Nice The Avengers images

Inspect out these the avengers images:

the avengers
Image by R ~ P ~ M
68008 “”Avenger”at Banbury with the 1U61 17.50 Marylebone – Banbury service on 13th March 2015.

Hunting for a Shooter
the avengers
Image by MSVG
Aim to the left exactly what do I see …? Cops and heaps of them! Undercover police officers everywhere! I should have counted over 30 vehicles splattered throughout this Mississauga area. Apparently, cops were searching for someone who shot and killed a male at a Mississauga hotel.

Cops state that the victim (determined as Donald Richard Grant, 27, of Toronto) was discovered without vital indications and was taken to healthcare facility with lethal injuries where he was noticable dead.

I was going to pry and kick in my journalistic side but the police officers seemed really busy (and I didn’t wish to conflict)!

Donald Richard Grant, 27, was a rising rapper called Don Kartel.

The Avengers Cake
the avengers
Image by CakewalkBU3
Side view – Black Widow’s spider was fondant.

Nice Doctor Strange photos

A few great physician odd images I found:

Doctor Strange en la #ComicConChile!
doctor strange
Image by Sibeckham
through Instagram Ud7X6P

Doctor Odd 051 [Feb 1982]
doctor strange
Image by Jim Barker

Doctor Unusual – vol 1 # 47 (June 1981)
doctor strange
Image by pitgp
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