Lost Coin, Odd Coin? A Super Bible School Activity for Your Primary Kids

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by gordontarpley I do not think

an individual exists anywhere in the world that hasn’t lost something at one time or another. Losing something or somebody truly essential can be especially horrible and stressful. Luke 2:14 states this: “For the Boy of Man came to seek and to conserve what was lost.” Each people must be incredibly important to God if He sent His Boy to this world to hire us. And indeed we are. He wants us more than we can ever think of. Luke 2:14 is an essential Bible verse for your children to remember and here is an enjoyable Bible school activity based on the parable of the lost coin. It’s called “Lost Coin, Odd Coin” and is based on the old classic “Odd Bean.”

Here’s exactly what you do:

For this activity you will need a bag of 10 pennies for each gamer. The bag needs to be dark so that the cents cannot be seen. You are now all set to play this activity.

Now, state the following:

The parable of the lost coin is about a female who has actually lost 10 essential coins. Some scholars state that these coins would have belonged to her wedding event dowry. Or compared with today, it would be as if she had actually lost her wedding event ring. Let’s read the story of this parable together. (At this moment, share the parable found in Luke 15:8 -10 or another variation you know and trust.) Wow! Did you see how persistent the female was at looking for her lost coins? It is a perfect image of how severe God is when looking for those who are lost in this world and caught up in sin. Luke 2:14 states, “For the Kid of man concerned seek and to conserve what was lost.” This is our memory verse today and we are going to learn it by playing “Lost Coin, Odd Coin.”

At this point, have all your kids being in a circle. Offer each gamer a bag filled with his/her coins. The first player hides a number of coins in one fist and asks the next gamer, “Odd or evens?” If the next player properly thinks whether the fist holds an odd and even variety of coins, he or she collects those coins from the very first player. But before doing so, he needs to state Luke 2:14 correctly. If he does, he will earn 50 points. If the guess is wrong, the second gamer should surrender the exact same number of coins to the first player. The second gamer then places a number of coins in his/her hand. She or he relies on the third gamer and asks, “Chances or perhaps?” and the video game continues around the circle. If a gamer loses all his coins, he can gain back a replenished bag of coins by stating Luke 2:14, and can then reenter the game. The gamer who states the verse the most, is the winner.

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