Image from page 88 of “The boy travellers in the Russian empire: experiences of two youths in a journey in European and Asiatic Russia, with accounts of a trip across Siberia.” (1886).

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Image from page 88 of “The kid travellers in the Russian empire: adventures of 2 youths in a journey in European and Asiatic Russia, with accounts of a trip across Siberia.” (1886)
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< img alt=" doctor weird" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href=""
> Internet Archive Book Images Identifier: boytravellersinr00knox Title:
< a href="" > The young boy visitors in the Russian empire: experiences of two youths in a journey in
European and Asiatic Russia , with accounts of a tour across Siberia. Year:< a href="" > 1886(< a href="" > 1880s) Authors:< a href="" > Knox, Thomas Wallace, 1835-1896 Topics:< a href="" > Soviet Union– Description and travel< a href="" > Siberia( Russia) Publisher:< a href="" > New york city: Harper & bros Contributing Library: New york city Town library Digitizing Sponsor:< a href="" > MSN View Book Page:< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > Book Viewer About This Book:< a href="" rel
=” nofollow “> Brochure Entry View All Images:< a href="" > All Images From Book Click on this link to< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. Text Appearing Prior to Image: of okrosltka just to see how it looked and tasted. Oneteaspoonful was enough for
each of us, and hatvenia we didnt attempt
. After the pirog we had cutlets of chicken, and then roast muttonstuffed with buckwheat, both of them really great. They offered us someboiled pig served cold, with horseradish sauce, but we didnt try it; andthen they brought roast grouse, with salted cucumbers for salad. Wewound up with J ^ esselrode pudding, made of plum-pudding and ices, andnot unknown in other countries. Then we had the samovar, which hadbeen made all set for us, and consumed some tasty tea which we preparedourselves. Now for the samovar. Its name comes from two words which suggest self-boiling; and the BEHAVIORS OF TEA-DRINKERS. 81 samovar is nothing bnt an urn of brass or copper, with a cylinder in thecentre, wliere a fire is made with charcoaL The water surrounds thecylinder, and is therefore maintaineded at the boiling-point, which the Russians claimis indispensable to the making of great tea. The beverage is consumed not Text Appearing After Image: RUSSIAN MUJIKS DRINKING TEA. from cups, but from glasses, and the number of glasses it will consist of isthe measure
of a samovar. The Russians seldom put milk with their tea; the common people never do so, and the upper classes only when theyhave gotten the practice while abroad. They seldom liquify sugar in theirtea, however munch from a lump after taking a sw ^ permit of the liquid. Apeasant will make a single swelling serve for 4 or live glasses of tea, and it is said to be an odd experience for a stranger to hear the nibbling 0 82 THE KID TKAVELLEgS IN THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE. and grating of swellings of sugar wlien a celebration of Russians is participated in tea-drinking. We sat late over the samovar, then paid our bill and returned to the Square. Physician Bronson told us that a huge quantity of tea is consumed in Russia, but really lit-tle coffee. Formerly all the teansed in the Emj ^ ire was broughtoverland from China by way ofSiberia, and business enabledthe importers of tea to accumu-late great for Note About Images Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability -coloration and look of these illustrations might not perfectly
resemble the original work. Extraordinary Bodies( Picture Exhibition )< img alt= "medical professional unusual" src ="" width=" 400 "/ > Image by< a href ="" >

spike55151 Bodies and Specimens waiting for display screen
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Pinkhus Karlinskii. Eighty-four years [old]. Sixty-six years of service. Supervisor of Chernigov floodgate. [Russian Empire] (LOC)

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Pinkhus Karlinskii. Eighty-four years [old] Sixty-six years of service. Supervisor of Chernigov floodgate. [Russian Empire] (LOC)
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Image by The Library of Congress
Making Your very own Color Image from the Original Glass Plate Negative, utilize this file:

Prokudin-Gorskii ̆, Sergeĭ Mikhaĭlovich, 1863-1944, professional photographer.

Pinkhus Karlinskii. Eighty-four years [old] Sixty-six years of service. Manager of Chernigov floodgate. [Russian Empire]
1 negative (3 frames): glass, b&& w, three-color separation; 24 x 9 cm.

Forms part of: Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii Collection (Library of Congress).

Older individuals.
Government employees.
Russia (Federation)– Volga-Baltic Waterway.

Format: Glass negatives.
Color separation negatives.
Portrait pictures.

Rights Information: No known constraints on publication. For additional details on business usage, see “”Prokudin-Gorskii …,” “ rr/print/res/ 237_prok. html

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 U.S.A

Higher resolution image is offered (Persistent URL): loc.pnp/ prokc.20882

Call Number: LC-P87- 5006

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empire strikes back
Image by Tom Simpson

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