Papillon Helicopters Offers Fun, Affordable Grand Canyon Tours

Do you want to see the Grand Canyon? Consider a Papillon Helicopters’ tour. Started in 1965, Papillon is one of the most reputable sightseeing companies in the world. This is not lip service. They earn it each year by flying more than 600,000 satisfied customers a year to the National Park

Papillon operates one of the newest fleet of helicopters flying today. It’s a mix of EcoStar and Bell aircraft that have been customized for sightseeing. Such features include 180-degree, wraparound windshields, stadium-style seating, and Fenestron quiet-ride rotor technology.

Each helicopter also sports a two-way digital communications system, which lets you talk with the pilot and other passengers in your party. Optional pre-recorded travel narratives in 11 languages also enhance your tour. Inquire if your flight is being recorded by on-board video cameras. These movies can be purchased on DVD when you land.

Papillon has offices in Las Vegas, and at Grand Canyon Airport in Arizona. Las Vegas tours depart from either McCarran International or from Boulder City’s municipal airport. Trips include free hotel shuttle service, with pick up happening 1.5 hours before you lift off. Flights originating in Arizona depart from Grand Canyon Airport, which is located in Tusayan, a small town situated just south of the National Park’s entrance.

To help you plan your Grand Canyon adventure, I’ve separated the canyon into rims and have highlighted what you can see and do:

West Rim

The West Rim is just 120 miles away from Las Vegas. By helicopter, you can be there in 45 minutes.

If you want to fly to the bottom, this rim is the only place where you can do it. The descent – a 4,000-foot drop past spires, buttes, and cliffs – is something that must be experienced. Includes a Champagne toast, light lunch, and plenty of exploration time. The most requested upgrade to this package is river rafting, wherein you board a pontoon boat upstream and ride the mighty Colorado River.

Then there’s the Grand Canyon Skywalk. In the last three or so years, this attraction has become the buzz of Vegas. The “glass bridge” lets you walk 70 feet past the edge and suspends you 4,000 feet above the river. This super glass cost $ 250,000 a pop and enables you to experience what is being billed as “gravity-defying” views.

South Rim

This is the most famous area of the canyon and probably the most photographed. By car, it’s a four-hour trip from Phoenix and a two-hour trip from Sedona. From Las Vegas, you’ll have to sit through a 5.5-hour bus tour or a 45-minute airplane flight (recommended).

Visitors starting from Arizona are advised to drive to Grand Canyon Airport (GCA) and check in for their flight. For Las Vegas-based travelers, you will need to either purchase a bus/helicopter package or an airplane/helicopter package.

Papillon’s heli tours start leave GCA and bolt at 200 mph over the Kaibab Plateau before entering the Dragoon Corridor, the widest, deepest section of the canyon. The flight turns back at the North Rim. All in all, I’m estimating that a helicopter ride shows you in 30 minutes what would take days on foot.

Papillon’s standard prices are extremely competitive. For the absolute best deal, I strongly suggest you go to their website. The online discounts are enormous and can save you up to 35%. I purchase all my Papillon trips online and vouch that their site is safe and secure.

If flying with a reputable Grand Canyon helicopter tour is important, go with Papillon. The company has been in business for more than 50 years and has served millions of customers. They’ve got these trips down to a science and are able to offer them at prices that the competition can’t touch. The Grand Canyon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Don’t cut corners on this one. Stick with the tour operator who puts your interests first and has a track record of delivering quality. Fly Papillon.

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My Review of Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters

Papillon Helicopters is renowned for it’s Grand Canyon National Park trips. I was in charge of the family’s canyon trip this holiday season. Naturally, I booked with Papillon. Here is a quick write-up on my trip:

There was six among us. We stayed at El Tovar in Grand Canyon Village, which is located in the boundaries of the National Park. I highly recommend this hotel. It can be expensive, but it’s more than worth it as you are seconds from the rim’s edge.

I believe you can make plans with Papillon Helicopters to be picked up. Otherwise, you are able to set up a pick up at the transportation desk inside the Bright Angel Lodge. I leased a Chevy Tahoe for our trip. I loaded the gang inside and made the 10-minute drive to Grand Canyon Airport.

Grand Canyon Airport is situated just outside Tusayan. It’s hard to miss it. There’s a lot of activity. Helicopters and planes arrive and depart from it often. The Papillon terminal is the largest. I parked the SUV and got us checked in (incidentally, the coffee there is delicious!).

The atmosphere is very friendly. I met lots of travelers from Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The main receiving area is comfortable. We were up late yesterday evening so I slipped in a power nap. I woke up to my sister tugging on my jacket and telling me it was time to fly.

Choppers hold up to six people (if you weigh in excess of 275 pounds you could be asked to get what they call a “comfort seat.”). As this was family, I upgraded all of us to the EcoStar 130, which has 25% more cabin room, theater-style seating, and a 180-degree wraparound windshield for better views.

Furthermore, I reserved us on the extended flight. Papillon Helicopter’s typical South Rim chopper trip is 30 minutes. That’s plenty for most people. I estimate that what you see in half an hour would take a few days on the ground. But I wanted more (it’s not every day you fly the canyon), so I went with trip that gave us between 45-50 minutes of airtime.

Take off was extraordinary. Our helicopter, nose forward, blasted from the runway making a low-altitude flight over Kaibab National Forest, which hosts the biggest stand of Ponderosa Pine on the planet. In ten minutes, we said good-bye to the edge and found ourselves front and center in the Dragoon Corridor, the broadest ,deepest section of the Grand Canyon.

It was an amazing sight. The Colorado River was below us. So was the Temple of Ra. The buttes and spires were surreal. There were no clouds on the horizon. Our pilot explained that our visibility was about 140 miles as opposed to 30 for people on the ground! The chopper powered towards the stately North Rim. Here we turned back, enjoying Hopi Point and Grand Canyon Village as we made our descent.

Papillon Helicopters records all flights using cameras on the exterior and interior of the helicopter. Make sure you purchase a copy of your trip on DVD. I did. The quality was great. I made duplicates for all of us. They loved it. Definitely a great memento of our chopper tour.

Papillon Helicopters Grand Canyon South Rim tour gets two thumbs up from us. It was a tour of the South Rim. I’m glad we did the extended flight. The additional airtime was worth every penny. Our pilot was fantastic and entertained us with facts and stories of the area. He made the destination come alive for us. This was definitely a trip highlight for my clan and me. We’ll undoubtedly be doing this air tour again.

Mr. Kravitz is a travel writer who reviews Grand Canyon tours. Go here for his latest review of Papillon Helicopters and his Top 3 air tour operators.

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Grand Canyon Helicopters: The 4,000-foot Bottom-landing Trip!

luke skywalker
by Med PhotoBlog It’s the dream of numerous Las Vegas tourists: Coming down

almost a mile into the craw of the Grand Canyon and triumphantly basing on the banks of the magnificent Colorado River. Then reality sets in. You do an impressive over night hike or take a Grand Canyon helicopter. Thinking about the majority of people are looking for an excellent excursion, a chopper flight is your just real alternative (and the best one!). The South and West Rims are the centerpieces for Grand Canyon visitors.

However it’s only at the West Rim where you can arrive at the bottom (South Rim flight prepares only let you fly from one side of the gorge to the other and back). Flights typically leaving from Las Vegas, or Boulder City, NV.

The West Rim is just 120 miles off to the east. Travel time is roughly 45 minutes. En route, youll see some great sights like Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, the New Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, an ancient Joshua Tree Forest, and parts of the Mojave Desert that look downright prehistoric. Before you recognize it, you’re nearing the Grand Canyon. The West Rim is drier than the South, which is positioned in the Kaibab Plateau, home of the biggest Ponderosa Pine forest in the country. The other differentiator is the color of the West Rim, which is far more controlled and pale than the dynamic colors of the South Rim. The delights go up a notch as the helicopter leaves the West Rim behind
and begins its 4,000-foot descent to the bottom. This is canyon sculpting at its best. From hereon, it’s imposing cliffs, outrageous rock developments, and dirty buttes till your helicopter arrive at a dirt helipad along with the Colorado River. The 3 primary Grand Canyon helicopter trip operators(Papillon, Radical, and Sundance )let you hop off the
chopper to take pleasure in a Champagne Picnic before turning you loose to explore the canyon’s ancient flooring. Normal bottom time has to do with Thirty Minutes. There’s also non-landing West Rim helicopter tours and a host side-adventures that consist of Hummer tours, horseback flights, Western wagon trips, and smooth-water rafting journeys. The other attraction that gets a lot of attention at this rim is the Grand Canyon Skywalk. As it should, too. Have an appearance at these insane truths: 1. Lets you stroll 70 feet beyond the edge. 2. Suspends you 4,000 feet above the Colorado River. 3. Can hold up against magnitude 8 earthquakes

and 100 mph winds. 4. Can support 800 people.
Just 120 individuals are permitted on it at one time.
5. Over 200,000 people visit it each year. 6. Each of its 46 glass panels cost$ 250,000! Mentioned earlier, South Rim helicopter flights do not land.
The compromise is that you get to fly
through the Dragoon Corridor, the inmost part
of the Canyon, prior to you reach the beautifully separated North Rim. Some the cleanest, clearest air exists here, allowing you to quickly obtain presence of 150 miles or more. There are no helicopter flights between the West Rim and the South Rim. The helicopter flight back to Las Vegas is similarly enjoyable. If you can squeeze it in, absolutely add a flight over the Las Vegas Strip. It’s the best way to complete seeing the Grand Canyon and getting 2 products off that container list of yours. Travel writer Keith Kravitz writes exclusively about Grand Canyon tours. Use this link for his Leading 3 Grand Canyon helicopter trips.

Las Vegas Helicopters: My Preferred Way to Enjoy the Grand Canyon Skywalk

luke skywalker

JD Hancock Exactly what tops seeing the Grand Canyon Skywalk? Getting there. And nothing comes close to the excitement of flying to the glass bridge aboard a smooth Las Vegas helicopter.

Flights leave Vegas daily and take just 45 minutes to reach Grand Canyon West, house of the Skywalk. En route, you’ll fly over Lake Mead, the biggest manufactured reservoir in the U.S., and Hoover Dam, which now includes the amazing Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

Then, simply as you clear Grand Cliffs Wasth, there it is: The Skywalk Grand Canyon, sparkling like a diamond pendant under the intense Mojave Desert sun.

The photo chances really start at this point as you begin your descent. Passing by the large window of your airplane are Eagle and Guano Points, a practical Indian Town, the magnificent Colorado River, and the well-known Grand Canyon skyline. You’ll land at the Grand Canyon West airstrip, which lies amidst 9,000 excellent acres of Hualapai Indian land.

The Skywalk is a magnificent example of 21st Century engineering. The cantilevered walkway extends 70 feet past the edge and suspends guests 4,000 feet above the Colorado River. The bridge is strong and can hold up to 71 totally loaded 747 jumbo jets. It can also withstand earthquakes as much as magnitude 8 on the Richter Scale. Engineered to hold up to 800 individuals concurrently, the Skywalk’s maximum tenancy is 120 individuals.

The deck is comprised of 46 glass panels that cost $ 250,000 each. This glass can scratch, which is why no personal electronics, including digital electronic cameras and mobile phones, are allowed. You are likewise required to put cloth booties over your shoes. Professional photographers are offered to take your photo, and there are mounted video cameras on the guardrails.

There are two kinds of Skywalk Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas. The air trip takes you to the Grand Canyon and over the bridge and back to Vegas. Overall tour time is 3.5 hours. The other lands and includes VIP Skywalk tickets and lunch. This journey lasts 6.5 hours. Both journeys consist of totally free hotel shuttle service to a lot of major Las Vegas Strip hotels.

Helicopters rides are enjoyable, safe, and thrilling. The majority of trip operators utilize the EcoStar 130, an exceptional airplane that features a cabin 25% larger than traditional helicopters. The extra room suggests these aircraft are equipped with theater-style seats and huge wraparound windshields. They likewise come equipped with two-way digital interaction systems and a pre-recorded narrative equated into more than 10 languages.

< br/ > If you do the research, helicopter trips can be quite a deal. The top rates are on the web. I recommend acquiring direct from the tour operator. I strongly recommend purchasing your seats beforehand. This indicates will have a flight the day you desire it. Which reminds me: Never ever book when you arrive in Las Vegas. These trips offer out. Constantly book in advance.

Going to the Grand Canyon Skywalk is an even in itself. If you wish to do it right, you have actually got to take a Las Vegas helicopter tour. These helicopters fly at a lower altitude than aircrafts, giving you the ultimate bird’s eye view when you skyrocket over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and the Skywalk. Plus, they’re quickly, reaching speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour. If it all sounds over the top, it is. Which is exactly how you should remember your Grand Canyon Skywalk experience.

Inexpensive Skywalk tours? Travel writer Keith Kravitz lists the best at: Find More Luke Skywalker Articles