[African American man standing]

A few nice x men images I found:

[African American man standing]
x men
Image by SMU Central University Libraries
Title: [African American man standing]

Creator: Unknown

Date: ca. 1900-1909

Part Of: Lawrence T. Jones III Texas photography collection

Physical Description: 1 photograph: tintype; 8.7 x 6 cm.

File: ag2008_0005_4_6_1_07_man_opt.jpg

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For more information, see: digitalcollections.smu.edu/u?/jtx,1677

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Giant-Size X-Men
x men
Image by roadkillbuddha
One of my favorite collectibles: a 6-piece action figure box set by ToyBiz, commemorating Giant Size X-Men #1. I stumbled upon this many years ago, clearance-priced at a Kay-Bee Toys, and couldn’t resist. I decided to post pictures of it today in memory of Dave Cockrum (1943-2006), the artist who designed these iconic characters.

Native American Perspectives On A Grand Canyon River Rafting Trip With Arizona River Runners

When you set out on a Grand Canyon River rafting adventure, there is so much to learn. Of course there are boat safety facts, camping etiquette and hiking instructions. There are tips for packing your gear, layering and sun protection. You will learn the basics of leave no trace camping. And then theres a little something calledThe Grand Canyon. Anyone who ventures out with Arizona River Runners on a Colorado River trip will have the benefit of their guides knowledge of this natural wonder, from flora and fauna to geology to Native American perspectives and interpretation of the Grand Canyon.

All Arizona River Runners guides not only meet the requirements of the National Park Service, but then spend approximately 3 to 5 years in active training on the river before they reach the status of trip leader for the outfitter. Arizona River Runners is also an active participant in and strong supporter of the Native Voices on the Colorado River program, a collaboration of the Grand Canyon River Outfitter Association, Northern Arizona Universitys Anthropology Department and Institute for Native Americans. This program currently works with 15 affiliated tribes and provides information and education to the river guide community to share with their passengers as they make the journey whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon.

Native Voices on the Colorado River provides a valuable perspective on the Native American tribal relationships with the Grand Canyon and the surrounding region. The goal of the program is to provide an increased understanding about this relationship from the perspective of the affiliated tribes, in their own voices. Grand Canyon river guides learn how tribal groups refer to and identify themselves, tribal perspectives on the archaeology and history of the Grand Canyon, and tribal perspectives on the cultural landscape of the area. These unique perspectives are supported by relevant tribal stories and knowledge that helps visitors on a river rafting adventure understand better the bond between various tribes and the Grand Canyon.

The Colorado River and Grand Canyon carry a special significance for affiliated tribes, as spiritual places and sacred sources of minerals, plants, animals and water. The Havasupai and Hualapai consider this area their homeland, with the Colorado River forming the backbone of their lifeline. The Grand Canyon is viewed by the Hopi and Zuni people as their place of emergence into the world. The Southern Paiute bands hold the Grand Canyon as a living, sacred place that should be treated respectfully and sacredly. Arizona River Runners guides know that sharing information through Native Voices on the Colorado River with guests is an important part of understanding the Grand Canyons significance to everyone who calls it their home.

To look at the Grand Canyon as simply a phenomenon of nature would be missing out on an important part of what makes visiting this destination a life-changing experience. Exploring the tribal relationships to the Grand Canyon is an important part of understanding the rich historical and cultural significance of the natural wonder. It is a place that has touched the hearts and spirits of people for generations, and Arizona River Runners is dedicated to preserving this unique opportunity so that future generations can enjoy the wonders of the Grand Canyon, rafting the Colorado River.

Whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon offers a unique view of one of the most incredible natural wonders of the world. Experience the adventure of a lifetime on a Grand Canyon rafting trip with Arizona River Runners. They operate with customized state-of-the-art rafts, provide all the camping and rafting gear you will need for your all-inclusive Colorado River trip. Give us the opportunity to guide you on a fun and wild family rafting trip.

European And American Film Star Ugg Snow Boots Street Series

luke skywalker
by The Authorities Star Wars The useful warm clothing is

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