Owen Wilson Drops Role in Movie Cast

Owen Wilson was set to travel to Hawaii for a comedy movie “Tropical Thunder”. Owen Wilson was hospitalized after what preliminary indications indicate an attempted suicide.Owen was hospitalized on Sunday last when police responded to a distress call about a suicide attempt in the Santa Monica home. Wilson, a 38 year-old actor will there fore not feature in the already month long into production DreamWorks feature. An insider source said that Wilson was slated for a cameo role in the film “tropical Thunder which stars other most famous actors like Jack Black, Robert Downey, Jr., and Ben Stiller also a director in the film shoot.Owen Wilson had recently concluded a role in ‘The Darjeeling Limited,’ which is scheduled for release in September 29. In the movie, Own stars with Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman. In an unlucky coincidence, Wilson plays a role of a distraught man, heavily bandaged and who the other characters intone may have tried to commit suicide. The suicide attempt by Wilson has created a marketing glitch in the film. Most marketing executives might shy away or be apprehensive in taking on the marketing of the movie.The cast and Fox Searchlight filmmakers have decided to go ahead with the scheduled date of release according to a statement released by the company Wednesday.


Everyone is however trying to treat the issue in a more compassionate way not to further aggravate the situation of the actor and rather gravitate towards a sympathetic and understanding of Wilson’s Problems at this moment.Wilson on his part has issued a statement from his hospital asking to be let alone to allow him heal and receive care at this difficult time. In the meantime, production has wound up of another Wilson movie produced by paramount Pictures “Drillbit Taylor,” set for release in March 2008.Tabloid reports implicating Steve Coogan, who co-starred alongside Wilson, of supplying Wilson with drugs have been vehemently denied by Coogan. “My thoughts are with my friend at this difficult time,” Coogan said in a statement released to Associated Press. “But I do want to set the record straight and say that the allegations published today are completely and utterly false.” Coogan is also set to appear in ‘Tropical thunder’You can watch a variety of movies on your PC by an easy 2 minute download of PC 200 Elite Edition

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Ticket office: '' Star Wars: The Force Awakens ' Drops To Under- Million A Day For
Star Wars: The Force Awakens earned $ 781,000 on Monday, making it the first day where the sci-fi smash hit has actually dipped below $ 1 million in day-to-day grosses. Prospective turning points aside, this brings the movie'' s domestic overall to $ 896.5 m in 46 days of release.
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