What’s the matter you say? Why I want to find where that Mrs. Potts’ keeps store. My wife gives me no rest. She even dreams about those what-you-call’em cold handle sad irons. [front]

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What’s the matter you say? Why I wish to discover where that Mrs. Potts’ keeps shop. My better half provides me no rest. She even dreams about those what-you-call ’em cold manage sad irons. [front]
x men
< img alt=" x men" src=" http://blog.filmfangear.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/8269451809_42c1efb613.jpg" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href=" http://www.flickr.com/photos/24029425@N06/8269451809" > Boston Town Library

File name: 10_03_000923a
Binder label: Laundry
Title: Exactly what’s the matter you state? Why I wish to discover where that Mrs. Potts’ keeps store. My spouse gives me no rest. She even dreams about those what-you-call ’em cold handle unfortunate irons. [front]Date issued: 1870-1900 [approximate]Physical description: 1 print: chromolithograph; 8 x 11 cm.
Category: Marketing cards
Subject: Men; Irons (Pushing).
Notes: Title from product. Seller: Burditt & & Williams, 20 Dock Square, Boston, Mass.
. Collection: 19th Century American Trade Cards.
Location: Boston Town Library, Print Department.
Rights: No known constraints.

Marithe Francois Girbaud
x men
< img alt=" x men" src =" http://blog.filmfangear.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/39694260371_63ec269f0e.jpg" width =" 400"/ > Image by< a href =" http://www.flickr.com/photos/162055393@N02/39694260371" > Martin W. Niese X Style

About to see “The Avengers” at the drive-in (with some moon).

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About to see “The Avengers” at the drive-in (with some moon).
the avengers
< img alt="the avengers"src="http://blog.filmfangear.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/7276576458_10ce3351cc.jpg"width="400"/ > Image by ★keaggy.com Sky-View Drive-In, Belleville, Illinois.

3/ 52 – The iconic Ford Cortina
the avengers
< img alt="the avengers"src="http://blog.filmfangear.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/5363127717_4602a7ff13.jpg"width="400"/ > Image by Ford Europe Star of movie theater (Continue Cabby) and television (The Sweeney, The Avengers), the Cortina was launched in 1962. A marvel including aerospace engineering, the Cortina was cheaper, much faster and more affordable than anything in its class and with saloon, estate and sports models in the variety, every taste was accommodated. Finally retired in 1982

Joss Whedon
the avengers
< img alt="the avengers"src ="http://blog.filmfangear.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/9361672645_8c5b32d01f.jpg"width ="400"/ > Image by Gage Skidmore Joss Whedon speaking at the 2013 San
Diego Comic Con International, for “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Please associate to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere.

Grand Canyon Tours – 7 Things to Think About Before Taking a South Rim Bus Tour

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by cottontimer The Las Vegas Grand Canyon South Rim bus is quickly the most economical method to get to the national park. It’s comfortable, too, particularly if you take a trip aboard one of today’s high-end motor coaches. Before you climb up aboard and settle into your plush seat, here are seven things you have to think of prior to you struck the roadway: 1. The South Rim is 270 miles away from Vegas and takes 5.5 hours to reach by bus. Tours include approximately 3 hours at the rim. Travelers go back to their Strip hotel around 9 p.m. Conservatively, spending plan 15 hours for this trip. 2. Review your schedule and see if it consists of a stop at the second-tallest bridge in the U.S. The brand-new Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge opened in October 2010 and it’s a sight to witness. Even better is walking across it. The excitement comes from being suspended 900 feet above the Colorado River. And the view of Hoover Dam is incredible. 3. See if lunch is included. This trip is a long one and you will get hungry. Breakfast will get you as far as Kingman, AZ(ensure
to load up on treats here). The normal box lunch is OK for lunch. I suggest pleasing your cravings at the dining establishment in the Bright Angel Lodge, where the servings are substantial and tasty. 4. Gown for the weather condition. During summer, bring a hat, sun block, great deals of water, and loose clothes like long-sleeved shirts and pants.

Bring a windbreaker if you have one. South Rim winter’s are much chillier than exactly what you’ll experience in Vegas. I suggest you wear layers for comfort and heat. Bring a hat and/or beanie, scarf, gloves, and a medium weight jacket. Place on a set of sturdy shoes or boots. A set of YakTrakz anti-slip walker-crampons are a terrific way to deal with icy conditions. 5. Make sure to your issue of “The Guide.”The Park Service puts out this splendidly useful publication.

Upgraded quarterly, the newspaper knows about Park history, museums, gift shops, dining establishments, the best view points, and a map of the complimentary shuttle system. In my viewpoint, it’s the key that unlocks all the Park’s fantastic features. 6. Not all lookouts are created equivalent. Time is minimal and you wish to ensure you see the most-famous viewing points.

My ideas include Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station, Hermit’s Rest, and Yaki Point. Do daybreak at Mather and Sundown at Hopi Point. The view from the Rim Path behind Intense Angel Lodge is likewise excellent(listed below you’ll see Indian Gardens and a tiny bit of Phantom Ranch). 7. Keep in mind: Exactly what decreases need to show up. South Rim routes are first-rate. But they are steep. I recommend taking a leisurely 30-minute walk down and

then turning back. Over the summer season, bring great deals of water and a salty treat like trail mix throughout the summer. Take lots of breaks increasing. There’s no rush. Stand to the side to let mule trains pass.South Rim bus tours from Las Vegas are a hit with Las Vegas travelers. And for good reason. It’s inexpensive, consists of lunch and all park entrance charges, and its done on a cutting edge luxury bus. It’s likewise a sightseeing paradise. On the way, you’ll see such western icons as Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Kaibab Plateau, and the Colorado River. If you are trying to find a budget friendly, enjoyable way to do the South Rim, this bus trip is absolutely the method to go. Inexpensive South Rim bus trips? Travel author Keith Kravitz examines the finest Grand Canyon bus trips here.

Grand Canyon Bus Tours – 7 Things to think about Before You Go

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by Tom Simpson There’s a Grand Canyon trip for everybody. Pass helicopter, plane, or SUV. The most cost-effective, however, is motor coach. However, prior to you schedule a bus trip, here are 7 things you need to consider: 1. Select a rim to go to. There’s two: The West Rim, which is 120 miles(2.5 hours)from Las Vegas, and the South Rim, which is 277 miles away (5.5 hours ). 2. Grand Canyon bus tours are full-day trips. West Rim trips top out at 9.5 hours.

The South Rim requires 15.5 hours. Both trips leave around 7 a.m. 3. The West Rim has the finest destinations. It’s the home of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass bridge that

suspends you 4,000 feet above the Colorado River, and the Indian Town, a fascinating re-creation of a small Hualapai community. 4. For the finest views, go to the South Rim. Most of the images you connect with the Grand Canyon have been taken here. Mather Point, Bright Angel, and Yaki Point are simply a few of the most famous lookouts. 5. Bundle in a helicopter journey. Just at the West Rim can you fly a chopper to the bottom and land.

The South Rim hosts the Dragoon Corridor, the best, deepest part of the National forest. These are once-in-a-lifetime chances. Do not miss them. 6. Dress appropriately. Grand Canyon weather is one of extremes. During the summer,
pack lots of water and sunscreen. Use a hat, preferably with a brim, and loose-fitting clothes. Winters are cold. Dress in layers. Snow’s a possibility at this time. The Park is open 365 days a year. 7. Reserve your seats online. Tour operators offer their finest offers

on their site. Using travel agents, third-party brokers, and # 800 numbers will cost you more. Bus journeys to the West Rim and the South Rim begin at$ 95 and $80, respectively.

Upgrading a West Rim package to consist of the all-popular Skywalk will run about$135 per person. Updating to include a helicopter flight to the bottom or a smooth water float trip down the Colorado River runs about$200 per individual. The South Rim provides a helicopter upgrade that costs$190 per person. These upgrades, in my viewpoint, should have major factor to consider. Here’s why: A. Nowhere in the Grand Canyon other than in the West Rim can you arrive at the bottom. This is an additional special chance

that shouldn’t be missed out on. B. The world-famous Grand Canyon Skywalk is one of Vegas’ most sought-after outside destinations. Each year, more than 200,000 people stroll its

glass bridge 70 feet past the rim’s edge. C. The South Rim helicopter tour lets you see in 30 minutes what would take several days on the ground. It’s the only way to experience the Canyon to the

max. Bus tours depart everyday consisting of all major vacations. These all-encompassing journeys featured free hotel shuttle bus service, a box lunch, Hoover Dam picture stop and all Park costs. Journeys are conducted aboard luxury motor coaches that are decked out with plush seats, climate-controlled cabins, and on-board restrooms. There are adequate rest stops for smokers and folks who wish to extend their legs. These are full-day trips. Las Vegas is a great location to take a canyon bus tour. Before you pick your journey supplier, choose which rim you wish to visit. The West Rim is 2.5 hours from Vegas while the South Rim is 5.5 hours.

Next, choose if you want attractions like the Skywalk or lookouts like Mather Point. Then hop aboard your high-end bus, settle into your seat, and let the great times roll. Not all canyon bus tours are created equivalent. Read Keith Kravitz’Grand Canyon bus tour reviews initially prior to scheduling your trip.

How To Know That You Are About to Be Laid Off

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by sampsyo The reality is that we are in economic crisis as an outcome of international recession. It raises a concern that ways to spot the axe prior to it falls. For those of you hoping our federal government will conserve you, the chances of an alien intrusion are far better. Understanding you will be canned will offer you the opportunity to institute survival strategies

. These strategies consist of: preparing your moms and dads for a possible return home or convincing your spouse that scaling down to a one bedroom condominium is exciting, utilizing office devices to fax and e-mail your resume to every service in the free world, networking with everybody who received your resume, filling your apartment or condo with office supplies, and pilfering coffee and sugar from the break room. How was that last efficiency examination? No matter what sort of review you got, it was bad news if the one in charge utilized more than 3″re “words. Sentences would be something like,”

The company might restructure …( restructure, refocus, reassess, rearrange, reevaluate, reevaluate, repair, change, rescind, recycle, return or go back). It does not matter exactly what, it simply indicates that something is incorrect and you are being told about it. That is practically never ever an advantage. Was your last bonus 40 tokens from Chuck E Cheese and a two night stay in an Orlando time share? Was the 4th of July picnic BYOH (bring your own hotdog )? These are the kind of little indications that might go undetected


some, but thankfully you are forewarned. Has your manager become your shadow? Does the individual who could not remember your name at the last workplace celebration all of a sudden seem to be there each time you log on to an adult web site at work? Keep in mind, when the manager takes a sudden interest


your well-being; watch out. Have your workplace pals disappeared? Will no one discuss jobs that end after Friday? Have you been removed from the joke of the day e-mail list? Was the workplace Christmas celebration moved from the Ritz to the break space and catered by Taco Bell? Is your brand-new office mate the

president’s son-in-law? Has your business automobile been changed by a bus pass? Did in charge need a cut of the Woman Scout cookie sales? Be careful of external occasions taking place to the company. Was the business’s accounting firm just recently prosecuted? Has the CEO been led off in handcuffs on national tv? Did the company officers hold their last retreat at Motel 6? Has the power to your workplace been switched off

more than when for nonpayment? Constantly watch out for new staff members, especially if they treat you like dirt and have regular lunches with the one in charge. If the company’s finest looking ladies all of a sudden start smoozing with the hygienically challenged personnel director prepare for the worst. If the mailroom clerk starts parking in your space things are looking grim. When the

employer gives you that speech about things working out for the finest you can walk out with your head held high and a sign on your back saying, well I’m leaving that a person to your imagination. Jack Kean http://www.keanwriter.com!.?.!Click the link to read a variety of humor columns and more by the author of Being From The South Does not Make Me Foolish and Deadly Sacrifice.

Jack has actually

composed weekly humor column for a number of newspapers and publications. At the web website you will find great info on buying or selling a Recreational Vehicle; RV camping areas, RV life and more.

How do you learnt about the Canon EOS 600D Video camera Features

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by mnap73 If you’ve taken a fast glimpse at specification of the Canon EOS 600D, you ‘d be forgiven for believing that the specifications for the EOS 550D have actually incorrectly been utilized instead. Which’s because, internally at least, very bit has altered or been played with from the previous model that the EOS 600D Canon EOS Cam Charger changes.

While the Canon EOS 600D might share a great deal of DNA with the 550D, there have been some changes, with the most apparent being the rear screen. The 3in screen used by the 550D was excellent thanks to the 3:2 element ratio used and a screen resolution of 1040k-dots. That remains the exact same, however it now offers tilt and swivel positioning, just like the 60D’s vary-angle screen. It can be swung out from the body by 180 ° and turned 270 °, enabling it to be positioned for a variety of shooting angles throughout Live View or video recording. On that subject, the Canon EOS 600D can tape full HD video at 1080P with a choice of 30, 25 and 24fps capture. You’re not limited to shooting in the EOS 600D’s native 3:2 aspect ratio either, as it can also be set at 4:3, 16:9 and 1:1, though a little of the resolution is compromised due to the crop being used. You also get a Scene Intelligent Auto mode changing the ‘green square’ Car mode that’s been on a long line of Canon DSLRs, with this brand-new mode setting AF, brightness, flash and color tone according to the scene.

If you’ve obtained a suitable flashgun too, then you can now utilize the Canon EOS 600D’s integrated flash to activate and control it cordless for a host of possible lighting strategies and is a welcome inclusion on an electronic camera of this class. The remainder of the button positioning on the rear of the cam remains practically identical to that of the 550D Canon Battery Charger, though to accommodate the vari-angle screen, the d-pad has actually shrunk a touch by comparison, while there’s also a deeper and more pronounced thumb rest than in the past. So for button placement, to the right of the viewfinder, there’s a Live View activation button, while more to the right is the Exposure lock and AF point choice buttons that double-up as your magnify tools during playback.

The Direct exposure payment button also allows you to toggle between setting aperture and shutter speed in Handbook mode, due to the single control wheel on the front of the camera. Just listed below it is a handy Quick menu button, letting you toggle through and change a variety of shooting settings on the rear display, while the d-pad has actually committed settings for AF, Drive, White Balance and Picture Styles.

From the top, and the only obvious change, as already mentioned, is the inclusion of the Display button and the refined grip round the Mode dial. The ISO button is conveniently placed, and there’s a subtle difference in feel between that and the Show button to lower the risk of hitting the wrong one when you raise the cam to your eye. For existing EOS Canon Video camera Battery charger users, there should not be any nasty surprises, while new users ought to experience an instinctive and quick to utilize user interface that’s been developing for practically Ten Years.

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How do understand about the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ47 digital video camera

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by San Diego Shooter The new Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ47 cam packs a powerful 24x optical zoom in a 25mm broad angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens, complete High Meaning 1080i video-recording capabilities and brand-new creative controls while shooting both photo and video. The Panasonic LUMIX Video camera Charger top quality Leica lens includes Panasonic’s Nano Surface area Lens Covering innovation to help decrease light reflection that triggers ghosting and flare. The Panasonic LUMIX DCM-FZ47 includes a 12.1 megapixel Hi-Speed CCD image sensing unit. The full HD video capability of the Panasonic FZ47 is complemented with the

premium stereo noise of Dolby Digital Stereo Developer, to provide incredibly practical audio. And with a Wind Cut function, the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ47 electronic camera minimizes sound from background wind immediately. While shooting video with the brand-new Panasonic camera, users can simultaneously take a 3.5 megapixel photo.< br/ > Distinguishing itself from a lot of digital video cameras that tape video, the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ47 digital cam

is unique in that it features a Creative Video mode, which lets the user set the shutter speed and aperture by hand on the video camera. Altering the shutter speed brings unique results to videos, which is specifically ideal for shooting a fast-moving subject. The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ47 video camera makes it very simple to share photos by means of Face book and videos through YouTube. As quickly as the Panasonic LUMIX Battery Charger is linked to the Desktop computer it will trigger the user with an easy-to-follow menu asking if they wish to share the images- no software application required.< br/ > For users seeking more creative freedom, the brand-new Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ47 digital cam adds the new Creative Control and Image Style

that features a range of alternatives for creative effect modes, including: Expressive, Retro, High Key, Sepia, High Dynamic, Mini Impact, Film Grain and Pin Hole. Users can also change direct exposure settlement in the Creative Control mode. In addition, Photo Style is newly contributed to the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ47 electronic camera to permit finer change of contrast, sharpness, saturation and noise decrease in these settings: Requirement, Vivid, Natural, Monochrome, Surroundings and Portrait. On the other hand, for those users who would choose not to change any settings, the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ47 digital video camera also features Panasonic intelligent auto mode. When in IA mode, the Panasonic DMC-FZ47 cam automatically chooses the very best setting based on the shooting environment and functions include: POWER Panasonic LUMIX Battery charger, Movement Deblur, Face Recognition, Face Detection, AF Tracking, Intelligent ISO Control and Smart Scene Selector. Furthermore, iA is readily available throughout video mode, and the following features engage instantly: POWER O.I.S., Face Detection, Intelligent D-Range Control and Intelligent Scene Selector. Buy low-cost brand-new Panasonic LUMIX Cam Charger from my-chargers

. co.uk

How do you understand about the JVC GR-DVL9500 Mini DV Camcorder

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by Han Shot First Well, JVC’s newest attempt to pack a wealth of features into a tiny space took kind in the GR-DVL9500 Mini DV Camcorder. JVC handled to pack a number of coveted functions into a compact camcorder, however they did so at the cost of simplicity and glitch-free operation. Set at a mid-range cost, the GR-DVL9500 JVC Camcorder Battery charger has enough manual controls, input/output jacks and other functions to keep most advanced videographers pleased. Although it certainly can work as an easy point-and-shoot camcorder, we discovered the controls and user interface to be made complex and uncomfortable for beginners and enthusiasts.

The GR-DVL9500 has more features than many individuals will know exactly what to do with. Sporting a relatively large 3.8-inch flip-out view screen, the GR-DVL9500 makes seeing while recording and playback basic and satisfying. The easily adjustable volume control on the speaker makes it double perfectly as a portable mini VCR. It’s got a 10X optical zoom and a numbingly high 200X digital zoom. It includes optical image stabilization that works well and we were pleased with the high quality video images the GR-DVL9500 captured.

< br/ > But with many features, it’s a little complicated and uncomfortable aiming to figure out ways to manage them all. Many of the functions need to be accessed through the menu, which is a little unwieldy and uncomfortable to use. For instance, when we changed to the manual mode and wished to focus by hand, we needed to turn on the menu, scroll to the focus choice, push to trigger it, change it to manual, leave the menu and then we might utilize the dial to focus. A lot of steps to carry out a fundamental job. It would have been nice if the GR-DVL9500 JVC Camcorder Battery charger had a couple of buttons that controlled a few of the often-used functions. There are 3 basic record settings offered when you are shooting video with the GR-DVL9500: full automatic, manual and 5-second recording mode. When you set the camcorder to full automatic, you’ve got a totally automatic point-and-shoot camcorder. There’s little thinking involved here and it’s an easy method to obtain begun.
The manual mode allows you to adjust the focus, exposure and white balance settings to varying degrees. The ability to control the camcorder settings is necessary for quality video and it is among the GR-DVL9500’s best characteristics. The focusing device is quite sensitive and we discovered that, when it remained in automatic mode, it had difficulty deciding simply exactly what to concentrate on. Thankfully, manual focus alleviated this issue.

Another function of the GR-DVL9500 JVC Battery Charger is its ability to record digital still images. By pressing the photo button, you can take digital stills that tape-record to tape. Then with the included JLIP to RS-232 cable television and software application, you can later move the images to your computer. If you have a computer with a FireWire port, you can likewise transfer still images utilizing the DV capture card on your computer.

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Valuable Points About BARREL Return

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by insidetwit VAT return is frequently an

problem that intimidates the business people; specifically if they are not aware about the rules and regulations. The check out of a VAT inspector in their properties may be tough occasion for many company owner, as they would be worried if they have actually been submitting the VAT returns in a correct fashion. Do remember that it is not a complex affair at all offered you know the ideal documents needed for the procedure.

Now what are the important orders that you require to understand about VAT return? Firstly you need to have a basic idea of the process and know that in order to create the VAT return the overall taxes will be determined versus the total sales turnover and the expenditures. The clue is that these 2 truths require to tally. If it is so then the returns will be said to be accurate.

Each and every sincere enterprise requires to be effective in maintaining their financial records. The company owner is accountable to keep a correct audit trail and the figures that are maintained in the audit requires to match with the taxes files. Whenever an audit inspector check outs you he will more than likely look for these details though each of them may have varied methods to carry out the audit procedure.

To satisfy the requirements of the VAT officer make sure that the invoices and payments and the checking account of your company are preserved in an appropriate fashion. Prior to you submit VAT return, you need to carefully analyze the figures and discover out if there is an anomaly. In fact the successful filing of your VAT return will depend completely on how efficiently you have kept your accounts. The inspector is most likely to discuss all your audit accounts. He or she will raise a query only if there is some gross anomaly in your audited accounts.

Therefore it is a must to guarantee that your audits are done properly and if needed you need to seek the help of an expert who will help you to submit a perfect tax return and maintain perfect audit. The inspector will try to find a correct audit path and then examine the total. After he has checked the total, she or he will examine the purchase and sales billings to come up with the figures of the provider and the customer and see if the financial transactions support each other or not.

To summarize it is important to do maintain correct audits and make sure that they match with the taxes submit if you desire to pass the BARREL assessment sans any problem.

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How Do You Know about the Samsung W200 Pocket Camera

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by The Authorities Star Wars< p design=" text-align: justify;

“> Developed for those whose active lifestyles demand toughness and quality, the Samsung W200 camcorder Samsung Battery Chargers houses Samsung’s leading imaging technology in a shock, water and dust-proof rugged body? The brand-new Samsung W200 Pocket Cam will be available from May 2011 for an approximated retail price of $ 159 USD.

The Samsung W200 Pocket Web cam is developed to withstand the elements to produce top quality video in almost any scenario and thanks to specific functions, the new camcorder makes brilliant undersea video much easier to achieve than ever. The Samsung W200 is waterproof approximately three meters, making the camcorder suitable for terrific video of a relaxed day by the swimming pool or perhaps up-close shots of coral reefs. The Samsung W200’s anti-water drop finishing also implies that the LCD screen will remain without condensation, even in damp conditions, so you can movie without cleaning the screen.

The lens of the Samsung W200 camcorder also features anti-fog finish that lets steam disperse so you constantly have clear, blur-free videos and pictures even straight after coming out of the pool. To make catching remarkable underwater footage simple, the Samsung W200 Pocket Camera also includes an Aqua Mode setting, which instantly sets the ideal criteria for the intense and clear underwater video. Regardless of being slim and compact, it is also shock-proof and dust-proof therefore is the perfect addition to a knapsack for any journey and robust enough for stress-free family trips with young kids. Because the Samsung W200 camcorder is developed to be taken anywhere, it likewise includes a built-in USB arm to make it easy to share your experience Samsung Camcorder Chargers.

Innovative Samsung innovation guarantees that shooting on-the-go never ever means a loss of image quality or brightness. The Samsung W200 camcorder is constructed with a 5-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, which provides double the sensitivity of previous CMOS sensors, catching video footage with dramatically lowered image noise and distortion. Along with this, the Samsung W200 Pocket Webcam includes an intense F2.2 lens to provide users the capability to shoot throughout low-light conditions for strikingly clear, sharp, blur-free images. The camcorder shoots in Complete HD resolution to let you catch every moment in abundant, vibrant detail and displays your video on a 2.3″ 230K clear pixel LCD screen.

In addition to delivering top quality video, the Samsung W200 makes it simple to both manage your video files and be imaginative with them too. With Samsung’s Record Time out function, users can pause briefly during filming and after that resume from the exact very same minute. When recording is complete, video will all be in the same file, eliminating the requirement to combine them and making submitting and sharing hassle-free. To have more enjoyable with filming, whether at the watermark, on a rollercoaster or just catching an unique household minute, the Samsung W200 has two special Smart Filter includes Charger for Samsung Battery. Vegetating permits users to fade the edges of shots and the Fish-Eye setting creates an arty, distorted feel for special and fascinating video footage.

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