Do you know the story of Isaac and Rebecca? You marital relationship can occur likewise as excellent as theirs if just you can completely trust God!

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by ChrisM70 Isaac and RebeccaThe Bible records no quarrels

in between these 2. They lived happily ever afterwards, and Rebecca became the honored”mother of millions.”The Lord Jesus tells us that Isaac will be in the Kingdom of paradise and we will see him there (Luke 13:28 ), and Rebecca, too. Their home resembled a paradise on earth in which to go to heaven. The Lord wants to give you such a happy home. Will you let Him do so? The you will be patient and will have to believe His word, and trust Him to direct you. If I understand anything about how the devil works, he will probably pertain to you about now, and say, “You cannot rely on the Lord to assist you! He does not care enough about you to pay attention to your prayers, and lead you to the right male or female to wed! Undoubtedly you do not think the Lord in paradise will do for you what He provided for Isaac?”If you think the Lord and seek His assistance as to whom to marry

, will He leave you to get muddled up and slip up? Never! Not if you take notice of the divinely inspired concepts, and are patient. Before you get wed, move forward slowly, on your knees as it were. If you ask the Lord for bread do you think He will offer you a stone( see matthew 7:9 -11)? And always remember- after you are wed, the devil will still come one day and state,”You made a dreadful mistake, didn’t you?”You might see some fault or weakness in your partner that will tempt you to believe the Lord provided you a stone instead of bread; not you need to trust Him and hold on by faith. The time will come when you will applaud Him ever later for the good gift He gave you! When the Lord leads you He does not anticipate you to end up being a blind robotic.

He guides you like a smart moms and dad”leads” a smart child-not by doing his believing for him and requiring him versus his own will, however by helping the kid to know for himself what holds true and appropriate for him. The Lord expects you to take your time, discover to know the other private, and comprehend him/her so that you can exercise your very own intelligent judgment and choice. The point of Isaac’s story is that human wisdom and judgment alone are not

sufficient to make the best choice in marriage.”Falling in Love “with somebody can be dangerous, for often it is simple infatuation. Zac poonen has sensibly stated that although “Love is blind, “marital relationship quickly ends up being an”eye-opener.”Seeking the Lord’s assistance as Isaac did supplies the” eye-opener “before you become engaged and married. It is the sure path to joy in marital relationship. I am Funom Theophilus Makama. A medical trainee, an affiliate online marketer and a professional writer.

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