Watch Out Devil, Here Comes Jesus

When the devil messes with you he’s messing with Jesus. When Saul was persecuting the saint Jesus asked why are you persecuting me. What is done to the least of your breatheren is done to Jesus. When people receive you they receive Jesus. What is done to you by the devil is done to Jesus.

And Jesus is not going to put up with the devil. The only way Jesus will put up with the devil is if you put up with him. All power (authority) has been given to Jesus in heaven and in earth go ye therefore (in his name). Jesus gave you power (authority) over all of the power (ability) of the devil. And whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

Know whose name (authority) you walk in. And whatever you ask (demand/command) in the name of Jesus that will Jesus do. Like when Paul commanded the devil to come out of the women in the name of Jesus and it did. You command the devil in Jesus name and he has to obey. At the name (authority) of Jesus every knee bows.

Jesus beheld satan fall from heaven like lightning because he’s the one who casted him out. The devil may have thought he was free of Jesus after his crucifixion but surprise! Jesus still walks the earth through us. Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. The devil is no match for Jesus. And he is no match for you when you come against him in the name of Jesus.

The devils knows those that come against him in the name (authority) of Jesus. They know them because they have to obey.  God put all things under the feet (authority) of Jesus. Jesus is the head and you are a member of his body. So as things are under the feet of Jesus they are also under you.

Whatever you do in word and in deed do all in the name of Jesus.  Live in the authority of Jesus. Jesus put his spirit in you and gave you his authority. So believe on Jesus and do his works.  So when you come against the devil in the name of Jesus it’s not you coming against him but Jesus.

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Ashamed of Jesus and His Words

luke skywalker
by Kristin Maling In Luke 9:26 Jesus made the following statement, “For whoever is embarrassed of Me and My words, of him will the Boy of Guy repent when He is available in His magnificence, and the splendor of the Daddy and of the holy angels.”( NAS )There are 2 things here that males are informed they must prevent if they are to have any hope of Jesus not repenting of them in the day he returns to evaluate the world in righteousness (Acts 17:31)– (1) being ashamed of Jesus (2) being embarrassed of the words of Jesus. We may well ask what exists about Jesus to be embarrassed of. The response is apparent, absolutely nothing at all. But, lest we believe we are clear on this count and before we begin to pat ourselves on the back thinking we are not ashamed of him, let us think a little much deeper about the matter. Is Jesus simply speaking about our frame of mind of mind when he provides this warning against being embarrassed of him? I think not. Jesus made another declaration found in Matt. 10:32 -33 that I believe connect the Luke 9 passage just priced quote above.

He says,”Everybody therefore who shall admit me before males, I will also confess him before my daddy who remains in paradise. But whoever shall deny me before males, I will likewise reject him before my dad who remains in paradise. “(NAS)It is easy to say to ourselves I am not embarrassed of Jesus and mean it but as the American idiom goes”when the rubber meets the roadway” and we should speak of Jesus, speak up and be heard, when that test comes, is it not true that frequently, maybe most all of the time, we hold our silence and cannot speak on his behalf? I think that is generally true. We do not speak because we do not wish to be embarrassed or shamed by the world that mocks faith in Jesus therefore are more worried about getting honor from men rather than

the honor that comes from God alone. We do not speak since we do not wish to compete earnestly for the faith (Jude 3). We do not speak since we do not wish to wield”the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. “( Eph. 6:17 NAS) We want to just get along. As the saying goes there are two things you do not speak about lest you enter into a fight– religion and politics. However, male said that not God. Jesus never held his peace and he was continuously associated with spoken fights. Yes, I make sure there is a time and a location for such discussions of Christ. But, here is the problem — we never find the best time nor location do we? It is like the right time and location never develops with us.

It is out there somewhere but we just never ever have actually discovered it and unless our hearts alter we never will discover it. The bottom line is we are embarrassed or ashamed to talk of Christ to others unless we understand them very, extremely well( instant household?)and have actually evaluated what we believe their response will be in advance. Others might understand we are followers for we attend services routinely however they would never ever understand it by our discussing Jesus. Contrast that with Christ while he was on earth. Every day he was talking religion, talking of God his Father, broaching faith and obedience and God’s will for man. Every day he enjoyed discussions and often arguments with males over faith. Is he our example? Will we follow that example? Are we afraid to? Who are we more afraid of– males’s opinion or God’s? That stated there was 2 parts of the verse we are discussing, Luke 9:26. We are likewise warned against repenting of the words of Jesus. There are even more people who want to confess Jesus before guys and uphold his honor because regard than there are people who are willing to accept his words. First off I want you all to

comprehend that the words of Jesus are not just restricted to the words printed in red in your New Testimony. Jesus, in John 16, spoke of the coming of the Holy Spirit and stated this,”He will direct you into all the fact; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and

He will disclose to you what is to come. He shall glorify Me; for He shall take of Mine, and will reveal it to you. “(John 16:13 -14 NAS) My copy of the original ASV of 1901 New Testament has on its title page these words:”The New Covenant typically called The New Testimony of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” That is what it is exactly. Every word on its pages originated from Jesus either directly or indirectly through the Holy Spirit. Excellent indeed is the number of those who claim to be Christians that will not believe however parts of the word and are hence ashamed of the words of Jesus. How numerous denominationalists will ever preach what Peter preached, by means of the Holy Spirit, in Acts 2; 38, “Repent, and let each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your

sins”?(NAS) They are embarrassed of those words of Jesus and do not believe them and will not abide in them and will not teach them. To them those gathered on that Pentecost day were saved the minute they repented and as they would put it” got Jesus into their hearts “therefore you can not think these words about baptism for the forgiveness of sins that Peter spoke on behalf of Christ. You can go to other passages and attempt and convince them. For instance, Ananias told Saul,”Emerge, and be baptized, and remove your sins, getting in touch with His name. “( NAS) To them Ananias did not know what he was discussing Holy Spirit or no Holy Spirit for they say baptism can not remove sins even if God says it can. Peter says, by the Holy Spirit, “baptism now saves you”(1 Peter 3:21 NAS )however not with them for they will not think the

words of Jesus and are embarrassed of all such. Even when Jesus spoke directly on the topic, “unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he can not enter into the kingdom of God.” (John 3:5 NAS) it is not accepted. Of such individuals it will never ever be said of them that they complied with Jesus who said,” If anybody keeps my

word he will never see death.”( John 8:51 NAS)His word is what they are not keeping. This is just an example, one subject, where guys are embarrassed of the words of Jesus, even spiritual males. I will say this; it is difficult to measure up to the demands discovered in this Luke 9:26 passage. It takes nerve, great guts, to speak of Jesus to others and defend the words of Jesus. It takes fantastic nerve to conquer the worry of contention, battles, disputes, strife that will naturally arise when one does speak out and does not hold his peace. I am reminded, however, of the passage discovered in Matt. 10:34 -36 where Jesus stated,”Do not think that I concerned bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, however a sword. For I came to set a man against his father, and a child against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a male’s opponents will be the members of his household.”(NAS)All of us want peace however each people needs to comprise his/her mind as to where they prefer that peace– here or the hereafter. Which will last the longest? Jesus suffered a violent death and it was since he spoke up and did not hold his peace. A lot of historians think the majority of the apostles suffered comparable fates and we know from history of burnings at the stake and violent deaths of numerous early Christians. Again it was not due to the fact that they held their peace however since they spoke up. They were not embarrassed to speak up for Jesus and were not embarrassed of his words. It takes strength to defend the extremely words of the New Testimony, the words of Jesus. The Holy Spirit, speaking through Paul, stated plainly,”The time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wishing to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate on their own teachers in accordance to their own desires; and will turn away their ears from the reality, and will turn aside to misconceptions. “(2 Tim. 4:3 -4 NAS)Lots of appear to feel that day is still in the future. They are wrong.

It might continue to become worse however that day is already here. Here is the proof. Individuals frequently think that people in and from every denomination will be saved hence proving Paul’s point when he said”they will not withstand sound teaching.” Follow the train of thought here. If people are conserved from every denomination, all teaching different doctrine, then there is no such thing as sound doctrine. If one denominational doctrine is as great as another there is no such thing as sound teaching or withstanding sound doctrine. That being the case what Paul prophesied is here. One can take the typical accepted position that the church which one is a member does not matter and all will speak well of him, they will be happy to hear he feels that method. One can take the position that baptism is not for the remission of sins and receive the applause of guys. However, that will not change what the Bible says about either of those subjects.”Problem to you when all men speak well of you, for in the same way their dads utilized to treat the incorrect prophets.”(Luke 6:26 NAS )Exactly what we should do is quit being embarrassed of the words of Jesus and begin following

them. If Jesus repents people in the last day we are not going to be conserved. Most who read this short article most likely have children. How would a parent feel, how does one feel, when his children repent of him and his words? Now use that to how Jesus needs to feel when we repent of him and his words. There can be little doubt it injures him deeply. All of us need to take Luke 9:26 to heart and do much better. It will take a terrific deal of strength and courage, even faith, to do so. It will also take love for God. Do we have exactly what it will take and will we do it? That is the question we all must answer. All Denny’s short articles, over 100 audio preachings by Waymon Swain, a totally free online Bible correspondence course, plus access by connect to many other Bible research study resources can all be found on Denny’s website

5 W Concerns for the Story of “The Birth of Jesus” from Luke Two

luke skywalker
by Trev Grant The births of my 2 children were two

of the best days of my life, but their births might never as compare to the amazing birth of our Lord and Rescuer, Jesus Christ. The birth of Jesus may be the greatest story that could ever be determined. A virgin mother, the King of all kings sleeping in an animal’s feed trough, angels and terrified shepherds. It doesn’t get much better than that. Many, if not all of your kids, will understand this story. But pray the Lord makes it unique to them somehow. For instance when I read it through this time, I was especially surprised by the fact that an entire host of angels signed up with the one angel who announced Jesus “birth. Can you even picture exactly what that need to have been like?! Make sure you set the story up with a quick description of exactly what a census is and why it was essential for Joseph and Mary to travel to Bethlehem. Here are twenty-one 5” W “concerns– who, what, when, where, why and how- with their responses for the

story of “The Birth of Jesus” found in Luke 2: 1-20. These questions can be utilized with both children and elementary children. Just be ready to tweak them a bit for the proper age. You can also read a verse first, and then ask the question or you can check out the entire passage of Scripture and then ask the concerns. Your more youthful kids may take pleasure in having some type of puppet ask the concerns. Have enjoyable! Concerns for the story “The Birth of Jesus”1. Who was the Roman emperor at the time of the census? Response: Augustus. (Luke 2:1)

2. Where did Joseph need to go to be counted for the census? Answer: Bethlehem.( Luke 2:4 )3. Who did Joseph take with him to Bethlehem?

Response: Mary. (Luke 2:5)

4. Where was child Jesus born? Response: In Bethlehem.( Luke 2:6)5. What kind of clothes did Mary cover Jesus in? Response

: In strips of cloth. (Luke 2:7) 6. Where did child Jesus sleep? Answer: In a manger.(Luke 2:7

)7. Why did Joseph, Mary and Jesus have

to sleep out in a barn? Response: Due to the fact that

there was no room in the inn.( Luke 2:7) 8. What were the

shepherds doing out in the fields close by? Answer:

They were safeguarding their sheep.

(Luke 2:8 )9. Who appeared to the shepherds in the fields? Response: An angel of the Lord.(Luke 2:9) 10. What

surrounded the shepherds of the field ? Answer: The Lord

‘s glory.(Luke 2:9 )11. How did the shepherds feel when they saw the angel? Answer: They were horrified. (Luke 2:9)

12. Why did the angel say to the shepherds,”

Do not hesitate”? Response: Due to the fact that

he had great news for them.(Luke 2:10)13. Exactly what did the angel call Jesus? Response: The Rescuer, the Messiah and the Lord. ( Luke 2:11 )14. How would the shepherds understand who Jesus was? Response: The infant Jesus will be covered”in

strips of fabric, lying in a manger. “(Luke 2:12 )15. Who signed up with

the angel and praised God? Answer: An entire army of angels. ( Luke 2:13 )16. When did the shepherds

go to discover child Jesus? Answer: After all the angels returned to Heaven

(Luke 2:15 )17. How quick did the shepherds go to search for child Jesus? Response: They rushed.( Luke 2:16)18. When did the shepherds tell everyone about the angels and Jesus? Answer

: After seeing Jesus.(Luke 2:17 )19. The number of people were surprised by the story the shepherds informed ? Response: All

the people. (Luke 2:18)20. What did Mary think of often

and keep in her heart? Response: The birth of her Son and the story of the shepherds. ( Luke 2:19 )21. Why did the shepherds glorify and applaud God after

going back to their flocks ? Answer: Due to the fact that

everything that the angel said was real.(Luke 2:20) Next, if you liked this Sunday

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