Cool X Male images

A few great x guys images I discovered:

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x men
Image by b_lumenkraft
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X-Men Rogue
x men
Image by V Threepio

2015-02-26-16.25.46 ZS PMax Arctostaphylos uva-ursi x (Humboldt Secret Manzanita)-1
x men
Image by John Rusk
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi x– Humboldt Secret Manzanita. Jim Roof, first Director of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden was a deceptive guy. He kept the location of this collection secret from the time he gathered it in the early 1940s till his death. Thus, the 2nd parent is difficult to determine. Experts have frequently pointed out A. columbiana as the most likely parent but Roofing constantly swore that it was not. One day soon some resourceful scholar will perform a DNA analysis and then we might know the parentage. It seems a shame that a trick that has lasted for so long will be exposed. The plant has actually shown garden-worthy and it is planted commonly in coastal California counties. The plant photographed is at Regional Parks Botanic Garden located in Tilden Regional Park near Berkeley, CA.

Cool Deadpool Film images

Some cool deadpool film images:

Exactly what Hath Superman Wrought?
deadpool movie
Image by Terry McCombs
When they were created in the mid 1930’s comics were an experiment to garner the cents from the public that resembled it would not really last long, the numbers were just not there, and then Action # 1 with Superman occurred and the sales went from 200,000 or less a problem to over 2 million and the media was saved, and it’s days of merely reprinting newspaper strips were at an end and initial content was the order of the day.

And oh my has some of that original content taken an odd twist occasionally for many years!

1. B * nd * g * Fairies Gracie? * Yes, but just a few anomalies like this come out every now and then and rapidly disappear … right?

Nope, the one pictured here is BF # 16, and it goes on from there, together with dozens of other series from “Eros Comix” an adult imprint of the more main stream Fantagraphics Books. They have been releasing them for the last 19 years and the one here is one of the more innocuous covers, there are others that if I replicated them here I would most likely enter difficulty with Yahoo, and feel the have to blush greatly.

2. Before Wolverine, prior to Lobo, Deadpool and the Punisher there was Reid Fleming: World’s Toughest Milkman, which recounted the adventures of an ill tempered, violent, chain smoking, gin swilling (he kept a case by him in his milk truck) sociopath who during his carrier damaged a minimum of 9 milk trucks and a big hunk of the city he worked in, and he did it all without the copout of some mutant recovery capability, or enough ordnance to gear up a medium sized army. The developer is still aiming to get a motion picture made about him, which in the 80’s would have been a lot more initial than now I guess.

3. In some cases to discover justice a guy simply has to pick up a sword, and put on a gown. Or at least that seems to be the premise the manga Le Chevalier D’eon which has actually been translated into a 7 volume comic. The manga was an attempt by the author artist to turn a historical oddity, the cross-dressing French spy, traveler and Freemason D’eon de Beaumont, into a superhero. He did this by having him possessed from time to time by the spirit of his dead sis as they pursue a cult of revolutionaries, alchemists, and mercury filled zombies controlled by Saint Germain. It’s also been become a flamboyant anime series.

4. Ahhh, Jack Chick Publications, the manufacturer of all those over the top little spiritual pamphlets for so numerous years likewise produced some complete sized comics too. Enhancing not only in size however loonyness and vitriol as well.

The Alberto on the cover was the author of a series that supposed to blow the cover off of a vast Catholic/ Jewish/ Communist/ Hellish conspiracy that he asserted to have been a previous member of which was out to … Well think about something awful and amp it up by an aspect of 110 and you have exactly what they were doing.

Chick Publications and Alberto, prior to he was revealed to be a con-artist who was making it all up, swore it was all real.

Hey, and inspect it out, both Four Horsemen and Chains Fairies are “recommended for adult reading.” If you had a comic store would you put them on the same rack?

* I changed the spelling to B * nd * g * to keep this from turning up in look for the “B” word, as it seems this was getting a lot of hits from some unpleasant business otherwise.

deadpool movie
Image by Starcadet

Cool Assassins Creed images

Some cool assassins creed images:

assassins creed
Image by RandomDrps
Assassins Creed Unity

Assassins creed 2 mask
assassins creed
Image by Marc 064
Whipped up a quick masquerade mask for my sibling, based off the one Ezio wears in Assassins Creed 2. Black was meant to be scorch marks, but my weathering skill is still in it’s early stage

Les garçons jouent à Assassins Creed. WTF?
assassins creed
Image by Lezzles
Les garçons jouent à Assassins Creed. WTF?

Cool The Avengers images

Take a look at these the avengers images:

The masked avenger strikes again
the avengers
Image by spablab
… and is handling the cold temps! Booyah!

Avenger crewman
the avengers
Image by The United States Army
Spc. Randall Norris, an Avenger crewman with the 263rd Army Air and
Missile Defense Command, South Carolina National Guard, scans the
radar in search of airplane in the area during Workout Amalgam Dart
on Camp Rilea, Ore

. See more at

‘Amalgam Dart’ tests NORTHCOM’s air defense

Good Physician Unusual images

Take a look at these doctor unusual images:

The Medical professional
doctor strange
Image by Leo Reynolds
Hold the stethoscope to your stomach and you hear odd gurgling noises. The medical professional listens, nods as he makes up his mind and then composes out a prescription, which comes out of the device (absolutely illegible, like all genuine prescriptions).

Southwold Pier
Southwold, Suffolk, England, UK

Physician Strange vs. Medical professional Fate Setup
doctor strange
Image by JD Hancock
This is the setup picture for Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Fate.

The background is made of two glittery sheets of scrapbooking paper kept in location with binder clips and sticky notes. The “”floor”is a sheet of clear acrylic.

The doctors are back-lit with numerous incandescent flashlights. Furthermore, I “”light painted” “the backdrop with an incandescent flashlight (seen in front of Fate) to contain much more glimmer. This kind of light painting includes moving a flashlight over a surface area while the electronic camera takes a medium or long exposure shot.

Above the scene a huge circular diffuser softens the ambient light in the room. A dark strip of fabric is positioned above the scene to darken it a bit.

To get a more detailed look at the equipment I utilize, take a look at my Gear series.

Medical professional Unusual – M3v4
doctor strange
Image by M3cha
Fourth Variation of Medical professional Strange with fractal flow. and sharpening/blurring edits.