The Movie

Check out these the avengers images:

The Movie
the avengers
Image by the_jetboy
This is Cinema i made to present videos and slideshow of MOC’s at events. During this photo session i was running my flickr favorites.

The only part i’m really happy with is Hulk’s entrance. I was not able to force myself to photo it, so i had to ask my gf Anna, to make photos. Thank you Ania!

The Avengers: 1/6th scale Black Widow
the avengers
Image by marvelousRoland

Nice Deadpool Movie photos

Some cool deadpool movie images:

Deadpool – Forbidden Planet – Bull Street, Birmingham
deadpool movie
Image by ell brown
Having a look around the new Forbidden Planet superstore in Birmingham.

On the basement floor were these Deadpool masks!

Looking forward to the movie starring Ryan Reynolds!

Also t-shirts and other goodies for sale!

deadpool movie
Image by Starcadet