Las Vegas Excursions: Helicopter Rides To The Grand Canyon’s West Rim

If you are planning to visit Las Vegas, be sure you include a Grand Canyon West Rim helicopter tour. There are three kinds of flights from which to choose, and I’m very sure that there’s a trip that’s just right for you.

The classic air-only ride is your most basic flight. It basically helicopters to the rim, does some awesome fly overs, and returns. You can upgrade this trip to include tickets to the Grand Canyon Skywalk or to land at the bottom of the canyon. Here’s a closer look at each of the these West Rim helicopter tours:

Air Tour

A great introduction to the canyon. Includes a ton of West Rim highlights, including Eagle Point, Guano Point, the Skywalk, and the Colorado River. Upgrade to include a flight over the fabulous Las Vegas Strip on the return. Sunrise and sunset flights are available.

Skywalk Grand Canyon Tour

Land at the new Grand Canyon West airstrip. Enter the Skywalk and be prepared to walk 70 feet past the edge and to be lifted some 4,000 feet above the mighty Colorado River. Enjoy a BBQ lunch. Ride the free shuttle service to all major rim-top sights. Explore a realistic Hualapai Indian Village.

Landing Tour

Canyon carve 4,000 feet downwards to the base of the canyon. Deplane. Toast your descent with Champagne under a real Indian Ramada. Explore the canyon’s ancient floor. Feeling really adventurous? Add a pontoon raft ride down the Colorado river.

Most helicopter tours include free shuttle bus pick up and drop off to all hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Landing and Skywalk trips are led by professional pilot-guides and include a delicious lunch. Internet prices start at $ 230 per person.

Trips take off year round from the Vegas metropolitan area and fly over Lake Mead, the biggest man-made reservoir in the U.S., Hoover Dam, the brand new Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge, and the majestic Grand Cliffs Wash. I see these extra sights as a huge bonus, especially since helicopters fly at a lower altitude than airplanes and give you a spectacular bird’s eye view of them.

I strongly suggest that you book your Las Vegas helicopter tour in advance. Peak season is spring and summer and low season is winter. Flights are limited, popular, and sell out quickly, especially sunrise and sunset tours. If you are lucky enough to book a flight within 24 hours of your departure, I can assure you that you will pay a premium.

Always get your flights online. Tour operators are very generous with discounts on their websites, some even giving up to 35% off on select packages. I buy all my trips on the Web, and can attest that these sites are secure and safe when processing your credit-card transaction.

Las Vegas canyon helicopter tours deliver loads of fun and adventure. The West Rim is home to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, and it’s the only place where you can land at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and take an optional boat ride down the Colorado River. If you’re looking for a Grand Canyon experience that comes with a huge “wow” factor, book a helicopter flight. It’s an activity that will make this Las Vegas trip magical.

Travel expert Keith Kravitz rates and reviews tours to the Grand Canyon. Here’s his list of the best Grand Canyon Helicopter tours to the West Rim…

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Native Fishes of Glen and Grand Canyons

The native fishes of the Colorado River make up one of the most bizarre and unusual faunas found anywhere in the world. This assemblage of fish is specifically adapted to the historic environment of the Colorado River, and the species that make up this assemblage are often found nowhere other than the Colorado River Basin.

Even prior to the construction of Glen Canyon Dam, the Colorado River in Grand Canyon was dominated by introduced fish species, mostly warm water types. The construction of Glen Canyon Dam changed the river from a turbid, flood-prone, warmwater river to a perennially cold, clear river. This allowed trout, which were introduced, to flourish and expand their use of the river.

These fundamental changes to the ecosystem in which the native fish evolved may present numerous challenges to their survival. They encounter a physiological challenge of being a warmwater adapted fish now living in a cold environment. Introduced fishes residing in the Grand Canyon may interact with, compete with, or prey upon these native fishes. Finally, changes in the foodbase have occurred due to the presence of much clearer water than existed prior to construction of Glen Canyon Dam.

Common Native Fish in Grand Canyon – Conservation Through Adaptive Management

Speckled Dace (Rhinichthys osculus) – This small minnow is widely distributed across the western United States. They inhabit tributaries of the Colorado River through Glen and Grand canyons, and are not uncommon in backwaters in western Grand Canyon.
fish image: bluehead sucker

Bluehead Sucker (Catostomus discobolus) – Blueheads occur throughout the upper Colorado River Basin and extend into the Lower Basin through the Little Colorado River Drainage and through Grand Canyon to Lake Mead. They are common in tributaries in Grand Canyon. An adult bluehead may approach 20 inches in length, and can live up to 20 years.

Flannelmouth Sucker (Catostomous latipinnis) – Flannelmouth Sucker are widely distributed in the Upper Colorado River Basin, and extend into the Little Colorado River Watershed of Arizona and through Grand Canyon. An adult flannelmouth sucker may approach about 20 inches in length,and like other large suckers of the Colorado River may live up to 20 years.

Endangered Fishes of Grand Canyon – A Major Focus of Adaptive Management

Humpback Chub (Gila cypha) – This endangered fish is only known from the Colorado River System, and is restricted to a few remaining populations. One of those populations resides in the Grand Canyon. It was historically widely distributed in the Upper Colorado River Basin and extended down the main stem of the Colorado River into the Lower Basin to at least current Lake Havasu.

In Grand Canyon, most humpback chub are found in the vicinity of the Little Colorado River and its confluence with the Colorado River. This is a warm water species, and its spawning and recruitment appears limited in the now cold waters of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. Spawning and recruitment of young chub appears to be principally restricted to the lower portions of the Little Colorado River in Grand Canyon. An adult chub might reach 20 inches in length, and may live 20 years or more. Population levels have declined over the last decade, though recent information suggests some recent increases in recruitment. Modification of the river’s temperature, expansion of tributary populations, and nonnative fish control are all strategies for improvement being evaluated through Adaptive Management.

Endangered Fish Absent from Grand Canyon – Possible Restoration Species

Razorback Sucker (Xyrauchen texanus) – The endangered razorback sucker may be extirpated from Grand Canyon. This fish was historically widely distributed throughout both the Upper and Lower Colorado River Basins. No razorbacks have been captured from the River in recent years. Adult razorback suckers are found in the Colorado River and the lower San Juan River above Lake Powell; in Lake Mead; and Lake Mohave. A large razorback sucker can reach a length of three feet, and may live upward of 40 years.

Colorado Pikeminnow (Ptycocheilus lucius) – This fish is the giant of the minnow family, reported achieving a maximum length of six feet. Historically, this fish was widely distributed throughout the Colorado River Basin. It is now extirpated from the Lower Basin, including Grand Canyon, and is listed as an endangered species throughout its range.

Bonytail Chub (Gila elegans) – A cousin of the humpback chub, they share many features in common. Its size and lifespan are similar to a humpback chub. This species is very rare and is listed as endangered. Bonytail chub have not been reported from Glen or Grand Canyon in recent history.

Jay Bryce is a community manger at ( has fishing and local information for over 40,000 lakes and fishing areas in the United States. Information includes current weather and forecasts, best times fishing charts, maps, local businesses and more. also has a large library of how to fishing videos, fishing articles and current fishing reports to help you catch more fish.

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Grand Canyon’s Experience

luke skywalker
by PABaileyYork Images It was really fantastic experience when

I took a Grand Canyon trip with my household last month. I enjoy a marvel of nature with fantastic South Rim, numerous rock walls altering type dark green to intense red as the modification of time. To keep these lovely memory, I took photos of rock walls with various colors. The charm blides my eyes, which I wish to stay there for a whole day. But since the location we came from is Las Vegas, we only stay about 2 hours to stroll around this area. We made full use of the brief duration of time. Though we could not take a thorough venture to the primary path,

we still handled to take a summary of the terrific canyon. The remarkable natural marvel impressed everyone, and I decided to go hiking with my good friends next time. It was turning dark, we went to our shelter and had dinner there. There were numerous shelters, and practically all of them located along the Colorado River. It was very cold in the evening, so I had to use my warm clothes. Next day we took an exciting flight trip. Flight tour was my preferred activity. We started from a regional heliport and landed in the Canyon. The canyon is much larger than what I might imagine. And our pilot even took us to the inmost part of the canyon, and I took a photo there. Furthermore, there are other fascinating activities, for example, rafting journeys along the Colorado River. As we flew tour, we didn’t have enough time to explore this journey. If you are interested in outside sightseeing and natural surroundings, the canyon trip will be your best option. Everyone will like this fantastic place at the first blush.


there are countless people visiting the canyon everyday, you can quickly find a remote place to take pleasure in a tranquil tour. I could collect my ideas and totally unwind myself in this graceful place. In addition, you needed to prepare enough cash for this canyon trip, for the cost is extremely pricey there. So you ‘d better make a great plan and start conserve money now. I enjoyed a happy family time in the canyon by these great Grand Canyon Vacation Bundles. More Luke Skywalker Articles