Might X-23 Replace Wolverine in the XMen Movies?

X-Men 3
x men
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Might X-23 Replace Wolverine in the XGuy Movies?
Rogue One – Should Jyn Erso Be Connected to Another Star Wars Character? – IGN Keepin' ' It Reel. 3:00 MIN. IGN Keepin ' It Reel, Episode 321: Rogue One Trailer Response and Batman v Superman'' s Big Ticket office Drop. 50:38 MINUTES; Biggest Unanswered …
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Fox Drops Final Trailer for '' X-Men: Armageddon'
' You might remember, when, last year, “”X-Men”author Simon Kinberg responded to fan concerns about the current “”Days of Future Past,” “in addition to the next installment in the franchise, “”Apocalypse”,”revealing that “”first-wave”characters like Storm (as played …
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Is FOX Playing A Sexist Game with The '' X-Male ' Franchise? This Starlet Thinks So!
With the upcoming release of X-Men: Armageddon, we'' ll finally have the ability to see our preferred mutant heroes do some real kickass combating versus one of the best Marvel bad guys ever produced! On the unfortunate side, with the new and yet somehow also …
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How To Watch The XMen Movies In Chronological Order

The best ways to Enjoy The XMale Motion pictures In Sequential Order
X-Men: Days of Future Past, as previously mentioned, essentially starts a new timeline. Thanks, time travel! Due to this, our timeline is actually split into 2 various timelines – one where Days of Future Past happens in the future following The …
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'' X-Men: Apocalypse' ' Cast: Olivia Munn States Fan Arts Are The ''
Coolest Thing ' (Image: Getty Images/Frazer Harrison) “”X-Men: Apocalypse”star Olivia Munn is delighted to receive fan art of Psylocke from fans. Olivia Munn was one of the last couple of mutants cast in Bryan Singer'' s “”X-Men: Apocalypse” “movie, but when fans heard that she …
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Who Should Play The Avengers in the Marvel Movies When The Avengers are Gone?

Who Need to Play The Avengers in the Marvel Movies When The Avengers are Gone?
They and the rest of the Avengers seem genuinely difficult to recast, but like the comic book characters themselves– or long-running, multi-actor icons like James Bond– Marvel'' s main heroes/money machines will likely endure across generations and …
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Good One, Avengers Academy
Briefly: Out today, the brand-new free-to-play mobile video game where you play as teen versions of Earth'' s Mightiest Heroes has a smart wink at a Nintendo character'' s famous super-attack. Jokes aside, it seems like Avengers Academy is sadly …
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'' Star Wars: The Force Awakens' ' Box Office: Which Movies Fared Best Versus The

Vengeance Of Return Of The Jedi
return of the jedi
Image by JD Hancock
This is a toy recreation of the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader lightsaber duel as illustrated on the original Star Wars: Return of the Jedi movie poster.

Special thanks to Whit Anderson from Distracted by Star Wars for recommending this photo along with for giving me the Luke Skywalker figure to do it!

Discover more about this image at the source.

Source: photos.jdhancock.com/photo/2011-10-02-235943-revenge-of-r …

'' Star Wars: The Force Awakens' ' Box Office: Which Movies Fared Finest Against The
… a “ticket office catch-up,” however particularly for movies that opened in the wake of our seventh Star Wars movie, w. And now, without further ado, we shall analyze the films that grew, the films that survived, and the films that outright died versus …
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Animator dropped acid while creating '' Return of the Jedi '
Tippett'' s best-known “Star Wars” stop-motion and design work consists of the AT-AT walkers in “The Empire Strikes Back” and the aliens in Jabba'' s palace in “Return of the Jedi,” for which he won a Special Achievement Academy Award in 1984. The 64-year-old …
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