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AMC5 Pt6 Glenn Shorrock
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< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href= "" > PeterTea Glenn Shorrock From Wikipedia, the totally free encyclopedia Glenn Barrie Shorrock (born 30 June 1944) is an English-born Australian singer-songwriter. He was a founding member of pop groups The Twilights, Axiom and Little River Band as well as being a solo entertainer.
The Twilights had 8 successive nationwide hit songs consisting of “” Needle in a Haystack” “and “” Exactly what’s Incorrect with the Way I Live””. Axiom’s leading 10 hits were “” Arkansas Yard”” “,” Little Ray of Sunlight” “and “” My Infant’s Gone””. Little River Band had national and worldwide chart success, including the Shorrock-penned “” Emma”, “” Assist Is on Its Method” “and “” Cool Modification””
. Shorrock was inducted into the Australian Recording Market Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame as a solo artist in 1991 and as a member of Little River Band in 2004. In May 2001 the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA), as part of its 75th Anniversary events, named “” Cool Change” “as one of the APRA Top 30 Australian tunes of perpetuity.
Twighlights Glenn Barrie Shorrock was born upon 30 June 1944 in Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom. His household moved to Adelaide, South Australia in August 1954 when he was 10. [1] His father was a Yorkshire-born trimmer and turner at the Defense Research Study Facility in Salisbury. [2] The 1954– 55 summertime had days of 42 ° C (108 ° F) and Black Sunday bushfires wrecked the Adelaide Hills in January 1955. [3] His London-born mother was not impressed with Australia, and she took Shorrock and his younger sister back to UK, just to go back to Australia for a 2nd attempt in 1956. [2] The household settled in Elizabeth 20 km (12 mi) north of Adelaide. [4] Shorrock’s very first public efficiency happened in 1958 in a Lutheran church hall– he was miming to Elvis Presley’s “” All Shook Up” “on a gramophone and strumming on a cardboard guitar when the gamer stopped– he was required to continue singing by himself and understood he had a good voice. [1] [5] In 1962, Shorrock formed his very first band, The Checkmates, with Clem McCartney, Mike Sykes and Billy Volraat. [6] They were a doo wop consistency group covering The Plates and The Team Cuts product. [7] In some cases partnering with critical groups, The Vector Guys or The Hurricanes, The Checkmates performed in Adelaide cafes and folk clubs. [8] As an outcome of The Beatles’ appeal, members of The Checkmates and The Hurricanes combined to form The Twilights in 1964. [7] [8] Main article: The Twilights In 1964 Shorrock, with McCartney as co-lead singer, formed The Twilights by merging with The Hurricanes’ Frank Barnard on drums, Peter Brideoak on guitar, Terry Britten on guitar and John Bywaters on bass guitar. [7] [8] Their debut single, “” I’ll Be Where You Are””, co-written by Shorrock and Britten, [9] was launched in June 1965. [8] The band had 8 consecutive hit songs including covers of The Velvelettes’ “” Needle in a Haystack” “and The Hollies’ “” Exactly what’s Incorrect with the Method I Live” “( taped at Abbey Roadway Studios in London). [8] With two divas, two guitar players and 5 vocalists, the Twilights carried out note-perfect covers of pop-rock songs and were famous for their live prowess. [8] They transferred to Melbourne late in 1965 and were popular with teenage audiences and appreciated by fellow artists. In July 1966, they won Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds with the prize including a trip to London. [8] In 1967, shortly after returning from London, the group regularly carried out the entire Sgt Pepper’s album live in series, weeks prior to it was launched in Australia. [8] Shorrock wed his very first partner, Take legal action against, while he was a member of The Twilights. [1] The Twilights disbanded in January 1969 and Shorrock ended up being band supervisor for Brisbane pop group, The Avengers. [4] Axiom In May 1969 in Melbourne, Shorrock formed an early Australian ‘supergroup’, Axiom, with Brian Cadd on keyboards and vocals, Don Mudie on lead guitar (both ex-The Groop), Doug Lavery (The Valentines) on drums and Chris Stockley (Cam-Pact) on guitar. [10] They tape-recorded 2 extremely well-known albums, Fool’s Gold and If Just …; and had 3 top 10 singles, “” Arkansas Turf”” “,” Little Ray of Sunlight” “and “” My Child’s Gone” “on the Go-Set nationwide charts. [10] Axiom travelled to UK however disbanded there in March 1971, Shorrock had actually also parted with his first partner of 4 years, Take legal action against. [2] [3] Shorrock stayed in the UK to pursue his solo career, he signed with MAM Records and launched the self-penned “” Let’s Get the Band Together” “single in October 1971. [4] This was followed by a cover of “” Rock ‘n’ Roll Lullaby” “( composed by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil) in March 1972. [4] As Andre L’Escargot and His Society Syncopaters, he released “” Purple Umbrella” “with his backing band being Quartet members Britten, Kevin Peek, Trevor Spencer and Alan Tarney. [4] He signed up with the multinational progressive rock band Esperanto, which released their debut album Esperanto Rock Orchestra in 1973 with the Shorrock written track “” Statue of Liberty””. [4] He left Esperanto prior to their 3rd album was launched in 1974 and performed backing vocals for Cliff Richard. [1] [4] Little River Band Mississippi was an Australian rock band which was working in UK with Beeb Birtles on vocals and guitar, Graham Goble (later on Graeham Goble) on guitar and vocals and Derek Pellicci on drums. They contacted Glenn Wheatley (previous bass guitar player for The Masters Apprentices) to become their manager. Birtles, formerly in Adelaide band Zoot, called Shorrock to participate in the line up. Shorrock went back to Australia in October 1974 and signed up with Mississippi in January 1975 in Melbourne. [11] They were quickly renamed as Little River Band with the original line up of Birtles, Goble, Pellicci, Shorrock and lead guitar player Ric Formosa and bassist Roger McLachlan. [2] The group went on to end up being among the most effective bands ever to come out of Australia, and the first to attain major industrial success in the United States. [3] For Little River Band, Shorrock wrote the hits “” Emma”, “” Assist Is on Its Method” “( Australian No. 1) and “” Cool Modification””. [4] While still a member of Little River Band, Shorrock launched a solo single, a cover of Bobby Darin’s 1959 hit “” Dream Fan” “in April 1979 on EMI, which peaked at No. 8 on the Kent Music Report Songs Chart. [6] [12] In February 1982, Shorrock left Little River Band and was replaced by previous 1960s pop vocalist, John Farnham who was handled by Wheatley. [8] Shorrock went back to Little River Band in 1988 but, in spite of several quality albums, they did not gain back the earlier stellar recognition. He left once again in 1991 leaving the identifying rights with guitarist Stephen Housden. [3] In May 2001 the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA), as part of its 75th Anniversary events, named “” Cool Change””, as one of the Top 30 Australian songs of all time. [13] Later solo profession In 1982 Shorrock launched a solo album Villain of the Peace and a single, “” Rock-and-roll Soldier” “on Capitol Records tape-recorded in Los Angeles with John Boylan (Charlie Daniels, Little River Band) producing. “” Rock-and-roll Soldier” “reached the Australian top 40 in November but he did not accomplish the international success attained with Little River Band. Late in 1982 he toured Australia then teamed with Renée Geyer to launch a duet, “” Goin’ Back” “on Mushroom Records in February 1983. One of his backing singers was Wendy Matthews who had been a session singer in Los Angeles. [14]” We’re Coming to Get You””, which peaked at No. 6 in October, was tape-recorded with folk group, The Bushwackers it was the theme for the movie, We’re Pertaining to Get You. He launched “” Don’t Ladies Get Lonely?” “in November. In 1984, he recorded “” Agitated” for the documentary World Safari II: The Final Adventure. [4] In 1985, Shorrock released The First Twenty Years, which was a double-LP album compilation of his profession work with tracks by The Twilights, Axiom, Little River Band and solo work. [15] He was compere of Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) TELEVISION music series, Rock Arena in 1986 and as a breakfast commentator for radio station Magic 11 in Sydney. [16] His solo single, “” American Flyers” “appeared in July. He performed on the trip of performance One for the Money in 1986– 87. [16] He appeared in other phase programs including his own showcase productions Go Cat Go (1990– 91) and 2 Up (1996 ).
On 25 March 1991, Shorrock was inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Popularity, along with modern rocker Billy Thorpe, bass-baritone Peter Dawson and jazz musician Don Burrows. [17] In 1993, he re-joined with Axiom band mate, Brian Cadd, to tape Blazing Salads and three singles for Blue Martin Records, and a subsequent two-year trip. [18] On trip Shorrock played his hit tunes, along with those of Axiom accompanied by Cadd and a backing band of Rex Goh on guitar (ex-Air Supply), Kirk Lorange on guitar (Richard Clapton Band) and Mark Kennedy on drums (Spectrum, Ayers Rock, Marcia Hines Band). [4] [18] Long Method to the Top was a 2001 ABC TELEVISION six-part documentary on the history of Australian rock and roll from 1956 to the modern era. [19] Shorrock provided interviews, “” In Awe of The Beatles”” “,” Being Pop Stars” “and “” Coming from the UK””, on his early years with The Twilights. [20] Long Way to the Leading Trip followed in August– September 2002 with Shorrock appearing with The Twilights in the very first set performing “” Exactly what’s Incorrect with the Method I Live?” “and “” Needle in a Haystack””; he returned in the second set with Axiom to perform “” Arkansas Grass” “and “” Little Ray of Sunshine””. [16] [21] In 2002 Shorrock reunited with other Little River Band founders Beeb Birtles and Graeham Goble to form Birtles Shorrock Goble. [16] On 17 October 2004, the 1970s members of Little River Band: Birtles, David Briggs, Goble, George McArdle, Derek Pellicci and Shorrock, were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. [22] The later members consisting of fellow Australian, John Farnham, and US-based musicians, were not consisted of in this induction. [22] Due to a 2002 legal judgment on their right to utilize the band’s name– two US-based members held the hallmark– they carried out “” Assist Is on the Way” “as Classic Lineup of the Little River Band or Little River Band– Classic Lineup (sources vary). [22] Birtles Shorrock Goble taped a successful DVD and CD, Full Circle (2005) and visited until 2007. In August– September, the trio played an assortment of Little River Band hits at the Countdown Amazing 2 concert series.
In 2005 Shorrock also undertook his career-spanning The Thinking back Trip– Glenn Shorrock & & Friends with welcomed visitor singers consisting of Doug Parkinson and Wendy Matthews. [16] In May– June 2006, he partnered actress Judy Nunn on the first season of truth TELEVISION singing competitors, It Takes 2, they were voted off after week 3. [23] His very first solo CD for 7 years, On the other hand, which contains acoustic variations of his profession hits was launched in 2007 on the Liberation Blue label. He carried out The Beatles homage show Let It Be with Parkinson, Sharon O’Neill and Mark Williams. [24] In 2008 Shorrock toured with the musical Shout! The Legend of the Wild One, based upon the life of Australian rocker Johnny O’Keefe. [24] [25] In July 2010, Shorrock carried out a retrospective of his 45 years in the music market. [2] [5] Presently Glenn Shorrock continues to explore Australia carrying out for public and private occasions in Australia and promotes new regional music artists. In early 2013 Glenn and his band were headlining performers in Macau, New York City and London for the media launch of the Titanic II job. This was at the personal invite of Australian entrepreneur Clive Palmer.

AL-135B JL Highfill Album Image
the avengers
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San Diego Air & Area Museum Archives PictionID:38274883- Brochure: AL-135B 204- Filename: AL-135B 204. tif – This image is from an image album contributed to the Museum by JL Highfill that includes images taken in the Pacific throughout the Second World War ———– PLEASE TAG this image with any details you understand about it, so that we can completely store this information with the original image file in our Digital Property Management System. —————– SOURCE ORGANIZATION:
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Diana Rigg – Emma Peel
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< img alt=" the avengers" src ="" width =" 400"/ > Image by< a href ="" > Mondo Gasparotto Diana Rigg- Emma Peel

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11_The Union may the ship of state ride safely
the avengers
< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href= "" > Jim Surkamp About a young man from Sharpsburg and Shepherdstown who war altered into an avenging angel of death but who, at the foot of the gallows, discovered God.- JS.

1. Andrew Leopold’s Forlorn Hope (1) – by Jim Surkamp With Author Steve French
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> 5422 words. 2. Author Steve French on Andrew Leopold( Video Transcript & & Link).
POST: < a href="" rel =” nofollow”
> 2880 words . VIDEO:< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > TRT: 25:23. Enabled with the
generous, community-minded assistance of American Public University system, providing a quality, inexpensive, online education. Interpretations in videos and posts do not in any way show modern-day poilicies and positions of American Public University System. More at

Andrew Leopold’s Forlorn Hope (1)– by Jim Surkamp With Author Steve French.

Enabled with the generous, community-minded assistance of American Public University system, offering a quality, economical, online education. Interpretations in videos and posts do not in any way show modern-day poilicies and positions of American Public University System. More …

What is a mom to do?

1_Polly Zittle’s 22-year old kid.
Polly Zittle’s 22-year old kid, Andrew– soon-to-be-hanged– had much to consider in his solitary cell in the inmost sanctum of Fort McHenry jail near Baltimore.

Warmaker Andrew T. Leopold (also Laypole, Lepole, and Isadore Laypole) had in his hands a small book that he hoped he might put in the hands of another detainee who, unlike him, would leave the prison upright and alive.

2_The crash of fight shells.
The crash of fight shells, the squashing of bones like lath and cries, the groans, the clash of sabers, the screaming excitement of musketry, the shattering in basic– had actually released something fierce in Andrew, belonging to the gun– this one-time crew mate on a lazy Potomac canal boat, who a young girl named Mary referred to as: “well constructed, straight as an arrow, not good-looking of face, but with a sincere, severe face that one knew the best ways to trust.”.

3_He wrote in his cell on the blank leavesGlimpses_of_Heaven_frontispiece.
He composed in his cell on the blank leaves of “Glances of Heaven or, The Light Beyond Jordan”: My dear and kind caring mom, It is with the deepest grief that your simple kid has to report to you the sad news of my unfortunate and much unexpected fate which is deemed for me by now. However be of great cheer. I have great grounds to believe and hope that I go to a better world for I have actually cast myself on the graces of our God. Planning to his Child, Jesus Christ, who passed away upon the cross without sin that we may have immortality by thinking in him. I want to meet you and my 2 sis because bright land where sin and difficulties disappear and there to show forth enjoy to God and Jesus Christ, our redeemer. My fate is that of a felon. I know not the day that I have heard from a minister of the Gospel that I am not to suffer death on “Hangman’s Day,” however that is bad alleviation to you but it will be a consolation to know that I went willing and ready to satisfy my peace maker … I write this hoping you may get this book and hope the gentleman who finds it might send it to you. May God be merciful to you is the prayer of your unfortunate son and bro.”– Spirit of Jefferson., April 19, 1898, Image 1.

4_Robert Baylor, the prisoner there from Charlestown.
Robert Baylor, the prisoner there from Charlestown, likewise condemned to death but who had his travelled less than 10 days after Leopold’s last, composed in his diary that Leopold’s “Glimpses” book had highlighted by Andrew many significant poetic lines.

5_1859_Leopold’s River of Peace.
1859: Leopold’s River of Peace:.

6_Andrew’s quiet days prior to the war years.
Andrew’s quiet days simply prior to the war years on the deck and pulling the lines for a canal boat are best put by a fellow boatman in the year 1859:.

7_Only the almost inaudible ripple of the boat.
Only the almost inaudible ripple of the boat in the water, the distant click of the mules’ feet, the purring of the river, the hum of bugs, and periodically chirp of a bird broke the stillness. It was nearly a perfect state of repose. The days wandered by as a dream and as I recall, it was a really tranquil dream, day encountered day, sunshine into sunlight, with no care or thought for the morrow.– Ella E. Clark (ed.).

1860: War Clouds Stir Leopold To Action:.

8_Even after the John Brown Raiders.
Even after the John Brown Raiders, their capture, trials in a Virginia Court and hangings– Shepherdstown’s Hamtramck Guards and all militias, hard-marched even more in anticipation.

Ahead was the November election for president. Residents didn’t support Lincoln, but they didn’t support Breckinridge either. They preferred a pro-unionist “conciliator,” called John Bell. The Shepherdstown Register editor, John Zittle, the 2nd hubby of Leopold’s mom, wrote July 14, 1860:.

9_There are four prospects for president.
” There are four prospects for president of the United States. The contest quotes fair to be the warmest ever understood in the political record of our nation. The struggling waters appear so threatening to engulf us we can invoke the true blessings of providence to direct us through.”.

10_The 4th of July celebration.
The 4th of July celebration at Big Spring held together– barely. It started “with the Hamtramck Guards; Capt. V. M. Butler with the spirited notes of the fife and the inspired music of the drum … All hands did justice in easing the table of it’s ponderous weight of arrangements ‘done up brown’ by our pal Martin Yontz,” wrote Zittle. Capt. Heskitt had earlier marched the Guards, the town militia, from the town armory in complete parade dress, each man having fifteen rounds of blank cartridges. Auctioneer George McGlincey lifted his glass to:.

11_The Union may the ship of state ride securely.
” The Union … may the ship of state ride safely into port over the struggling waters.” Then C. W. Yontz counter-toasted: “To Virginia, so long as she contains the graves of Washington, Jefferson, and a Madison, she should be faithful to her glorious title of Old Rule.”.

12_Lincoln is elected. War starts.
1860-April, 1861– Lincoln is elected. War begins April, 1861:.

The crisis at Fort Sumter, South Carolina changed hot words to hot weapons. Virginia voted to sign up with the secession, pending a referendum. With the secession vote prepared the next day on whether or not to withdraw, these same regional militias marched that night to Harper’s Ferry to take the Federal arsenal.

David Hunter Strother, who signed up with the Federal Army, wrote of the night of April 18th at Harpers Ferry after the Federal guard blew up much of the armory to keep militias from catching the arms there. The vote on secession in Richmond had actually not been completed:.

13_many more were on the way.
As the night advanced, the streets ended up being more crowded with people from the town and area. By one o’clock (early April 19th) the fires had actually sunk in ashes, when, dismal, chilled and fatigued, I looked for a bed at your house of an associate. I did not sleep soundly and was regularly disrupted during the night by the noise of drums and the tramp of passing squadrons … lots of more were on the method.– p. 14.

Amongst those en route to employ that April 18th was firebrand soldier William A. Morgan from his Falling Spring manse outside Shepherdstown, who was rapidly made Captain of Business F of the First Virginia Cavalry and, as was his nature would take part in many major fights in his state and stroll away from numerous horses shot from under him as the method of the warring life until peace showed up once again at last.

14_Leopold, the next day, joined Company F.
Andrew Thomas Leopold, the next day, signed up with Company F under Captain Morgan’s command– and impact. Two other boys about Shepherdstown, both about Leopold’s age, had the exact same intent to employ in Confederate programs and nearly at the very same time. Nineteen-year-old carpenter, Jacob Hudson, and seventeen-year-old Charles Ed Entler, a ferry boatman– were making the journey to Harper’s Ferry to sign up with Company B of the 2nd Virginia infantry regiment under the command of this unidentified, odd Col. Thomas Jonathan Jackson, with long days simply ahead of sorry-making, endless drill.

15_tutelage and charm of Capt. Morgan.
However Leopold had a relentless role design in the tutelage and charisma of Capt. Morgan.

So they all prepared. In June, Confederates under Gen. Joseph Johnston left Harper’s Ferry, reduced upriver towards Falling Waters, encamping for their waited for first war-time brush with the Federal Army nearby. Leopold would come in person with another mesmerizing cavalryman, J.E.B. Stuart, who, in early July on the eve of fight, talked his men in this camp:.

16_you are ignorant of this kind of work.
” Attention!” he cried. “Now I wish to talk with you, guys … you are ignorant of this kind of work, and I am teaching you. I want you to observe that a good guy on a good horse can never ever be captured. Another thing: cavalry can trot away from anything, and a gallop is a gait unbecoming a soldier, unless he is going towards the enemy. Keep in mind that. We gallop at the opponent, and trot away, constantly. p. 116.
– More …

Leopold and Morgan– the “Reckless Invincibles:”.

17_the very first Battle of Bull Run/Manassas.
Quickly at the very first Battle of Bull Run/Manassas Leopold and Morgan were both amongst the 150 males in the First Virginia Cavalry– rumbling galloping, steam-nostril, horse weight tossing toward the stressed red-scarlet uniformed males in the New york city Zouaves getting away to anywhere, raised sabers at them. William Blackford remembered: “The significant.

18_horses at complete speed broke through.
inspiration of horses at full speed broke through their line like chaff prior to grain.”.

Leopold was “Seeing The Elephant,” the phrase of all soldiers for beholding war’s immediate scary. It was explained right after this July, 1861 fight by Morgan to his better half: By dawn the conflict started with the booming of artillery and the sharp reports of musketry, joined the hoarse commands given by the officers, the screams of the dying horses and the groans of the wounded which maintained without intermission till moonlight. Two entire cavalry front ranks went down as they went into the opponent’s line, myself and company were in the very center of their ranks.

19_balls flying thick all around.
The balls flying thick all around– obviously as thick as hail and yet strange to say there was no one eliminated– 2 or three of us were somewhat injured, myself among the number … My horse, George, behaved nobly, never ever flinching at any time.

… However Others Deserted:.

20_Unlike Leopold, Charles Entler.
Unlike Leopold, Charles Entler and Jacob Hudson both deserted from Co. B 2nd Virginia, returning home. Entler was currently back house, once again a ferryboat boatman at Blackford’s Landing. His B company of the 2nd Virginia had actually passed through Shepherdstown and.

21_set on fire on June 13, 1861, the wood covered bridge.
set on fire on June 13, 1861, the wood covered bridge throughout the River near the ferry. Composed his friend, Henry K. Douglas: I saw the glowing windows in my house on the hill beyond the river … I realized that war had started … and my soul was filled with revengeful bitterness. Two days later, on June 15th Charles Entler was reported as having deserted, resuming his ferry boat responsibilities.

22_Jacob Hudson would desert.
Jacob Hudson would desert the following spring on March 15,1862, likewise re-appearing in Shepherdstown, stricken from the rolls and out of uniform.

23_Leopold, however, warmed in the radiance of a war-maker.
Leopold, however, warmed in the radiance of a war-maker:.

24_Leopold wrote his mom from Camp Ashby.
Leopold composed his mother from Camp Ashby near Harrisonburg that he had a skirmish near Luray, where with sixteen guys he routed a Yankee Camp, capturing 18 prisoners, injuring 12 and killing 5, capturing 10 thousand dollars worth of medicines, clothing and products.– Martinsburg Statesmen (from the Shepherdstown Register), May 23, 1895.

This might have been an occasion May 6, 1862, reported with some distinctions by Federal Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks, U. S. Army:.
Might 7, 1862. The Fifth New York City Cavalry had a sharp skirmish with Ashby’s cavalry (7th Virginia Cavalry-JS) the other day near Harrisonburg. They (The Federals-JS) made a succession of a lot of spirited charges versus remarkable numbers, killing 10, injuring lots of, and capturing 6 rebels. Their conduct offered the highest satisfaction. Their chief weapon was the saber. The opponent does disappoint himself other than by cavalry.– p. 456.

August 30, 1862– Leopold The Avenger at Second Manassas/Bull Run:.

25_Sergeant Leopold, of the Twelfth Virginia Cavalry, remained in the thickest of the fight.
Sergeant Leopold, of the Twelfth Virginia Cavalry, remained in the thickest of the fight and acted most gallantly during its continuation. He was injured in 3 places.– Authorities Report by his Brigade Leader Brig. General Beverly Holcombe Robertson– pp. 746-747.

Beverly_Robertson Image of B. H. Robertson.
800px-Second_Bull_Run_Aug30_1700 Source of map. Click map to expand.

The cavalry brigade of Brig. Gen. Beverly H. Robertson and the regiment of Col. Thomas Munford raced to the extreme right of the Confederate position, hoping– with the assistance of four batteries of horse artillery– to obstruct the retreating Union males at Lewis Ford.

26_I charged the regiment on the hill and drove them back.

Col. Asher W. Harman of the 12th Virginia Cavalry, Leopold’s and Morgan’s regiment, wrote:.
At Manassas, on August 30, about 4 p.m., I was bought, with 6 business of my program (A, C, D, E, F, and H), to support the Second Virginia Cavalry. I discovered the opponent inhabiting the hill to the right of the Lewis home, with the First [West] Virginia Cavalry, supported by a New York and the First Michigan Cavalry, drawn up about 200 backyards in their back.

I charged the program on the hill and drove them back on their support, which remained in fast succession broken and driven back in complete condition. I pursued them over the run and as far as the pike near the stone bridge, recording many prisoners, amongst them Colonel Brodhead and Major Atwood, of the First Michigan Cavalry, the former severely injured. My loss was 6 guys wounded.– p. 752.

Author Eric Wittenberg composed:.
The males of Robertson’s brigade formed into line and, (Harman wrote) “in wedgelike type, dashed headlong toward the fight line of blue; and as the apex of this promptly moving mass will pierce the center of their line, it fluctuated for an immediate, then broke and left in every direction.”.

27_The charge of the 12th Virginia crashed into the West Virginians.
The charge of the 12th Virginia crashed into the West Virginians and drove them back upon their reserves. As one member of the 12th Virginia later composed, the West Virginians “broke and ran and we sought them with handgun and saber.” A member of the 4th New york city kept in mind, “The Secesh used their revolvers with a decision to massacre some of our lads” Capt. William Porter Wilken of the First West Virginia was delegated cut his method out, and only hardly got away capture when his horse bolted. He recorded, “I think nothing of charging against equal numbers, however to charge into an entire army of cavalry and infantry and weapons and see your pals cut down by their sabres and the deadly fire of their musketry and cannon, is not especially funny.”.

The savage attack of the 12th Virginia broke the Union line and drove it back toward Bull Run.

28_Brodhead refused, the Confederate shot and mortally injured the Yankee officer.
Adjutant Lewis Harman of the 12th Virginia met Brodhead near the Lewis Ford. Harman demanded Brodhead’s surrender and, when Brodhead declined, the Confederate shot and mortally injured the Yankee officer. Harman rode off with Brodhead’s horse, saddle, handguns, and sabre. Brodhead received a deathbed brevet to brigadier general for his worthy stand at the Lewis Ford … the 12th Virginia pursued as far as the Warrenton Turnpike. In his official report of the project, Stuart pointed out that the melee at the Lewis Ford “was of extremely brief duration.”.

The battle at the ford, nevertheless, had been severe. Robertson’s men suffered five males eliminated and 40 males wounded, including Munford. One member of the 12th Virginia, a Sergeant Leopold, was injured in three places throughout the furious clash at Lewis Ford. Buford’s losses were much heavier, with approximately 300 casualties.– pp. 746-747.

29_Robertson’s programs swept down upon a force significantly surpassing them.
Stuart exulted in his official report of the campaign that at Lewis Ford, “… over 300 of the enemy’s cavalry were put hors de battle, they, together with their horses and equipments, falling into our hands.” Stuart bragged about his victory, mentioning “Nothing might have equated to the elegance with which Robertson’s routines swept down upon a force considerably surpassing them, hence effectively suggesting a claim for courage and discipline equivalent to any cavalry on the planet.”– Gen. J.E.B. Stuart’s Report to Gen. Robert E. Lee February 28, 1863, OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 12, Part 2 (2nd Manassas) p. 737.


Leopold Becomes an Avenging Scout and Bushwhacker:.

September– late October, 1862: Leopold, still fired by the battleground, recovers.

30_J. E.B.Stuart and his staff are resting at The Bower.
31_overlooking the Opequon Creek.
Confederate Cavalry General J.E.B.Stuart and his staff are resting at The Bower neglecting the Opequon Creek and will stay there up until late, October, 1862.

32_Probably under the excellent oaks there, Stuart went over.
Most likely under the excellent oaks there, Stuart discussed plans and met with Redmond Burke and Andrew Leopold to make them mail-carriers, horse-thieves, conscriptors, and his “eyes” along the rivers around Jefferson County.

33_Stuart went over strategies and met Redmond Burke and Andrew Leopold

2nd Cavary Routine
the avengers
< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href= "" > The United States Army Spc. Matthew Williams, a cavalry scout designated to Second Cavalry Program fires a Stinger missile utilizing Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADs) during Artemis Strike, a live fire exercise at the NATO Missile Firing Installation (NAMFI) off the coast of Crete, Greece Nov. 6, 2017. (Photos by Sgt. 1st Class Jason Epperson, 10th AAMDC PAO)

Best Of Marvel Studios’ “Marvel’s The Avengers” – Red Carpet
the avengers
< img alt=" the avengers" src ="" width =" 400"/ > Image by< a href ="" > insidethemagic HOLLYWOOD, CA- APRIL 11:( L-R) Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios, Rich Ross, Walt Disney Studios President of Worldwide Marketing Ricky Strauss and President of Production, Marvel Studios and manufacturer Kevin Feige participates in the premiere of Marvel Studios’ “Marvel’s The Avengers” held at the El Capitan Theatre on April “11, 2012 in Hollywood, California.( Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage) *** Regional Caption *** Rich Ross; Ricky Strauss; Kevin Feige

Nice The Avengers photos

A few nice the avengers images I discovered:

5.6.12 – “The Avengers”
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< img alt="the avengers"src=""width="400"/ > Image by moviesinla Viewed at Laemmle’s NoHo 7 in North Hollywood, CA

Avengers 50th – Campus5
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< img alt="the avengers"src=""width="400"/ > Image by cathoderaytube2011 Outside the Knowing Resources Centre on University of Chichester Bishop Otter campus. Another 2 banners from the left featuring Diana Rigg as Emma Peel and Linda Thorson as Tara King

The Masked Avenger Behind Bars
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< img alt="the avengers"src =""width ="400"/ > Image by Expense Gracey 17 Million Views Who ‘d have thought it would concern this? After all the publication covers, the world trips, the TV specials, the White House Dinners, the Masked Avenger ends up playing the Del Mar Fair. He’s looking properly sheepish.

Nice The Avengers photos

A few good the avengers images I discovered:

the_avengers __ age_of_ultron ___ ew_cover_art_by_ratohnhaketon645-d7rbptp
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< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href=

”″ > pablofacha23 SO Asian Pose
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< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href= "" > RyC- Behind The Lens #asianpose cannot do an anime cosplay w/o doing a correct asian position and they sure got it right.

Grumman TBM-3, VC-32
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< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href="" > San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives Catalog #: 01_00092313 Title: Grumman TBM-3, VC-32 Corporation Name
: Grumman Extra Details: VC-32 Tags: Grumman, TBM-5, Avenger Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive Designation: TBM-5 From the Collection of Charles M. Daniels

Nice The Avengers pictures

Some cool the avengers images:

Christopher Lloyd
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< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href="" > Eva Rinaldi Star and Live Music Professional Photographer Supernova Popular Culture Exposition Hits Sydney, Australia

The Supernova popular culture exposition has gone back to Sydney, Australia, and has warmly welcomed the pop culture phenom which is occurring at Olympic Park, Homebush, in Sydney’s west.

It’s a 3 day popular culture mania bringing together fans, actors, game players, information and lots of product and collectibles. Make no error – this huges company, but also great deals of fun. It highlights the kid lurking inside everybody, no matter what our age.

Witnessing the public gown up as their preferred hero, heroine or monster was just as much fan as the official exhibitions.

Pertaining to the exposition to join in the fun (and industry) are over 40 worldwide stars from numerous shows, films, franchises and worlds consisting of Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future’s Doc Brown), Yvonne Craig (the initial Batgirl), Natalia Tena (Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter series, Osha in Video Game Of Thrones) and Verne Troyer (Mini-Me from the Austin Powers films).

Even our preferred real life superheroes of Australian pro wrestling – AWF Wrestling showed up and put on some really solid chain wrestling and brawling to the delight of the crowd. The wrestlers were also a big favorite with the media and the brawlers got rather crowd mobbed with renowned actor Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) from ‘Austin Powers’ fame participated the fun and video games.

The Christopher Lloyd concern and answer session was very entertaining and instructional, and was a much demanded tourist attraction for both news media and fans. Lloyd shared stories from his renowned acting and program business career, much of which has been pop culture included such as ‘Back To The Future’ franchise, where he depicted Dr. Emmett Brown. Lloyd even discussed the cult movie fav ‘Suburban Task force’, which likewise featured professional fumbling living legend, Hulk Hogan (unknowned for fantastic acting), however an extremely entertaining showman, none the less. Lloyd informed the crowd of 500 plus that he delighted in working with Hulk which he was an actually great guy and didn’t pretend to be a terrific actor. One fortunate fan asked Lloyd if he might have a “” high 5″”, and the actor obliged, which got a nice reaction from the jam loaded crowd.

More news …

Buffy Star likewise at Supernova Sydney …

Star of Buffy, Mercedes McNab, has come Down Under for Supernova and is caring it.

The blonde remains in Sydney for the Supanova Popular Culture Expo at Sydney Showground, Olympic Park.

Best known for playing mean lady Consistency Kendall on ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, McNab has actually delighted in a successful profession as a modern shout queen.

From the popular Hatchet horror film franchise to spooky shows such as Buffy and Angel, the 32-year-old says she has pertained to feel comfortable within the genre and enjoys “” a good death scene””

“. “It’s funny. I never believed I ‘d be thought about a scream queen, however I think I’ll take it.

“” I think I gravitate more towards funny and funny can in some cases remain in a darker vein, like sarcasm.””

. The edgy things started early for McNab, with her cinema debut opposite Christina Ricci’s Wednesday Addams in The Addams Household film and its sequel.

At the age of 16 she auditioned for a supporting function on Joss Whedon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a move that would alter her life.

“” We were on a brand new network and the program was based off a B-movie,” “she states.

“” No one expected a spin-off to come of it or such an excellent fan reaction. No one could anticipate how welcomed and received the show was.

“” In the start we never ever understood whether if we were getting exterminated.

“” You ‘d get the script and skip to the end to make sure you weren’t going to pass away.””

. McNab experienced rather a character turn on Buffy when her shallow character was changed into a vampire and eventually went on to join the spin-off series Angel.

“” I was flattered””

“.” To have Joss call you and have him ask you to be a part of anything he does is pretty incredible.””

. Now that Whedon has discovered mainstream and box-office success with the hit of the year – ‘The Avengers’ – McNab says his devoted pals couldn’t be happier.

“” He’s such a genius. He’s simply proved to the market what he can do.””

. Supanova Pop Culture Exposition is on today and Sunday at Sydney Showground, Olympic Park.

Promotion …

Our Hero is not Expendable. Eric Roberts is “The Master” of Supanova!

In a profession spanning five years, Eric Roberts has actually become recognisable to millions of movie and TV fans. He has actually appeared in nearly 200 motion pictures and in countless TV programs including Heroes, The Drew Carey Program, Frasier, Oz, Touched By An Angel, Law & & Order: SVU as well as in a Medical professional Who telemovie as the Doctor’s nemesis, The Master.

He has actually shot in over 17 countries, including Australia (in The Coca-Cola Kid), and received crucial recognition for his efficiencies in Star 80, It’s My Celebration and Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. In 2008, Eric joined the cast of Batman: The Dark Knight as Gotham gangster Sal Marone; in 2010 he appeared alongside Stallone, Lundgren, Statham and Li in The Expendables.

Fans of comics and animation understand him as the voice of Mongul in the Justice League animations. He’s such a familiar face that he has actually appeared as himself in 63 productions, often playing down his notoriously chequered movie-star lifestyle. Bro to Julia Roberts and father of teen starlet Emma Roberts, Eric is a real Hollywood veteran.

He’s therefore likewise the ideal visitor to kick off festivities for Supanova’s TENTH ANNIVERSARY at the Sydney expo, in addition to the Perth expo the following weekend, with a special Q&A and special appearance at each of our Friday night Preview Nights which are solely for complete weekend ticket holders (SUPA FAN PASS), in assisting us celebrate a years of successful Supanova Expos; something we couldn’t have actually done without your fantastic support.

Eric will then spend the weekends satisfying fans, signing autographs and posing for studio portraits. (Supernova).

Nintendo Flies High at Supanova with Kid Icarus: Uprising! …

If you’re going to Supanova this weekend, Nintendo are hosting a Kid Icarus: Uprising Multiplayer Fight Difficulty! Bring along your Nintendo 3DS and copy of Kid Icarus as it’s the ideal chance to StreetPass with other Nintendo 3DS owners and delight in some friendly multiplayer fun with the Nintendo community.

Nintendo 3DS consoles and Kid Icarus: Uprising games will also be available to use on the day so everybody is welcome to take part the enjoyable!

Special Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards only offered at this event will be a special reward for those who play. These AR cards are extremely unique and schedule is strictly limited so please guarantee you exist early to guarantee you get your hands on one.

Some 25 years after the original Kid Icarus game for NES captured the hearts and creativities of players worldwide, Kid Icarus: Uprising brings the action and experience of this precious series to new heights– and brand-new visual measurements– on the Nintendo 3DS system. The dark goddess Medusa and her Underworld Army have returned, and they’ve got their sights set on the heroic angel Pit. With the help of Palutena, goddess of light and guardian of the human race, Pit should fend off this sinister threat. The richly immersive graphics of the Nintendo 3DS system offer amazing depth as Pit fights enemies by air and by land. (Supernova).

Unique visitors appearing at Supernova Sydney and Perth include:.

Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz.
Street Fighter II: Turbo, Udon Comics,.

Stanislav Ianevski.
Viktor Krum in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.

Bevan McGuinness.
Slave of Sondelle.

Jim Cheung.
Scion, New Avengers, Avengers: The Childrens Crusade.

Suzie Plakson.
Lt. Selar, K’Ehleyr, the Female Q, Tarah, in TNG, Voyager and Enterprise.

David Mack.
Artist on Kabuki, Daredevil, Avengers.

Andrew Constant.
Author of Torn.

Wolfgang Bylsma.
Gestalt Comics.

Juliet Marillier.
Author of the ‘7 waters’ trilogy.

Yvonne Craig.
Batgirl in the 60’s Batman Series, Orion Servant woman ‘Marta’ in Star trek.

John Viener.
Family Man, The Cleveland Show.

Garth Nix.
Author of Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen.

Artists Street promo …

Supanova is everything about supporting the regional industry and supplying a spotlight for the regional comic creators. That spotlight is Artists Street; the location where the fans can satisfy the developers and check out worlds they might never have actually known existed in the past. Whether its a 25 page self-printed black and white comic, or a full color, fully bound graphic novel, and even stunning computer system art prints, you’ll discover something to amaze in Artists Street.

The artists are friendly and constantly going to offer constructive feedback on artwork. As such, Artists Alley can be a fantastic tool for the emerging artist to improve their skills or make new connections and perhaps take their first leap into the professional market! (Supernova).

Unique thanks …

Thank you to all associated with the promo and success of Supernova. We eagerly anticipate seeing you all out there once again tomorrow. As Marvel Comics living legend Stan Lee states, Excelsior!


Supernova Australia.
< a href="" rel=

” nofollow” > AWF Wrestling.< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > Eva Rinaldi Photography.< a href ="" rel=" nofollow" >

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr.
< a href="" > Music News Australia.< a href="" rel=" nofollow" >

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< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href="" > AvgeekJoe Very nice 4 ship of EA-18Gs. Figure with the CAG Bird blazing a trail, time for some of my “Bright Winged Light”( s/aHsjvX1QmC) magic … Now for more images from the NASWI 2016 Open Home as
I develop them, please go here: 28WFS0f Actually going to drop the photos big with seven ( 7) days to precede the next NAS Whidbey Open House on 24 June 2017! Tentative 2017 Open Home schedule is this:. 0800 Pre-register 5K runners. 0800 SNJ and TBM Avenger War bird Arrivals. 0900-1030 5K Flightline Run. 0900-1500 Open Home.
1000 National Anthem, SAR Flag Pass.
1030 SAR Demonstration.
1130 EA-18G break and landing. 1230 P-8 Zip. So there you go.
Wish to see you there! PICTURE CREDIT: Joe A. Kunzler Picture, AvgeekJoe Productions, growlernoise-AT-gmail-DOT-com

Mark Ruffalo – Marvel’s Avengers Red Carpet Premiere – Toronto

Some cool the avengers images:

Mark Ruffalo – Marvel’s Avengers Red Carpet Best – Toronto
the avengers
< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href= "" > TonyFelgueiras Comic book and super hero movie fans assembled at Toronto’s Scotiabank Theatre for the red carpet best of Marvel’s The Avengers. Stars Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) and Cobie Smulders (agent Maria Hill) were on hand for media interviews and autograph signings. Toronto’s comic book superfan and Juno-winning artist LIGHTS couldn’t resist dropping in and revealing us her superhero tattoo.

Shot for TORO Magazine < a href=" ” rel=” nofollow” > on April 30, 2012< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > … This image is copyright © 2012 Tony Felgueiras. All rights scheduled.
Please do not utilize without written consent.
Please contact for use rights.

memories of 1970
the avengers
< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href= "" > brizzle born and bred In 1970, the self-made builder’s child Edward Heath came to power guaranteeing a “” quiet revolution” “that would turn around the fortunes of Terrific Britain PLC

. The 1970s started under Tory guideline, with Ted Heath as Prime Minister. Yet it was a really different type of Tory celebration. Heath was a liberal Conservative who thought in a “3rd method”. He was pro-union and pro-EEC, and introduced the Department of the Environment. He preferred devolution of power to Scotland and Wales. When Rolls-Royce aircraft engines will go insolvent, he led an effective transfer to nationalize the company till it might be returned to a stable monetary footing.

Then things started to fail, as they did almost instantly when council employees went on strike in October 1970 (a foretaste of the “winter season of discontent” eight years later), Heath quickly buckled to the fundamental standard political and economic knowledge. Failing markets were bailed out or nationalised. And as the government pumped up need in a quote to include increasing joblessness, a succession of baroque earnings policies were conceived to keep a cover on inflation.

Of all post-war years, the 1970s has unquestionably had the worst press, but the reality is that a lot of common households in 1970s Britain were much better off than ever. “” With greater incomes for the working classes, access to budget-friendly housing, complimentary healthcare, totally free higher education and low levels of criminal offense, all in a much less unequal society, life then was exceptional to life as experienced by the majority of us today””.< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > First Variety Rover was introduced

in January 1970 You ‘d have paid ₤ 1,998 for a Range Rover in
1970. With its four-speed handbook gearbox, headrest-free
plastic seats and exposed metal surface areas, couple of would call it luxurious now. However in an era where you might purchase cart sprung cars and trucks without seat belts or power brakes, the coil sprung, all-wheel-drive, alloy-bodied Range Rover was an upmarket and rarefied thing that was quicker and more comfortable than many saloons on road, as well as capable of leaving them for dead off it. Whatever you consider huge 4x4s, the exact same applies to the current version, although unlike the original, its boot would suffer if you chucked some hay bales or a sheep into it.< a href=" "rel =" nofollow "> THEN AND NOW Typical home rate 1970: ₤ 4,852. 2014: ₤ 188,000. Average weekly wage. 1970: ₤ 32. 2014: ₤ 479. Movie theater ticket

. 1970: 90p. 2014: ₤ 8.50.
Loaf of bread.
1970: 9p.

2014: ₤ 1.37.
1970 you were most likely to die at 68

You smoked greatly.
You lost out on

You didn’t
take foreign vacations. You didn’t have a cars and truck.

You had a task in a factory. And you were most likely to die at 68. It seems like a pretty grim photo nowadays, however hang on a minute. That was most likely you– at least if you were a male in 1970. If you were a lady back in 1970, much of that brochure might have used to you too, and in addition, you were wed and would have had your very first child prior to you were 25, and you were spending a fifth of the home income on food( whereas these days, your biggest expenditure will be on energy costs, most likely for all those gadgets you own ). It shows that throughout the course of over 4 years, our lives, while similar in broad summary, have actually altered in a myriad subtle methods
: we are living longer, being informed for longer, being alone more, taking more holidays and are healthier in some ways( less of us smoke )however are less healthy in others (more people are overweight ). With the benefit of over 40 years’ hindsight, life in 1970 appears to have actually been ludicrously cheap. A loaf of bread cost 9p and the average weekly wage was

around ₤ 32. Today, a loaf costs 53p and weekly salaries have to do with ₤ 475. Residential or commercial property costs have actually likewise risen. In 1970, property buyers could anticipate to pay ₤ 4,975 for a house. Today, their kids would not get much modification from ₤ 140,000. It was a similar story on the roadways. The Variety Rover, which was released in 1970, could have been yours for ₤ 1,998. Practically a quarter of a century later, a 4.4 litre Variety Rover Vogue will set you back ₤ 57,700. The Mini, which celebrated its 11th birthday in 1970, cost around ₤ 600. Its redesigned descendant now sells for ₤ 10,500. A glance at Britain’s social life in 1970 is equally interesting. A journey for 2 to the movie theater cost less than 90p, compared with a minimum of ₤ 9 today, while a bottle of plonk was

about ₤ 1. Today it is ₤ 4.55. For those with more perky and elegant tastes, a bottle of whisky cost ₤ 2.69 back then, compared to ₤ 12 now. Bar rates, too, seem foreign. A pint of lager in your regional was 20p, a far cry from today’s average of ₤ 2.10. And cigarettes, which delighted in a lot more appeal then, were 20p for 20. Today, the practice costs about ₤ 4.65 a pack. Still, it’s not all doom and gloom. Rates have increased however so has our costs power. And some things have even increased for the better. In 1970, the average life expectancy in Britain was 72. Today, it is 77- providing us 5 more years of costs.

Life span is maybe the most significant single change. In 1970, when Edward Heath had actually just ended up being Prime Minister and The Beatles were separating, for males it was 68.7 years and for women it was 75 years; over 40 years on, these figures have actually shifted considerably. Male life expectancy is now 77.8 years, and for ladies it is 81.9 years. Doubtless the fall in heavy smoking has actually played a part in that. In 1974, 24 percent of guys and 13 per cent of ladies in Britain who smoked routinely were classified as heavy cigarette smokers, whereas in 2008 the figures were 7 percent of guys and just one in 20 ladies. However not all of us have ended up being healthier as the years have actually gone by: a number of us have stacked on the pounds. Although figures recording weight problems only go back 15 years, there is a clear increasing trend. 1970 Music 1970 Music continues to make considerable impact with the largest ever rock festival held on the Island of Wight with 600,000 individuals participating in, consisting of a few of the most significant name in music including Jimi Hendrix and The Who. This is also the year The Concord makes it’s

very first its very first supersonic flight. Another significant change is the age of voting is now decreased to 18 in the United States.< a href=" "rel =" nofollow" > The Isle of Wight Festival occurs. 600,000 individuals participate in the biggest rock festival of all time. Artists include Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Doors, Chicago, Richie Havens, John Sebastian

, Joan Baez, 10 Years After, Emerson, Lake and

Palmer and Jethro Tull. Jimi Hendrix dies of barbiturate overdose in London age 27.< a href ="" rel =" nofollow "> Janis Joplin passes away in a low-cost motel from a heroin overdose age 27.

Simon and Garfunkel launch their last album together, Bridge Over
Troubled Water. The Title Track won the Grammy

for tune of the year. The Beatles separate. By the end of the year, each member had released a solo album. George C. Scott gives one of film’s most memorable performances in Patton. He won the Finest Star Oscar for his turn as the title character, but refused the gold statuette.

The very first celebration at Glastonbury The very first Festival was hung on the day after Jimi Hendrix passed away, over a two day period and eventually” word had actually got around”. It was the Blues celebration at

the Bath & West Showground that had inspired Michael Eavis to begin a festival of his own although on a smaller sized scale. The first festival at Glastonbury was not complimentary and was decidedly eclipsed by the 1971 & event, probably for great factors. This celebration was very sparsely attended, regardless of having Marc Bolan, Ian Anderson, Keith

Christmas, Quintessence, Stackridge, Al Stewart, Amazing Blondel and Sam Apple Pie on the bill -hmmmm, possibly thats why so few individuals appeared. Not precisely family names- even in 1970- although all really reputable acts in their own right. Severely promoted, bad organisation, not precisely an advantageous begin to among the longest running rock celebrations of all time. But it was a nice website and the precedent was set as concerns having a celebration in the area.

Apparently government health inspectors went to the site as part of a report they were assembling about health standards at rock festivals. Remarkably, after all these years of cautions about the health hazards of food/ hygienic conditions
at festivals, I have yet to hear of a severe outbreak of gastrointestinal disorder occurring. Acts consisted of: Marc Bolan, Keith Christmas, Stackridge, Al Stewart, Quintessence. Participation: 1,500. Price: ₤ 1 consisting of totally free milk from the farm. 1970 Timeline 1 January -The age of bulk for the majority of legal functions was reduced from 21 to
18 under regards to the Family Law Reform Act 1969. The half crown coin stopped to be legal tender.

The National Westminster Bank started trading following merger of National Provincial Bank and Westminster Bank. Control of London Transportation passed from the London Transportation Board( reporting to the Minister of Transportation) to the

London Transportation Executive of the Greater London Council, except for nation area (green) buses which passed to London Nation Bus Services, a subsidiary of the National Bus Company. 4 January– The Who drummer Keith Moon fatally runs over his driver with his Bentley while attempting to get away a mob outside a pub. The death is later on ruled an accident. 16 January– John Lennon’s London art gallery exhibition of lithographs, Bag One, is closed down by Scotland Backyard for showing” sensual lithographs “.

18 January– The grave of Karl Marx was vandalised by anti-Germanic racists at Highgate in London. 21 January– Fraserburgh life-boat Duchess of Kent, on service to the Danish fishing vessel Opal, capsized with the loss of five of the six team. 22 January– A Boeing 747 landed at Heathrow Airport, the first jumbo jet to land in Britain. 26 January– Rolling Stone Mick

Jagger was fined ₤ 200 for ownership of marijuana. Simon & Garfunkel launch their last album together, Bridge
Over Troubled Water. It tops the album chart at routine periods over the next two years, and ends up being the best-selling album in Britain throughout the 1970s. February– Chrysler UK introduced its brand-new Hillman Avenger little family automobile, which would be developed at the Ryton plant near Coventry and take on the likes of the Ford Escort and Vauxhall Viva.

11 February– The movie The Magic Christian, starring Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, is premiered in New York City. The film’s soundtrack album, consisting of Badfinger’s” Come and Get It”( composed and produced by Paul McCartney ), is launched on Apple Records. 13 February- Garden Home riot, Cambridge: A presentation at the Garden House Hotel by Cambridge University trainees versus the Greek military junta resulted in police intervention; 8 students consequently received custodial sentences for their part in the affair. English band Black Sabbath released their self entitled launching album in the U.K., credited as the first significant album in the heavy metal genre. 14 February– The Who records Live at Leeds in Yorkshire, England. 19 February– The Prince of

Wales joined the Royal Navy. 23 February– Rolls Royce asked the federal government for ₤ 50 million towards the development of the RB 211-50 Airplane jet engine. 28 February– Led Zeppelin carry out in Copenhagen under the pseudonym The Nobs, to avoid a threatened suit by Count Eva von Zeppelin, descendant of airship designer Ferdinand von Zeppelin. 2 March– Ian Smith stated Rhodesia a republic breaking all ties with the British Crown, 4 years after the declaration. Wilson’s government declined to
identify the new state. 6 March– The importation of animals was prohibited
after a break out of rabies in Newmarket, Suffolk. 12 March– The quarantine duration for felines and dogs was increased to one year as part of the government’s anti rabies procedures. 13 March– The Bridgwater by-election ended up being the first election in which 18-year-olds can vote. Tom King won the election for the Conservative Celebration. 17 March– Martin Peters, who scored for England in

their 1966 World Cup final win, became the country’s very first ₤ 200,000 footballer in his transfer from West Ham United to Tottenham Hotspur. 19 March– David Bowie weds design Angela Barnett. 21 March– British-born vocalist Dana wins

the 15th yearly Eurovision Tune Contest for Ireland with the song” All Type of Whatever”.

23 March -Eighteen victims of thalidomide were awarded a total of nearly ₤ 370,000 in settlement. 1 April– Everton won the Football League
First Division title. 10 April– Paul McCartney revealed his departure from The Beatles. 11 April– Chelsea and Leeds United drew 2-2 in the FA Cup final at Wembley
Arena, requiring a replay. 16 April– Dr Ian Paisley entered the Parliament of Northern Ireland after winning the Bannside By-election. 18 April– British Leyland revealed that the Morris Minor, its longest running model
which had remained in production since 1948, would be stopped

at the start of next year and be replaced with a brand-new bigger vehicle readily available as a four-door saloon and three-door fastback coupe, and possibly

a five-door estate by 1975. 29 April– David Webb scored the winning goal as Chelsea beat Leeds United 2-1 in the
FA Cup final replay at Old Trafford, getting them the prize for the really first

time. Last year’s winners Manchester City clinched the European Cup Winners’ Cup

with a 2-1 win over Górnik Zabrze of Poland in Vienna, Austria.

8 Might– The Beatles’ last album, Let It Be, is released. 16 May– The Who launch Live at Leeds which is their first live album.

Considering that its initial reception, Live at Leeds has actually been mentioned by numerous music critics as the finest live rock recording of all time. 19 May– The federal government made a ₤ 20 million loan available to assist conserve the economically troubled high-end car and airplane engine producer Rolls Royce. 22 May– A tour by the South African cricket team was called off after a number of African and Asian countries threaten to boycott the Commonwealth Games. 23/24 Might– Hollywood Celebration, Newcastle-under-Lyme is staged including a line-up including The Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath, Free, and Jose Feliciano. Everyone is totally upstaged by the formerly unidentified Mungo Jerry, whose debut single “In the Summer” becomes the best-selling hit of the year. 24 Might– The Britannia Bridge, carrying the

railway throughout the Menai Strait, was terribly damaged by fire. 28 Might– Bobby Moore, captain of the England national football group, was apprehended and released on bail in Bogotá, Colombia, on suspicion of stealing a bracelet

in the Bogotá Bracelet occurrence. 29 Might– Law Reform( Miscellaneous Provisions) Act abolished actions for breach of pledge and the right of a partner to claim damages for
infidelity with his other half. 1 June– Harold Wilson was struck in the confront with an egg thrown by a Young Conservative demonstrator.

2 June– Cleddau Bridge, in Pembrokeshire, collapsed throughout erection, killing 4, resulting in introduction of new requirements for box girder bridges. 4 June– Tonga ended up being independent of the UK. 10 June– Simply a few months after the Conservatives had delighted in viewpoint poll leads of more than 20 points, opinion surveys were showing Labour numerous points ahead of the Tories with eight days to precede the basic election. If Labour won the election, it
would be a record 3rd successive basic election win for the party and would most likely lead to the end of Edward Heath’s five-year reign as Conservative leader. 13 June– Actor Laurence Olivier was made a life peer in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. He was the very first actor to be made a lord. 14 June– England’s defence of the FIFA World Cup ended when they lost 3-2 to West Germany in the Mexico quarter final. 17 June- The bodies of two kids were discovered buried in shallow graves in woodland at Waltham Abbey, Essex
. They were thought to be those of Susan Blatchford (11) and Gary Hanlon (12), who were last seen alive near their homes in North London on 31 March this year.

British Leyland produced a specific niche in the 4×4 market by launching its luxury Range Rover, which was to be marketed as a more upmarket option to the utilarian Land Rover that had actually remained in production since 1948. David Floor’s House premiered at the Royal Court Theatre. 18 June– The General Election was held, the first in which 18-year-olds might vote. 19 June– The General Election showed to have actually been won by Edward Heath’s Conservative Party by a majority of 30 seats, a major
surprise as the majority of the opinion surveys had revealed that Harold Wilson’s Labour were most likely to remain in power. Amongst the brand-new members of parliament are
Neil Kinnock and John Smith for Labour, and Kenneth Clarke, Kenneth Baker, Norman Fowler and Geoffrey Howe for the Tories.

21 June– British golf player Tony Jacklin won the United States Open. 22 June– The Methodist Church enabled ladies to become complete ministers for the very first time. 26 June– Riots broke out in Derry over the arrest of Mid-Ulster MP Bernadette Devlin. 29 June– Caroline Thorpe, 32-year-old partner of Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe and the mother of his two-year-old son Rupert, died in an auto accident. 3 July– Three civilians were eliminated and 10 troops hurt when British Army soldiers coped Individual Retirement Account soldiers in Belfast. 4 July– 112 individuals were discovered dead among the wreckage of a British Airways Manchester to Barcelona aeroplane that went missing out on the other day.

The wreckage was found in the mountains of Northern Spain, and
there were no survivors. 8 July– Roy Jenkins became deputy leader of the Labour Party. 12 July– Jack Nicklaus won the Open Golf Champion at St Andrews, beating fellow American Doug Sanders in an eighteen-hole play-off. 15 July– Dockers voted to strike resulting in the docks strike of 1970. 16 July– A state of emergency situation was declared to deal with the dockers’ strike. 16– 25 July– The British Commonwealth Games were held in Edinburgh.

17 July– Lord Pearson proposed settlement of docks strike. 30 July
— The docks strike was settled. 31 July– The last concern of grog in the Royal Navy was dispersed. 9 August– Cops coped black rioters in Notting Hill, London. 20 August– England national football group captain Bobby Moore was cleared of taking a bracelet while on World Cup responsibility in Colombia. 21 August– The moderate Social Democratic and Labour Party was developed in Northern Ireland. 26– 31 August– Third Island of Wight Celebration attracted over 500,000 popular song fans, with looks by Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Doors and Joan Baez. 27 August– The Royal Shakespeare Company’s advanced production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Peter Brook, opened at Stratford. 9 September– BOAC Flight 775 was hijacked by the Popular Front for the
Freedom of Palestine after removing from Bahrain– the very first time a British airplane had actually been pirated. 17 September -Jimi Hendrix makes his last appearance, with Eric Burdon & War jamming at Ronnie Scotts Club in London.

Hendrix passes away the following day from a barbiturate overdose at his London hotel, aged of 27. 18 September– American rock star Jimi Hendrix, 27, passed away in London from a presumed drug-induced cardiovascular disease. 19 September– The first Glastonbury Celebration was held. September– The Album musical Jesus Christ Super star, by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, was launched

. 3 October– Tony Densham, driving the “Commuter” dragster, set a British land speed record at Elvington, Yorkshire, balancing 207.6 miles per hour over the flying kilometre course. 5 October– BBC Radio 4 very first broadcast consumer affairs magazine programme You and Yours; it would still be running forty years later on.

12 October– After a debacled launch only 18 months previously, British Leyland announce a much
better Austin Maxi featuring a new gearchange, increased engine size and much enhanced trim, responding to a number of the crucial points raised by the motoring press at the car’s

initial launch. 15 October- The federal government developed the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of the Environment. Thames sailing barge Cambria, the last vessel trading under sail alone in British waters, packed her last freight, at Tilbury. The last narrowboats to bring long-distance freight commercially on the canals of the UK showed up with their last

load, coal from Atherstone for a west London jam factory. 19 October– British Petroleum discovered a big oil field in the North Sea. 23 October– The Mark III Ford Cortina went on sale. At launch a full series of designs are provided consisting of 2 door and estate versions. Unlike previous designs this Cortina was developed as a Ford Europe design sharing the floor-pan with the comparable German Ford Taunus. 25 October– The Canonization of the

Forty Martyrs of England and Wales by Pope Paul VI occurred. 17 November– The first Page 3 girl appeared in The Sun.

20 November– The 10 shilling note stopped to be “legal tender. 27 November– The Gay Liberation Front arranged its very first march in London. 10 December– Bernard Katz won the Nobel Reward in Physiology or

Medicine jointly with Ulf von Euler and Julius Axelrod” for their discoveries concerning the humoral transmittors in the nerve terminals and

the mechanism for their storage, release and inactivation”. 26 December– Professional Athlete Lillian Board, 22, passed away in Munich, West Germany, after a three-month fight against cancer. 31 December– The Beatles broke up after Ten Years. Richard Branson started the Virgin Group with reduced mail-order sales of popular records.

The last forced child migration to Australia occurred. Nijinsky ended up being the first horse for 35 years to win the English Triple Crown by finishing initially in the Epsom Derby, 2,000 Guineas and St Leger. Mathematician Alan Baker won a Fields Medal.

Trade union subscription now represents almost 50 %of the workforce. Computer System Floppy Disks Introduced. Samuel L. Jackson & Chris Evans< img alt= "the avengers" src ="" width=" 400 "/ > Image by < a href ="" > Gage Skidmore Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Evansspeaking at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con International, for” Avengers: Age of Ultron “, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere.

Cool The Avengers images

A couple of nice the avengers images I discovered:

the avengers
< img alt="the avengers"src=""width="400"/ > Image by blprnt_van Character profiles for private Avengers characters, revealing which problems they appeared in.

When the character returns after a haitus of more than 10 concerns, the title of that concern is indicated.

Winter Soldier – Cap – Tony
the avengers
< img alt="the avengers"src=""width="400"/ > Image by greyloch Big group of Avengers
just … assembled right in front of me, near the bar early Saturday night. The guy dressed like Tony Start just took place to be in the bar and asked to participate in. It was one of those cosplay things were a group simply spontaneously kinds. Tech things: great deals of Photoshop and Topaz Change’s”Clarity”filter to brighten up the picture( was really dark, do not believe my flash “fired).” UPDATE: These 3 cosplayers were included in Uproxx’s Let Liberty Ring With A Lot More Incredible Captain America Cosplay Method to go, men !! As always, thanks go out to Uproxx and Robopanda for revealing these men some Internet love for their terrific work!

Great The Avengers photos

A couple of good the avengers images I discovered:

Eric Roberts
the avengers
< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href="" > Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Professional Photographer The Supanova popular culture expo enjoyed its last day in Sydney, Australia, today and celebrated star Eric Roberts made a media and public look for the lucky fans who made the effort to track him down out to Olympic Park, Homebush, in Sydney’s west.
Lines of numerous fans lined up to meet and welcome their favourite stars from popular culture and news media jockeyed for position, showing their qualifications to obtain the exclusive scoops.
Numerous fans and media types agreed that Eric Roberts was the creme of the crop from today’s star bunch, while some fans mored than happy just to seize the day to dress up as their preferred popular culture character.
The 3 day popular culture mania united fans, actors, game players, info and heaps of product and collectibles. Make no mistake – this huges service, however also great deals of enjoyable. It brings out the kid lurking inside all of us, no matter what our age.
Witnessing the public dress up as their favourite hero, heroine or beast was just as much fan as the official exhibits.
Coming out to the expo participating the enjoyable (and industry) are over 40 worldwide stars from numerous programs, movies, franchises and worlds.
The genuine life superheroes of Australian professional wrestling – AWF Wrestling showed up again and place on some really strong chain fumbling and brawling to the delight of the crowd. The wrestlers were also a big favourite with the media.
Discount …
Our Hero is no longer Expendable. Eric Roberts is “The Master” of Supanova!
In a profession covering five years, Eric Roberts has become recognisable to millions of movie and TV fans. He has appeared in nearly 200 movies and in numerous TV programs consisting of Heroes, The Drew Carey Program, Frasier, Oz, Touched By An Angel, Law & & Order: SVU and even in a Medical professional Who telemovie as the Medical professional’s bane, The Master.
He has shot in over 17 countries, including Australia (in The Coca-Cola Kid), and got vital praise for his efficiencies in Star 80, It’s My Party and Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. In 2008, Eric signed up with the cast of Batman: The Dark Knight as Gotham gangster Sal Marone; in 2010 he appeared along with Stallone, Lundgren, Statham and Li in The Expendables.
Fans of comics and animation know him as the voice of Mongul in the Justice League animations. He’s such a familiar face that he has actually appeared as himself in 63 productions, typically making light of his infamously chequered movie-star lifestyle. Sibling to Julia Roberts and dad of teen actress Emma Roberts, Eric is a real Hollywood veteran.
He’s therefore also the ideal guest to begin festivities for Supanova’s TENTH ANNIVERSARY at the Sydney exposition, in addition to the Perth expo the following weekend, with an exclusive Q&A and unique appearance at each of our Friday evening Sneak peek Nights which are exclusively for complete weekend ticket holders (SUPA FAN PASS), in assisting us celebrate a decade of successful Supanova Expos; something we could not have done without your wonderful support.
Eric will then spend the weekends meeting fans, signing autographs and positioning for studio portraits. (Supernova).
Special visitors appearing at Supanova Sydney and Perth consist of:.
Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz Street Fighter II: Turbo, Udon Comics,.
Stanislav Ianevski Viktor Krum in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.
Bevan McGuinness Servant of Sondelle.
Jim Cheung Scion, New Avengers, Avengers: The Childrens Crusade.
Suzie Plakson Lt. Selar, K’Ehleyr, the Female Q, Tarah, in TNG, Voyager and Business.
David Mack Artist on Kabuki, Daredevil, Avengers.
Andrew Consistent Author of Torn.
Wolfgang Bylsma Gestalt Comics.
Juliet Marillier Author of the ‘Seven waters’ trilogy.
Yvonne Craig Batgirl in the 60’s Batman Series, Orion Slave girl ‘Marta’ in Star trek.
John Viener Household Man, The Cleveland Program.
Garth Nix Author of Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen.
Other News …
Great to see the cool AC/DC pinball maker getting an exercise from the fanboys. Watch out for the Australian Pinball Championships as part of their promotion.
Special thanks …
Thank you to all included in the promotion and success of Supanova. We anticipate seeing you all once again next year. As Marvel Comics living legend Stan Lee states, Excelsior!
Supanova Australia
< a href="" rel=
” nofollow ” > DC Comics The Expendables< a href="" rel=" nofollow" >
AWF Fumbling < a href="" rel=" nofollow" > The Australian AC.DC Pinball Champion
< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr< a href="" > … Town Green< img alt=" the avengers" src="" width=" 400"/ >
Image by
< a href=http://" "> Chris_Carter _ A picture from among our rare day of rests.http://http://Our friend owns a holiday cottage here and she sometime lets us remain to get away from the studio and our (periodically) noisy neighbours. In the 1960s’ this town was also used as an area for various TELEVISION shows such as The Avengers.http://http://More pictures from this day by Cosey Fanni Tutti here: < a href="" > … New Avengers # 11 Leonel Castellani LEGO variant cover(

1:25 circulation )Oct 16, 2013 release< img alt=" the avengers" src ="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href=""
> TooMuchDew In September & October 2013, Marvel will launch LEGO-themed alternative covers for 21 of its
titles to promote the LEGO Marvel Superheroes game due this fall.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Panel

Some cool the avengers images:

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Panel
the avengers
< img alt="the avengers"src=""width="400"/ > Image
by rwoan Joss Whedon Premiere Of Marvel Studios’ “Marvel’s The Avengers” – Red Carpet

the avengers
< img alt="the avengers"src=""width="400"/ > Image by insidethemagic HOLLYWOOD, CA – APRIL 11: Star Robert Downey Jr. (L) and Susan Downey attend the best of Marvel Studios’ “”Marvel’s The Avengers” “held at the El Capitan Theatre on April 11, 2012 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage) *** Local Caption *** Robert Downey Jr.; Susan Downey

Diana Rigg – Emma Peel
the avengers
< img alt="the avengers"src =""width ="400"/ > Image by Mondo Gasparotto Diana Rigg-Emma Peel