The most popular agent. ‘Compound Oxygen : its mode of action and results,’ a treatise of nearly two hundred pages, giving full and interesting information is mailed free to every applicant (front)

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The most popular agent. ‘Compound Oxygen : its mode of action and results,’ a treatise of nearly two hundred pages, giving full and interesting information is mailed free to every applicant (front)
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Image by Boston Public Library
File name: 10_03_001125a
Binder label: Medical
Title: The most popular agent. ‘Compound Oxygen : its mode of action and results,’ a treatise of nearly two hundred pages, giving full and interesting information is mailed free to every applicant (front)
Date issued: 1870-1900 (approximate)
Physical description: 1 print : chromolithograph ; 11 x 16 cm.
Subject: Men; Patent medicines
Notes: Title from item.
Statement of responsibility: Drs. Starkey & Palen
Collection: 19th Century American Trade Cards
Location: Boston Public Library, Print Department
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Halliburton, Erle P., Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Co.
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Image by SMU Central University Libraries
Title: Halliburton, Erle P., Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Co.

Creator: Robert Yarnall Richie

Date: February 1940

Part Of: Robert Yarnall Richie photograph collection

Physical Description: 1 negative film: black and white; 13 x 10 cm.

File: ag1982_0234_2104_27_sm_opt.jpg

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The Details Marketing Guide For Assisting and Healing Solo-Professionals – Part 5 – Free Audio

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< img alt =" han solo" src ="" width =" 160"/ > by< a href ="" > zuko1312 By this point in the series,

I hope you recognize the importance of developing a Details Marketing organisation as an addition to your practice or as a way to create income ought to you decide to cut down on your direct service hours. Up to this point, we have actually covered: recognizing

your target audience for your information products, the significance of having a Web presence and composing your first information product -your Free or Unique Report. As I stated in the last installation, you might have a definite preference in regards to writing or speaking, so I am going to provide a 2nd alternative for delivering your free report content -in audio format as a teleclass. However, keep in mind, it is necessary to use your customers the choices of audio and written formats as they do have strong preferences of how they choose to consume their material. A teleclass is just exactly what it sounds like … a class you use over the telephone. You will have to have a totally free telephone

bridge( conference) line to tape this. To discover one, type in” complimentary telephone conference lines” and you will discover a lot of these type of lines readily available. I frequently use Complimentary Conference Pro and No-Cost Conference, but as I stated, there are numerous great ones( that are totally free )to pick from. There are, of course, also paid conference line companies as well. As soon as you enter into some severe info marketing and are recording teleseminars you will charge for,

then you will probably wish to get a paid conference line service as they do have live help readily available to assist you if something fails. There is often a considerable difference in the quality of the recording with the paid services. In this classification, I have used Black & White Communications. Ask a minimum of one buddy to join you on this call (most conference lines need more than one participant to open the conference). This will also provide you the included reward of & ethical support.

When you sign up with the bridge( or conference) line company, they will give you your call-in conference number and a participant pass code; there is usually always a mediator code provided too which, naturally, you will be using as the moderator. Your pal can use simply the Participant code. The bridge line business will also provide you a series of codes for recording, muting and unmuting, and so on. Make certain to silence your pal when you are all set to start … these lines choose up a lot of background sound.

Make certain that your environment is quiet too as the sounds in your environment will be detected the recording. Do not forget to use the code for recording (you will likewise need to enter it when you want to stop tape-recording ). You do not wish to get to the end of speaking and realize you were never ever taping in the first location!( No matter how many times I have done this, I constantly keep the sheet with all the codes for the teleconference right in front of me as I get all set to record- it’s an excellent tip ). As soon as you are finished recording, the bridge line company will offer you with a link to the recording of the call. The majority of the time, you get those immediately after signing off of the call. Turn this recording over to your web designer to upload for you.

The connect to this recording will enter into the e-mail that will be sent to your possibility once they have registered for your complimentary report and you have recorded their name and e-mail address. A crucial note … DO NOT just read your written report into a phone … it will stumble upon simply in this manner. The very best method to do this call is to draw up your opening and closing and usage bullet point for everything in-between. Aim to have just 3 to 5 bottom lines.

Sound natural and unless you are speaking of something really serious, aim to put a smile into your voice. You need to emote and forecast more than you believe. Don’t fret, everybody sounds timid on their very first shot. You’ll improve as time goes on. When again, here is the formula for developing material, but this time it will be spoken. State the issue or the source of discomfort for your targeted reader Add some real-life examples of this issue or discomfort -make it more genuine in their minds.. Describe why this is taking place or what the

causes are or what is the theory behind this issue. Describe why what your readers have been doing to date hasn’t been working. Supply your option without
going into the” How”. Then provide them the next action. You can make this teleclass an hour or less. If you go longer, remember that you can only fit 80 minutes of audio on a CD, so if you must you decide to make tough copies of the teleclass, aim for an hour and fifteen minutes maximum.( I’ll enter into that in more information when we get to the installment on Teleseminars)
From your years of research study, training

and experience as a helping and recovering professional, you possess a terrific offer of valuable understanding and proficiency. Besides putting in the in person client time, it would be beneficial to have an earnings that is generated from this knowledge. Kate Sanner is the CEO and creator of Vivacity. She has actually been

a psychotherapist with kids and women for nearly 20 years. Now as a coach and specialist, Kate assists solo-professionals develop their details marketing services. She is also a podcaster and web radio show host, in addition to an Ezine publisher. To get a FREE copy of Vivacity’s” The Think and Play BIG System”, a 10 Step, 46-page guide- a value- that reveals you ways to bring your vision for your business into truth and onto new levels, go to and complete your given name and primary e-mail address in package in the upper ideal hand corner, then click Yes, Send My System Now.

Solo tourist- a totally free bird

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by swimfinfan Single vacation are no enjoyable!!! … you

would be mostly all alone and bored-Is this what has been holding you back from taking up a solo vacation. Well not anymore! Leave your worry of taking a trip solo. With so many website in the market, vacation for single person is so simple. In truth such websites are an advantage for people who enjoy travelling. Such sites take care of everything for solo travellers from hotel reservations to preparing the entire trip. And the finest part is all of it comes at a really sensible price. Apart from the many advantages of solo holidays such as total freedom to satisfy your every desire, doing

things at you own leisure which is frequently restricted when taking a trip with friend or family, vacations for singles are also a terrific confidence home builder as you learn how to more self dependant. You end up being more knowledgeable about your very own talents and abilities. In deed its reasonable possibility that during your holiday you might find out or find something brand-new about yourself, a skill that you never ever believed you had! But above all you will meet a lot more like minded people, individuals with your kind of thinking and liking. You can even end up making terrific good friends for life time or find your soul mate. To begin a vacation for a single can be a little uncomfortable you might even feel lonesome sometimes but as you get to fulfill new fellow solo travellers you

will begin to enjoy your journey and it is not unlikely that it can end up being a most memorable single vacation you ever had. In our comfort zone we mostly do not prefer to speak to unidentified people even if we get positive vibes from them, we want to preserve our range however when we are on a solo single

vacation we search for individuals speaking the same language as ours or find something common with an unfamiliar person It has actually been scientifically proven that humans have a propensity to stick together and help other co members of their people when in a foreign land. Solo visitors in general discover it much easier to satisfy other tourists than when you’re holidaying with your buddy or group of friends. Single visitors are often seen hanging out solo at the hostel or inns. Imagine

how much more enjoyable it would be to explore your brand-new vacation destination with someone who is another single visitor much like you. Holidaying single resembles a bird that has actually being pressed out of its nest and needs to take a flight this is when the bird learns how to open it wings and fly! Smriti has been writing posts online for over 2 years now. She is a specialist author who composes

about Singles Holidays, Solo Holidays & Travel Companion.