
File name: 06_01_000716

Call no.: Ms.Am.229(23)

Title: Boston Massacre trial notes [page 7]

Creator/Contributor: Adams, John, 1735-1826 (creator)

Creation date: 1770

Summary: John Adams’s original trial notes from the Boston Massacre.

Genre: Manuscripts

are a Number of Persons together. All present, aiding and abetting, are guilty. No Man shall be an avenger of his own Cause unless from absolute Necessity.

J. Trowbridge: You ought to produce all your Evidence now.

Josiah Quincy: Three main Divisions, under the last. There will be many subdivisions. First: whether any were killed. Second: who Killed them? Whenever there is a Doubt the bias is in favor of the Prisoner. Third: last and main Division is what are the facts to allege to justify, excuse, or alleviate? Under this are many minute divisions. I need not remind you of the importance to the Prisoners, nor to the Community. It is important that the Dignity of Justice and to the country, that the same rules should prevail. A prejudice prevails that the life of a soldier is less valuable than that of a subject. The Criminal Law extends itself to every Individual of the community. It views man possessed of appetite and Passions. The Law attends to mankind as we find them surrounded with all their infirmities and all their Passions. Whatever will justify an inhabitant in firing upon an Inhabitant, will justify a soldier, and a soldier need not have a civil magistrate any more than an inhabitant. General opinions, almost universal through this continent, that their Rights and Liberties were invaded. It is believed that the soldiers came here to enforce these acts. Mankind acts from Feelings more than from reasoning. The object of Resentment was out of Reach, and it fell upon the Instrument. The People thought the soldiers the Instruments for fastening the Shackles that had been forged. The soldier felt himself touched in the Point of Honor, and in the Pride of Virtue, when he saw and felt these Marks of Disrespect.

Location: Boston Public Library, Rare Books Department

Rights: No known restrictions

Nice Wonder Women photos

Check out these wonder women images:

New 52 (updated)
wonder women
Image by 1upLego
some characters ive made for the new 52 collection.

Lara Croft & Wonder Woman
wonder women
Image by Gray Lensman QX!

wonder women
Image by miguel_discart_photos
La box surprise – 100% culture geek !
Tous les mois, le meilleur de l’univers geek : jeux video, manga, series, films SF et fantastiques…

Preparez-vous, car l’action est a portee de main… La sortie du film Wonder Woman approchant a grands pas, Wootbox s’arme de ses plus beaux atouts en mai avec le theme ‘ Heroines ‘ !

Parce-que les heroines ont aussi le droit d’etre dument representees, la feminite mais aussi la puissance, la vraie, seront de mise ! Wonder Woman et son lasso legendaire, Harley Quinn et sa folie quelque peu frappante, Chun Lee et ses high kicks impressionnants, Dolores et son evolution en tant qu’hote… Avec ces heroines desormais mythiques, tout est reuni pour passer un moment plutot… intensif. Attendez-vous a des combats retentissants, elles ne sont pas la pour faire semblant !