Las Vegas To Grand Canyon By Bus: 5 Things You Need To Know

The secret’s out: The bus tour to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim is one of Las Vegas’ hottest day trips. If it’s not yet on your list of things to do in Sin City, here are 5 reasons why this bus trip should be:

#1 – The views are incredible – This is the Rim you see in National Geographic. Mather Point, Yaki Point, Yavapai Observation Station and more and more are here and give you unparalleled views of the canyon below.

#2 – The drivers are great tour guides – Professionally trained, these folks know the road like the back of their hands, providing entertaining and informational insights on the way that you won’t get anywhere else.

#3 – The luxury bus is fun – These are state-of-the-art motor coaches with lounge-style seats, TV’s, and over-sized windows. The drive over is super comfortable and effortless. This trip is perfect for groups, families, and special occasions.

#4 – The souvenir shopping is phenomenal – On the subject of gift shops, the one at the Bright Angel Lodge is where to go. Hats, t-shirts, minerals, DVDs, day packs, magnets, food specialties. You name, it’s here.

#5 – It’s cheap – Tours start at $ 80 per person and include lunch, guide, and up to three hours at the Rim. You also get to see Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, where you pull over for a photo stop. Now that’s a bargain!

This bus tour is an all-day trip that takes 15 hours to complete. Trips, which come with free shuttle service to and from your Vegas hotel, leave at 7 a.m. The rim is 277 miles east of Las Vegas and one-way drive time is 5.5 hours (it goes fast aboard these luxury buses). Expect to be back on The Strip around 9 p.m. Refrain from making dinner or show reservations after this trip. There’s no guarantee that you’ll make it on time.

Dress accordingly. Summer means shorts, running shoes, t-shirts and hats. Pack along some sunscreen and bring a bottle of water. If you intend to sample one of the trails that go into the canyon, limit it to 15 minutes down. Thats plenty of time to get a feel of what its like to be in the gorge without overheating. Winter is cold at the South Rim. The best strategy is to dress in layers. Bring a hat and gloves and wear pants. I’ve seen Vegas travelers in shorts. Don’t do it. The rim’s elevation is nearly twice that of Vegas’ and its a complete weather change.

There are three main tour operators that run bus trips from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon: Papillon Tours, Grand Canyon Coaches, and Grayline. There’s also a number of smaller, niche bus tour companies out there and many are excellent. From reviews I’ve read on some of the top travel forums, Grand Canyon Coaches gets a lot of kudos for its commitment to comfort, value, and safety. The up-and-comer is Paradise Found, which has one of the best all-inclusive tours I’ve ever taken.

It’s best to book your Grand Canyon bus tour online and in advance as this is a popular trip that sells out. If you want the best deal, shop the Internet and keep your eye on what’s being offered on the sites of the companies that operate the tours. These business compete hard for your travel dollar and constantly post great rates on their websites.

The Grand Canyon bus from Las Vegas is a fantastic trip. From beginning to end, it’s packed with things to do and see. Highlights include Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Mather Point, Yaki Point, Bright Angel and more. If you’re searching for a day trip that let’s you say, “been there, done that,” this bus tour’s the one. See you up there!

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Grand Canyon Tours – 7 Things You Need To Know Before Taking A South Rim Bus Trip

The Las Vegas Grand Canyon South Rim bus is regarded as the economical way to get to the national park. You don’t sacrifice comfort, either, especially when you travel on one of the new luxury buses that run this route. Before you climb aboard and settle into your plush seat, here are seven things you need to think about before you hit the road:

1. The South Rim is 270 miles away from Vegas and takes 5.5 hours to reach by bus. Tours include up to three hours at the rim. Travelers return to their Strip hotel around 9 p.m. Conservatively, budget 15 hours for this trip.

2. Review your itinerary and see if it includes a stop at the second-tallest bridge in the U.S. The new Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge opened in October 2010 and it’s a sight to behold. Even better is walking across it. The thrill comes from being suspended 900 feet above the Colorado River. And the view of Hoover Dam is incredible.

3. Make sure your tour includes lunch. This is a long trip. Breakfast will get you as far as Kingman, AZ (make sure to load up on snacks here). The typical box lunch is OK for lunch. I recommend satisfying your hunger at the restaurant in the Bright Angel Lodge, where the servings are huge and delicious.

4. Dress appropriately. During summer, bring a hat, sunscreen, lots of water, and loose clothing like long-sleeved shirts and pants. A windbreaker comes in handy, too. South Rim winters are cold, even when the sun is out. I recommend you dress in layers for comfort and warmth. Bring a hat and/or beanie, scarf, gloves, and a medium weight jacket. Wear sturdy shoes and get a pair of YakTrakz walker crampons to beat the ice.

5. Get a copy of “The Guide.” This is a fantastic publication put out by the Park Service. It’s updated every quarter and contains all the information you need about the Park’s history, facilities, museums, restaurants, gift shops, and the free shuttle bus system. Think of it as the park’s “bible.”

6. Go to only the best lookouts. The very best ones are Mather Point, Yaki Point, Yavapai Observation Station, and Hermit’s Rest. Do sunrise at Mather and Sunset at Hopi Point. Directly behind the Bright Angel Lodge is the Rim Trail. It’s flat, makes for a great stroll, and the views of Indian Gardens and Phantom Ranch are phenomenal.

7. Remember: What goes down must come up. South Rim trails are world-class. But they are steep. I would recommend taking a leisurely 30-minute stroll down and then turning back. Over the summer, bring lots of water and a salty snack like trail mix during the summer. Take lots of breaks going up. There’s no rush. Stand to the side to let mule trains pass.

South Rim bus tours from Las Vegas are a hit with Las Vegas travelers. And for good reason. It’s cheap, includes lunch and all park entrance fees, and its done on a state-of-the-art luxury bus. It’s also a sightseeing paradise. On the way, you’ll see such western icons as Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Kaibab Plateau, and the Colorado River. If you are looking for an affordable, fun way to do the South Rim, this bus trip is absolutely the way to go.

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11 Grand Canyon Helicopter Trip Tips You’ve Got To Know

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by< a href ="" > vmcampos The Grand Canyon is epic in scale. It’s 190 miles long, averages a mile deep, and includes 1,900 square miles. If you view it from the ground, you’ll see 45 miles. From a helicopter, you’ll see more than 140 miles. That’s a threefold boost in how much canyon you can see in a day. Flying is the finest way to enjoy this natural marvel to the max. Before you pull out the plastic and book an air trip, read my 11 need-to-know ideas about helicopter tours. They’ll make sure that your flight is smooth from start to complete. # 1 Book your trip ahead of time. Helicopter tours are insanely popular. Especially from Las Vegas, NV. Making sophisticated appointments guarantee that you fly on the day of your choice. # 2. Read the fine print of your tour appointment cancellation policy prior to scheduling your flight. # 3. Know which rim you’ll

be visiting. West Rim or South Rim. These are the two rims that host all helicopter trips in the National Park. The West Rim is 120 miles east of Las Vegas. The South Rim is situated in Arizona, simply west of Flagstaff, AZ. # 4. Helicopter trips start at $200 per person. # 5. Try to fly during the morning, which provides you time to reschedule in case there’s bad weather.

# 6. Bring cams, binoculars, video cameras etc. # 7. Telephone or email your helicopter tour business when you come to your location and confirm your booking. # 8. Keep in mind to get a photo of your group beside the helicopter and/or with your helicopter pilot. # 9. Do not invest the entire tour glued to your viewfinder. It’s impossible to experience the” moment” and record/photograph every minute of it. Listen to the pilot for cues. Exactly what you missed en path you can

get on the way back. # 10. Ask if your tour operator records your flight. This is an excellent way to supplement your very own picture-taking efforts. # 11. Videos of the flight expense extra. They are not bundled into the rate of your bundle.

The normal South Rim helicopter trip, for example, takes you through the incredible Dragoon Passage, the deepest, widest part of the Grand Canyon. West Rim journeys take you down more than 4,000 feet to the bottom. That’s quite amazing.

Helicopters leaving from the Las Vegas area can reach the West Rim in 45 minutes. In addition to flying to the bottom( this is the only location where you can do it), you can include a float down the Colorado River on a pontoon

boat or admission to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass bridge that extends 70 feet past the edge and raises you 4,000 feet above the river. Top of the rim, have a look at the authentic Hualapai Indian Village. There’s likewise a free shuttle service that stop at choose perspectives. Secret landmarks include Eagle Point, Guano Point, and Hualapai Cattle ranch. South Rim helicopter trips leaving from Grand Canyon Airport, situated 10 minutes from the primary Park entryway in the town of Tusayan. There are no direct helicopter flights from Las Vegas. To get there, you need to take a short-hop plane flight or a 5.5-hour bus flight then transfer to finish the helicopter part of you package. Helicopter tours last 30 minutes and fly from the Kaibab Plateau into the Dragoon Passage till reaching the North Rim before turning back. Aircraft are not allowed to fly below the rim or land on the bottom. Travelers” in-the-know” understand that helicopters are the only method to see as much of the Grand Canyon as possible in a short quantity of time. These 11 ideas work prior to, throughout, and after you book a trip. Provide them a fast review and I guarantee you that

you’ll experience the helicopter flight of a life time Ready to fly above the Grand Canyon? Read travel expert Keith Kravitz’ reviews first at

How To Know That You Are About to Be Laid Off

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by sampsyo The reality is that we are in economic crisis as an outcome of international recession. It raises a concern that ways to spot the axe prior to it falls. For those of you hoping our federal government will conserve you, the chances of an alien intrusion are far better. Understanding you will be canned will offer you the opportunity to institute survival strategies

. These strategies consist of: preparing your moms and dads for a possible return home or convincing your spouse that scaling down to a one bedroom condominium is exciting, utilizing office devices to fax and e-mail your resume to every service in the free world, networking with everybody who received your resume, filling your apartment or condo with office supplies, and pilfering coffee and sugar from the break room. How was that last efficiency examination? No matter what sort of review you got, it was bad news if the one in charge utilized more than 3″re “words. Sentences would be something like,”

The company might restructure …( restructure, refocus, reassess, rearrange, reevaluate, reevaluate, repair, change, rescind, recycle, return or go back). It does not matter exactly what, it simply indicates that something is incorrect and you are being told about it. That is practically never ever an advantage. Was your last bonus 40 tokens from Chuck E Cheese and a two night stay in an Orlando time share? Was the 4th of July picnic BYOH (bring your own hotdog )? These are the kind of little indications that might go undetected


some, but thankfully you are forewarned. Has your manager become your shadow? Does the individual who could not remember your name at the last workplace celebration all of a sudden seem to be there each time you log on to an adult web site at work? Keep in mind, when the manager takes a sudden interest


your well-being; watch out. Have your workplace pals disappeared? Will no one discuss jobs that end after Friday? Have you been removed from the joke of the day e-mail list? Was the workplace Christmas celebration moved from the Ritz to the break space and catered by Taco Bell? Is your brand-new office mate the

president’s son-in-law? Has your business automobile been changed by a bus pass? Did in charge need a cut of the Woman Scout cookie sales? Be careful of external occasions taking place to the company. Was the business’s accounting firm just recently prosecuted? Has the CEO been led off in handcuffs on national tv? Did the company officers hold their last retreat at Motel 6? Has the power to your workplace been switched off

more than when for nonpayment? Constantly watch out for new staff members, especially if they treat you like dirt and have regular lunches with the one in charge. If the company’s finest looking ladies all of a sudden start smoozing with the hygienically challenged personnel director prepare for the worst. If the mailroom clerk starts parking in your space things are looking grim. When the

employer gives you that speech about things working out for the finest you can walk out with your head held high and a sign on your back saying, well I’m leaving that a person to your imagination. Jack Kean!.?.!Click the link to read a variety of humor columns and more by the author of Being From The South Does not Make Me Foolish and Deadly Sacrifice.

Jack has actually

composed weekly humor column for a number of newspapers and publications. At the web website you will find great info on buying or selling a Recreational Vehicle; RV camping areas, RV life and more.

Do you know the story of Isaac and Rebecca? You marital relationship can occur likewise as excellent as theirs if just you can completely trust God!

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by ChrisM70 Isaac and RebeccaThe Bible records no quarrels

in between these 2. They lived happily ever afterwards, and Rebecca became the honored”mother of millions.”The Lord Jesus tells us that Isaac will be in the Kingdom of paradise and we will see him there (Luke 13:28 ), and Rebecca, too. Their home resembled a paradise on earth in which to go to heaven. The Lord wants to give you such a happy home. Will you let Him do so? The you will be patient and will have to believe His word, and trust Him to direct you. If I understand anything about how the devil works, he will probably pertain to you about now, and say, “You cannot rely on the Lord to assist you! He does not care enough about you to pay attention to your prayers, and lead you to the right male or female to wed! Undoubtedly you do not think the Lord in paradise will do for you what He provided for Isaac?”If you think the Lord and seek His assistance as to whom to marry

, will He leave you to get muddled up and slip up? Never! Not if you take notice of the divinely inspired concepts, and are patient. Before you get wed, move forward slowly, on your knees as it were. If you ask the Lord for bread do you think He will offer you a stone( see matthew 7:9 -11)? And always remember- after you are wed, the devil will still come one day and state,”You made a dreadful mistake, didn’t you?”You might see some fault or weakness in your partner that will tempt you to believe the Lord provided you a stone instead of bread; not you need to trust Him and hold on by faith. The time will come when you will applaud Him ever later for the good gift He gave you! When the Lord leads you He does not anticipate you to end up being a blind robotic.

He guides you like a smart moms and dad”leads” a smart child-not by doing his believing for him and requiring him versus his own will, however by helping the kid to know for himself what holds true and appropriate for him. The Lord expects you to take your time, discover to know the other private, and comprehend him/her so that you can exercise your very own intelligent judgment and choice. The point of Isaac’s story is that human wisdom and judgment alone are not

sufficient to make the best choice in marriage.”Falling in Love “with somebody can be dangerous, for often it is simple infatuation. Zac poonen has sensibly stated that although “Love is blind, “marital relationship quickly ends up being an”eye-opener.”Seeking the Lord’s assistance as Isaac did supplies the” eye-opener “before you become engaged and married. It is the sure path to joy in marital relationship. I am Funom Theophilus Makama. A medical trainee, an affiliate online marketer and a professional writer.

I compose short articles of most kinds of classifications, but the couple of numerous posts I have composed are primarily fixated spirituality, sexuality, faith, medication, nutrition, health problems, females’s concerns, guys’s problems, domestic’ know-hows’ and so on I market products, business, websites, goods, etc through writing and distribution of articles, therefore spreading it across the internet. More more information, simply type my name”Funom Makama “on any online search engine or just click this connect to see how business works is possible to call me through this link and I hope you will

How Do You Know about the Samsung W200 Pocket Camera

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by The Authorities Star Wars< p design=" text-align: justify;

“> Developed for those whose active lifestyles demand toughness and quality, the Samsung W200 camcorder Samsung Battery Chargers houses Samsung’s leading imaging technology in a shock, water and dust-proof rugged body? The brand-new Samsung W200 Pocket Cam will be available from May 2011 for an approximated retail price of $ 159 USD.

The Samsung W200 Pocket Web cam is developed to withstand the elements to produce top quality video in almost any scenario and thanks to specific functions, the new camcorder makes brilliant undersea video much easier to achieve than ever. The Samsung W200 is waterproof approximately three meters, making the camcorder suitable for terrific video of a relaxed day by the swimming pool or perhaps up-close shots of coral reefs. The Samsung W200’s anti-water drop finishing also implies that the LCD screen will remain without condensation, even in damp conditions, so you can movie without cleaning the screen.

The lens of the Samsung W200 camcorder also features anti-fog finish that lets steam disperse so you constantly have clear, blur-free videos and pictures even straight after coming out of the pool. To make catching remarkable underwater footage simple, the Samsung W200 Pocket Camera also includes an Aqua Mode setting, which instantly sets the ideal criteria for the intense and clear underwater video. Regardless of being slim and compact, it is also shock-proof and dust-proof therefore is the perfect addition to a knapsack for any journey and robust enough for stress-free family trips with young kids. Because the Samsung W200 camcorder is developed to be taken anywhere, it likewise includes a built-in USB arm to make it easy to share your experience Samsung Camcorder Chargers.

Innovative Samsung innovation guarantees that shooting on-the-go never ever means a loss of image quality or brightness. The Samsung W200 camcorder is constructed with a 5-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, which provides double the sensitivity of previous CMOS sensors, catching video footage with dramatically lowered image noise and distortion. Along with this, the Samsung W200 Pocket Webcam includes an intense F2.2 lens to provide users the capability to shoot throughout low-light conditions for strikingly clear, sharp, blur-free images. The camcorder shoots in Complete HD resolution to let you catch every moment in abundant, vibrant detail and displays your video on a 2.3″ 230K clear pixel LCD screen.

In addition to delivering top quality video, the Samsung W200 makes it simple to both manage your video files and be imaginative with them too. With Samsung’s Record Time out function, users can pause briefly during filming and after that resume from the exact very same minute. When recording is complete, video will all be in the same file, eliminating the requirement to combine them and making submitting and sharing hassle-free. To have more enjoyable with filming, whether at the watermark, on a rollercoaster or just catching an unique household minute, the Samsung W200 has two special Smart Filter includes Charger for Samsung Battery. Vegetating permits users to fade the edges of shots and the Fish-Eye setting creates an arty, distorted feel for special and fascinating video footage.

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