South Rim Helicopter Tours – An Extreme Holiday Adventure

The Grand Canyon is a huge earthly masterpiece. Many tourists observe just a part of the canyon’s crack when visiting the South Rim. If people wish to discover the whole area, the South Rim helicopter tours are the best alternatives.

Scheduled flights leave everyday from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport situated on the Tusayan borders, a small town just outside the main gate of the Park. The airport offers numerous activities, which include helicopter tours serving as the main base for incoming as well as outgoing air traffic from the South Rim.

Normal air tours leave the airport and directing to the eastern portion of the Grand Canyon. The amazing tour include passing through the Zuni Point and Zuni Corridor, and directing over the Painted Desert, Desert View Watchtower, as well as the Navajo Indian Reservation located near the Colorado River.

The helicopter will bank this time, passing through majestic Temple Butter, prior to flying the North Rim, wherein tourists will be delighted with the fascinating sceneries of the Kaibab National Forest and the Kaibab Plateau. The canyon’s highest point, the Imperial Point will appear into the view as the flight proceed to the westward going to the widest as well as most free portion of the Grand Canyon, which is the Dragon corridor prior to an amazing landing.

The complete South Rim helicopter tours averages around less than an hour. The tour will definitely give tourists the chance to take some spectacular pictures with the fascinating views. The prices vary depending on the booking schedule and there are affordable pricing if advance booking is done online also.

There are numerous operators providing air tours from Las Vegas going to the South Rim, and tourists will allow deplaning and riding on a bus to see the beautiful sceneries also. The estimated time for the bus tour is about 3 hours stopping at the selected spots of the canyon such as the Yavapai Observation Center, Hermit’s Rest and Mather Point. Typically, a South Rim flight is around 70 minutes.

Grand Canyon Helicopters keeps the tradition of helicopter expeditions alive today. South Rim helicopter tours take to the skies and quickly see the land open up before your eyes. No longer will you wonder what the birds see. Youre right along with them.

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