Mark Ruffalo – Marvel’s Avengers Red Carpet Premiere – Toronto

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Mark Ruffalo – Marvel’s Avengers Red Carpet Best – Toronto
the avengers
< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href= "" > TonyFelgueiras Comic book and super hero movie fans assembled at Toronto’s Scotiabank Theatre for the red carpet best of Marvel’s The Avengers. Stars Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) and Cobie Smulders (agent Maria Hill) were on hand for media interviews and autograph signings. Toronto’s comic book superfan and Juno-winning artist LIGHTS couldn’t resist dropping in and revealing us her superhero tattoo.

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memories of 1970
the avengers
< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href= "" > brizzle born and bred In 1970, the self-made builder’s child Edward Heath came to power guaranteeing a “” quiet revolution” “that would turn around the fortunes of Terrific Britain PLC

. The 1970s started under Tory guideline, with Ted Heath as Prime Minister. Yet it was a really different type of Tory celebration. Heath was a liberal Conservative who thought in a “3rd method”. He was pro-union and pro-EEC, and introduced the Department of the Environment. He preferred devolution of power to Scotland and Wales. When Rolls-Royce aircraft engines will go insolvent, he led an effective transfer to nationalize the company till it might be returned to a stable monetary footing.

Then things started to fail, as they did almost instantly when council employees went on strike in October 1970 (a foretaste of the “winter season of discontent” eight years later), Heath quickly buckled to the fundamental standard political and economic knowledge. Failing markets were bailed out or nationalised. And as the government pumped up need in a quote to include increasing joblessness, a succession of baroque earnings policies were conceived to keep a cover on inflation.

Of all post-war years, the 1970s has unquestionably had the worst press, but the reality is that a lot of common households in 1970s Britain were much better off than ever. “” With greater incomes for the working classes, access to budget-friendly housing, complimentary healthcare, totally free higher education and low levels of criminal offense, all in a much less unequal society, life then was exceptional to life as experienced by the majority of us today””.< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > First Variety Rover was introduced

in January 1970 You ‘d have paid ₤ 1,998 for a Range Rover in
1970. With its four-speed handbook gearbox, headrest-free
plastic seats and exposed metal surface areas, couple of would call it luxurious now. However in an era where you might purchase cart sprung cars and trucks without seat belts or power brakes, the coil sprung, all-wheel-drive, alloy-bodied Range Rover was an upmarket and rarefied thing that was quicker and more comfortable than many saloons on road, as well as capable of leaving them for dead off it. Whatever you consider huge 4x4s, the exact same applies to the current version, although unlike the original, its boot would suffer if you chucked some hay bales or a sheep into it.< a href=" "rel =" nofollow "> THEN AND NOW Typical home rate 1970: ₤ 4,852. 2014: ₤ 188,000. Average weekly wage. 1970: ₤ 32. 2014: ₤ 479. Movie theater ticket

. 1970: 90p. 2014: ₤ 8.50.
Loaf of bread.
1970: 9p.

2014: ₤ 1.37.
1970 you were most likely to die at 68

You smoked greatly.
You lost out on

You didn’t
take foreign vacations. You didn’t have a cars and truck.

You had a task in a factory. And you were most likely to die at 68. It seems like a pretty grim photo nowadays, however hang on a minute. That was most likely you– at least if you were a male in 1970. If you were a lady back in 1970, much of that brochure might have used to you too, and in addition, you were wed and would have had your very first child prior to you were 25, and you were spending a fifth of the home income on food( whereas these days, your biggest expenditure will be on energy costs, most likely for all those gadgets you own ). It shows that throughout the course of over 4 years, our lives, while similar in broad summary, have actually altered in a myriad subtle methods
: we are living longer, being informed for longer, being alone more, taking more holidays and are healthier in some ways( less of us smoke )however are less healthy in others (more people are overweight ). With the benefit of over 40 years’ hindsight, life in 1970 appears to have actually been ludicrously cheap. A loaf of bread cost 9p and the average weekly wage was

around ₤ 32. Today, a loaf costs 53p and weekly salaries have to do with ₤ 475. Residential or commercial property costs have actually likewise risen. In 1970, property buyers could anticipate to pay ₤ 4,975 for a house. Today, their kids would not get much modification from ₤ 140,000. It was a similar story on the roadways. The Variety Rover, which was released in 1970, could have been yours for ₤ 1,998. Practically a quarter of a century later, a 4.4 litre Variety Rover Vogue will set you back ₤ 57,700. The Mini, which celebrated its 11th birthday in 1970, cost around ₤ 600. Its redesigned descendant now sells for ₤ 10,500. A glance at Britain’s social life in 1970 is equally interesting. A journey for 2 to the movie theater cost less than 90p, compared with a minimum of ₤ 9 today, while a bottle of plonk was

about ₤ 1. Today it is ₤ 4.55. For those with more perky and elegant tastes, a bottle of whisky cost ₤ 2.69 back then, compared to ₤ 12 now. Bar rates, too, seem foreign. A pint of lager in your regional was 20p, a far cry from today’s average of ₤ 2.10. And cigarettes, which delighted in a lot more appeal then, were 20p for 20. Today, the practice costs about ₤ 4.65 a pack. Still, it’s not all doom and gloom. Rates have increased however so has our costs power. And some things have even increased for the better. In 1970, the average life expectancy in Britain was 72. Today, it is 77- providing us 5 more years of costs.

Life span is maybe the most significant single change. In 1970, when Edward Heath had actually just ended up being Prime Minister and The Beatles were separating, for males it was 68.7 years and for women it was 75 years; over 40 years on, these figures have actually shifted considerably. Male life expectancy is now 77.8 years, and for ladies it is 81.9 years. Doubtless the fall in heavy smoking has actually played a part in that. In 1974, 24 percent of guys and 13 per cent of ladies in Britain who smoked routinely were classified as heavy cigarette smokers, whereas in 2008 the figures were 7 percent of guys and just one in 20 ladies. However not all of us have ended up being healthier as the years have actually gone by: a number of us have stacked on the pounds. Although figures recording weight problems only go back 15 years, there is a clear increasing trend. 1970 Music 1970 Music continues to make considerable impact with the largest ever rock festival held on the Island of Wight with 600,000 individuals participating in, consisting of a few of the most significant name in music including Jimi Hendrix and The Who. This is also the year The Concord makes it’s

very first its very first supersonic flight. Another significant change is the age of voting is now decreased to 18 in the United States.< a href=" "rel =" nofollow" > The Isle of Wight Festival occurs. 600,000 individuals participate in the biggest rock festival of all time. Artists include Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Doors, Chicago, Richie Havens, John Sebastian

, Joan Baez, 10 Years After, Emerson, Lake and

Palmer and Jethro Tull. Jimi Hendrix dies of barbiturate overdose in London age 27.< a href ="" rel =" nofollow "> Janis Joplin passes away in a low-cost motel from a heroin overdose age 27.

Simon and Garfunkel launch their last album together, Bridge Over
Troubled Water. The Title Track won the Grammy

for tune of the year. The Beatles separate. By the end of the year, each member had released a solo album. George C. Scott gives one of film’s most memorable performances in Patton. He won the Finest Star Oscar for his turn as the title character, but refused the gold statuette.

The very first celebration at Glastonbury The very first Festival was hung on the day after Jimi Hendrix passed away, over a two day period and eventually” word had actually got around”. It was the Blues celebration at

the Bath & West Showground that had inspired Michael Eavis to begin a festival of his own although on a smaller sized scale. The first festival at Glastonbury was not complimentary and was decidedly eclipsed by the 1971 & event, probably for great factors. This celebration was very sparsely attended, regardless of having Marc Bolan, Ian Anderson, Keith

Christmas, Quintessence, Stackridge, Al Stewart, Amazing Blondel and Sam Apple Pie on the bill -hmmmm, possibly thats why so few individuals appeared. Not precisely family names- even in 1970- although all really reputable acts in their own right. Severely promoted, bad organisation, not precisely an advantageous begin to among the longest running rock celebrations of all time. But it was a nice website and the precedent was set as concerns having a celebration in the area.

Apparently government health inspectors went to the site as part of a report they were assembling about health standards at rock festivals. Remarkably, after all these years of cautions about the health hazards of food/ hygienic conditions
at festivals, I have yet to hear of a severe outbreak of gastrointestinal disorder occurring. Acts consisted of: Marc Bolan, Keith Christmas, Stackridge, Al Stewart, Quintessence. Participation: 1,500. Price: ₤ 1 consisting of totally free milk from the farm. 1970 Timeline 1 January -The age of bulk for the majority of legal functions was reduced from 21 to
18 under regards to the Family Law Reform Act 1969. The half crown coin stopped to be legal tender.

The National Westminster Bank started trading following merger of National Provincial Bank and Westminster Bank. Control of London Transportation passed from the London Transportation Board( reporting to the Minister of Transportation) to the

London Transportation Executive of the Greater London Council, except for nation area (green) buses which passed to London Nation Bus Services, a subsidiary of the National Bus Company. 4 January– The Who drummer Keith Moon fatally runs over his driver with his Bentley while attempting to get away a mob outside a pub. The death is later on ruled an accident. 16 January– John Lennon’s London art gallery exhibition of lithographs, Bag One, is closed down by Scotland Backyard for showing” sensual lithographs “.

18 January– The grave of Karl Marx was vandalised by anti-Germanic racists at Highgate in London. 21 January– Fraserburgh life-boat Duchess of Kent, on service to the Danish fishing vessel Opal, capsized with the loss of five of the six team. 22 January– A Boeing 747 landed at Heathrow Airport, the first jumbo jet to land in Britain. 26 January– Rolling Stone Mick

Jagger was fined ₤ 200 for ownership of marijuana. Simon & Garfunkel launch their last album together, Bridge
Over Troubled Water. It tops the album chart at routine periods over the next two years, and ends up being the best-selling album in Britain throughout the 1970s. February– Chrysler UK introduced its brand-new Hillman Avenger little family automobile, which would be developed at the Ryton plant near Coventry and take on the likes of the Ford Escort and Vauxhall Viva.

11 February– The movie The Magic Christian, starring Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, is premiered in New York City. The film’s soundtrack album, consisting of Badfinger’s” Come and Get It”( composed and produced by Paul McCartney ), is launched on Apple Records. 13 February- Garden Home riot, Cambridge: A presentation at the Garden House Hotel by Cambridge University trainees versus the Greek military junta resulted in police intervention; 8 students consequently received custodial sentences for their part in the affair. English band Black Sabbath released their self entitled launching album in the U.K., credited as the first significant album in the heavy metal genre. 14 February– The Who records Live at Leeds in Yorkshire, England. 19 February– The Prince of

Wales joined the Royal Navy. 23 February– Rolls Royce asked the federal government for ₤ 50 million towards the development of the RB 211-50 Airplane jet engine. 28 February– Led Zeppelin carry out in Copenhagen under the pseudonym The Nobs, to avoid a threatened suit by Count Eva von Zeppelin, descendant of airship designer Ferdinand von Zeppelin. 2 March– Ian Smith stated Rhodesia a republic breaking all ties with the British Crown, 4 years after the declaration. Wilson’s government declined to
identify the new state. 6 March– The importation of animals was prohibited
after a break out of rabies in Newmarket, Suffolk. 12 March– The quarantine duration for felines and dogs was increased to one year as part of the government’s anti rabies procedures. 13 March– The Bridgwater by-election ended up being the first election in which 18-year-olds can vote. Tom King won the election for the Conservative Celebration. 17 March– Martin Peters, who scored for England in

their 1966 World Cup final win, became the country’s very first ₤ 200,000 footballer in his transfer from West Ham United to Tottenham Hotspur. 19 March– David Bowie weds design Angela Barnett. 21 March– British-born vocalist Dana wins

the 15th yearly Eurovision Tune Contest for Ireland with the song” All Type of Whatever”.

23 March -Eighteen victims of thalidomide were awarded a total of nearly ₤ 370,000 in settlement. 1 April– Everton won the Football League
First Division title. 10 April– Paul McCartney revealed his departure from The Beatles. 11 April– Chelsea and Leeds United drew 2-2 in the FA Cup final at Wembley
Arena, requiring a replay. 16 April– Dr Ian Paisley entered the Parliament of Northern Ireland after winning the Bannside By-election. 18 April– British Leyland revealed that the Morris Minor, its longest running model
which had remained in production since 1948, would be stopped

at the start of next year and be replaced with a brand-new bigger vehicle readily available as a four-door saloon and three-door fastback coupe, and possibly

a five-door estate by 1975. 29 April– David Webb scored the winning goal as Chelsea beat Leeds United 2-1 in the
FA Cup final replay at Old Trafford, getting them the prize for the really first

time. Last year’s winners Manchester City clinched the European Cup Winners’ Cup

with a 2-1 win over Górnik Zabrze of Poland in Vienna, Austria.

8 Might– The Beatles’ last album, Let It Be, is released. 16 May– The Who launch Live at Leeds which is their first live album.

Considering that its initial reception, Live at Leeds has actually been mentioned by numerous music critics as the finest live rock recording of all time. 19 May– The federal government made a ₤ 20 million loan available to assist conserve the economically troubled high-end car and airplane engine producer Rolls Royce. 22 May– A tour by the South African cricket team was called off after a number of African and Asian countries threaten to boycott the Commonwealth Games. 23/24 Might– Hollywood Celebration, Newcastle-under-Lyme is staged including a line-up including The Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath, Free, and Jose Feliciano. Everyone is totally upstaged by the formerly unidentified Mungo Jerry, whose debut single “In the Summer” becomes the best-selling hit of the year. 24 Might– The Britannia Bridge, carrying the

railway throughout the Menai Strait, was terribly damaged by fire. 28 Might– Bobby Moore, captain of the England national football group, was apprehended and released on bail in Bogotá, Colombia, on suspicion of stealing a bracelet

in the Bogotá Bracelet occurrence. 29 Might– Law Reform( Miscellaneous Provisions) Act abolished actions for breach of pledge and the right of a partner to claim damages for
infidelity with his other half. 1 June– Harold Wilson was struck in the confront with an egg thrown by a Young Conservative demonstrator.

2 June– Cleddau Bridge, in Pembrokeshire, collapsed throughout erection, killing 4, resulting in introduction of new requirements for box girder bridges. 4 June– Tonga ended up being independent of the UK. 10 June– Simply a few months after the Conservatives had delighted in viewpoint poll leads of more than 20 points, opinion surveys were showing Labour numerous points ahead of the Tories with eight days to precede the basic election. If Labour won the election, it
would be a record 3rd successive basic election win for the party and would most likely lead to the end of Edward Heath’s five-year reign as Conservative leader. 13 June– Actor Laurence Olivier was made a life peer in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. He was the very first actor to be made a lord. 14 June– England’s defence of the FIFA World Cup ended when they lost 3-2 to West Germany in the Mexico quarter final. 17 June- The bodies of two kids were discovered buried in shallow graves in woodland at Waltham Abbey, Essex
. They were thought to be those of Susan Blatchford (11) and Gary Hanlon (12), who were last seen alive near their homes in North London on 31 March this year.

British Leyland produced a specific niche in the 4×4 market by launching its luxury Range Rover, which was to be marketed as a more upmarket option to the utilarian Land Rover that had actually remained in production since 1948. David Floor’s House premiered at the Royal Court Theatre. 18 June– The General Election was held, the first in which 18-year-olds might vote. 19 June– The General Election showed to have actually been won by Edward Heath’s Conservative Party by a majority of 30 seats, a major
surprise as the majority of the opinion surveys had revealed that Harold Wilson’s Labour were most likely to remain in power. Amongst the brand-new members of parliament are
Neil Kinnock and John Smith for Labour, and Kenneth Clarke, Kenneth Baker, Norman Fowler and Geoffrey Howe for the Tories.

21 June– British golf player Tony Jacklin won the United States Open. 22 June– The Methodist Church enabled ladies to become complete ministers for the very first time. 26 June– Riots broke out in Derry over the arrest of Mid-Ulster MP Bernadette Devlin. 29 June– Caroline Thorpe, 32-year-old partner of Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe and the mother of his two-year-old son Rupert, died in an auto accident. 3 July– Three civilians were eliminated and 10 troops hurt when British Army soldiers coped Individual Retirement Account soldiers in Belfast. 4 July– 112 individuals were discovered dead among the wreckage of a British Airways Manchester to Barcelona aeroplane that went missing out on the other day.

The wreckage was found in the mountains of Northern Spain, and
there were no survivors. 8 July– Roy Jenkins became deputy leader of the Labour Party. 12 July– Jack Nicklaus won the Open Golf Champion at St Andrews, beating fellow American Doug Sanders in an eighteen-hole play-off. 15 July– Dockers voted to strike resulting in the docks strike of 1970. 16 July– A state of emergency situation was declared to deal with the dockers’ strike. 16– 25 July– The British Commonwealth Games were held in Edinburgh.

17 July– Lord Pearson proposed settlement of docks strike. 30 July
— The docks strike was settled. 31 July– The last concern of grog in the Royal Navy was dispersed. 9 August– Cops coped black rioters in Notting Hill, London. 20 August– England national football group captain Bobby Moore was cleared of taking a bracelet while on World Cup responsibility in Colombia. 21 August– The moderate Social Democratic and Labour Party was developed in Northern Ireland. 26– 31 August– Third Island of Wight Celebration attracted over 500,000 popular song fans, with looks by Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Doors and Joan Baez. 27 August– The Royal Shakespeare Company’s advanced production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Peter Brook, opened at Stratford. 9 September– BOAC Flight 775 was hijacked by the Popular Front for the
Freedom of Palestine after removing from Bahrain– the very first time a British airplane had actually been pirated. 17 September -Jimi Hendrix makes his last appearance, with Eric Burdon & War jamming at Ronnie Scotts Club in London.

Hendrix passes away the following day from a barbiturate overdose at his London hotel, aged of 27. 18 September– American rock star Jimi Hendrix, 27, passed away in London from a presumed drug-induced cardiovascular disease. 19 September– The first Glastonbury Celebration was held. September– The Album musical Jesus Christ Super star, by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, was launched

. 3 October– Tony Densham, driving the “Commuter” dragster, set a British land speed record at Elvington, Yorkshire, balancing 207.6 miles per hour over the flying kilometre course. 5 October– BBC Radio 4 very first broadcast consumer affairs magazine programme You and Yours; it would still be running forty years later on.

12 October– After a debacled launch only 18 months previously, British Leyland announce a much
better Austin Maxi featuring a new gearchange, increased engine size and much enhanced trim, responding to a number of the crucial points raised by the motoring press at the car’s

initial launch. 15 October- The federal government developed the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of the Environment. Thames sailing barge Cambria, the last vessel trading under sail alone in British waters, packed her last freight, at Tilbury. The last narrowboats to bring long-distance freight commercially on the canals of the UK showed up with their last

load, coal from Atherstone for a west London jam factory. 19 October– British Petroleum discovered a big oil field in the North Sea. 23 October– The Mark III Ford Cortina went on sale. At launch a full series of designs are provided consisting of 2 door and estate versions. Unlike previous designs this Cortina was developed as a Ford Europe design sharing the floor-pan with the comparable German Ford Taunus. 25 October– The Canonization of the

Forty Martyrs of England and Wales by Pope Paul VI occurred. 17 November– The first Page 3 girl appeared in The Sun.

20 November– The 10 shilling note stopped to be “legal tender. 27 November– The Gay Liberation Front arranged its very first march in London. 10 December– Bernard Katz won the Nobel Reward in Physiology or

Medicine jointly with Ulf von Euler and Julius Axelrod” for their discoveries concerning the humoral transmittors in the nerve terminals and

the mechanism for their storage, release and inactivation”. 26 December– Professional Athlete Lillian Board, 22, passed away in Munich, West Germany, after a three-month fight against cancer. 31 December– The Beatles broke up after Ten Years. Richard Branson started the Virgin Group with reduced mail-order sales of popular records.

The last forced child migration to Australia occurred. Nijinsky ended up being the first horse for 35 years to win the English Triple Crown by finishing initially in the Epsom Derby, 2,000 Guineas and St Leger. Mathematician Alan Baker won a Fields Medal.

Trade union subscription now represents almost 50 %of the workforce. Computer System Floppy Disks Introduced. Samuel L. Jackson & Chris Evans< img alt= "the avengers" src ="" width=" 400 "/ > Image by < a href ="" > Gage Skidmore Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Evansspeaking at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con International, for” Avengers: Age of Ultron “, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere.

Avengers vs X-Men 6, page 6 by Olivier Coipel and Mark Morales.

Some cool x men images:

Avengers vs X-Men 6, page 6 by Olivier Coipel and Mark Morales.
x men
< img alt=" x men" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href="" >

PatLoika MP calendar 2009 x GUY
x men
< img alt=" x guys" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href="" >
fractalworld MP calendar 2009 for MALE

storm x-men handmade recycled art pin
x men
Image by
< a href=http://"" > ellethekitty handmade art devices from recycled media email me at the address athttp://

Ani-com coverage: Hot Toys The Avengers: Iron Man Mark VII

Check out these the avengers images:

Ani-com coverage: Hot Toys The Avengers: Iron Man Mark VII
the avengers
Image by marvelousRoland
Photo by Hong Kong Figure Group of Ani-com 2012, Hong Kong

the avengers
Image by Robert Trate

Avengers! Assemble!!
the avengers
Image by jwelcher
I think I like these gender reversed Avengers better than the originals! Not sure who Big Sword Guy is, but looks like he earned a place on the team!

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