Oboe Pieces – A Review of Solo Repertoire

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by zuko1312 Copyright(c)2010 Robert Hinchliffe The oboe has actually been around as a substantial solo instrument given that the Renaissance therefore it is not unexpected that there is an extremely significant repertoire of oboe pieces offered. There is a massive collection of Baroque solos for the instrument and there has been another burst of activity in the last century approximately. In between, throughout the Classical and early Romantic durations, there were far fewer solo pieces composed. Nevertheless, the pieces that were composed tend to be particularly good. In this post I will draw your focus on solo oboe pieces from across the centuries which are particular favourites of mine. Pretty well all the fantastic Baroque authors produced solo works of fantastic quality.

Here are some of my favourites.-George Fredrick Handel composed both Sonatas and Concerti for the oboe. Amongst his many works the 3 Sonatas in C small, G small and F are all favourites of mine in addition to the Concerto in Bb. There is also a wonderful little Sonata called”The Fitzwilliam Sonata “in the secret of Bb.- Georg Philipp Telemann was a Baroque composer with an enormous output. Much of his music was composed as” Tafelmusik “( literally”Table Music”)which was composed as background music for banquets;-a type of live Muzak. He composed for practically every genre of his time. Lots of people tend to feel that due to the fact that he composed a lot music it must be 2nd rate;-nothing might be further from the truth. A few of his solo oboe pieces are terrific. His Sonata in A minor is a piece I have actually carried out lot of times. I enjoy playing it and audiences enjoy listening to it.-Antonio Vivaldi(of “Four Seasons” popularity)offered a considerable number of pieces to the early oboe collection too. His Concerto in A small is a charming, if rather difficult piece

. -Tommaso Albinoni is not the finest understood of the Baroque writers, although his “Adagio “is typically heard. He composed some genuine gems for solo oboe with an entire series of concerti along with some delightful double concerti too. His concerti in D significant (Op. 7 No. 6)and Bb major( Op. 7 No. 3)are the 2 which are most likely most commonly heard. -There are many other composers of the Baroque era who added to the abundant collection of works for solo oboe. Search the brochures to find them. In Classical times, lots of composers appeared to focus more on the emerging clarinet and on the flute when composing solo woodwind works. However, Mozart wrote two of the best works in the whole of the oboe collection at that time, the”Concerto in C”and the” Oboe Quartet “. Both these works are relatively requiring but are well worth the practice to master them. There is likewise a Haydn Concerto in C,-the issue here is that we now understand it wasn’t in fact composed by Haydn. None-the-less, it is a truly enjoyable piece to play. In the late Romantic era, authors started to go back to the oboe as a solo instrument with works such as “Three Loves” by Schumann and”Sonata “by Saint-Saens. These are both very fine structures. In the Twentieth Century came a variety of

brand-new compositions for solo oboe. The Concerto by Richard Strauss is a fantastic obstacle to oboists. There are likewise solo works by such composers as Vaughan Williams, Gordon Jacob & Malcolm Arnold. The unaccompanied

“6 Metamorphoses after Ovid”by Benjamin Britten is among the most initial structures in the whole of the oboe repertoire. I likewise like performing”Sarabande and Allegro” by French author Gabriel Grovlez. This contemporary collection is growing all the time. You will find brand-new methods and extended variety in a lot of the newer works which can be very challenging to players of any requirement. Not all contemporary composers, nevertheless, are relying on these brand-new methods to playing, some

are writing oboe pieces using traditional strategies and developing pieces which can be delighted in by players and audiences alike. Robert Hinchliffe is a professional oboist, author, teacher, conductor and music director. This post is based upon over 35 years of both playing and teaching the oboe. If you have found this post helpful and wants to know more, please see http://www.oboeplaying.co.uk Find More Han Solo Articles