The Force Is Within You, Luke. It’s Not The Trading System

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Tom Simpson There are just a handful of people who provide a darn about supplying traders with a way to be more disciplined and focused in their trading.

< br/ > Im one of them, so I think I know why there are so few of us.
Heck, Im in business of providing traders with a tool to assist enhance the psychological side of the trading equation … the human component.
With(what I believe) is such a crucial service, why am I out here essentially alone?

For a couple of factors.

< br/ > First, although many traders will confess that the mental part of trading is essential to winning in the long-term, most think they can gut it up and just shake it off when negative emotions and behaviors rear their unsightly heads.

They don’t need
a diminish! They know exactly what they need to do and by-cracky, theyll do what has to be done without any aid!
< br/ > I call this the Macho Syndrome.

And whats funny is … I get most resistance to the notion of psychological discipline (as official training) from those that require it most … the psychologically out-of-control trader.
2nd, a common frame of mind is that the main secret to being an effective trader to hook your wagon to a master or trading system and then following that system to riches.
The issue is that (even fantastic) trading systems experience draw-downs and you wind up blaming the system for losing rather than doing exactly what is uncomfortable for some … blaming yourself (for not having the guts to trade through misfortune)!

So here I am, preaching pain.

< br/ > Its not your system

, its you! < br/ > To the trader with low confidence, those words can cut like a knife.

How about paying more focus on the mental/emotional part of trading? To the trader with low self-confidence, Id be implicating him/her of having something wrong with them.
Being the Shepard of the mental/emotional aspect of trading is not an easy task.
However its fulfilling.
For those who begin paying REAL ATTENTION to the mental part of trading, results can improve quickly.
They begin stating,
How can I improve as a trader?
How can I make certain that the only variable to losing and winning is my system and not me?
When was the last time you asked yourself these vital concerns?
Its not everything about changing your system; tweak, modify, modify.
My guess is that its about altering YOU.
So, for me, I like exactly what I do.< br/ > However are you ready to hear what Im stating?

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