Grand Canyon Tours: 7 Reasons to Take a South Rim Airplane Tour

Grand Canyon South Rim airplane tours are by far the best way to see as much of the National Park as possible. Enticing? Here are seven more reasons why this trip should be at the top of your “must-do” list:

1. No other tour gives you this much canyon! Leaves from Grand Canyon Airport, located just 10 minutes from the park. Flight goes east along the South Rim, where you’ll see Zuni Point, the Zuni Corridor (where the Little Colorado joins the Colorado River), the Desert Watchtower, the Painted Desert, and the Navajo Indian Reservation. And that’s just mid-way. On the way back, you’ll follow the isolated North Rim before heading into the Dragoon Corridor, the deepest, widest part of the canyon. What you will see in 50 minutes would easily take several days on the ground.

2. Large, comfortable Vistaliner aircraft are flown on this route. This aircraft is not a bi-plane. It’s a twin-engine, commercial-class aircraft that seats 19 people. Further, they have been built from the start for sightseeing and sport large windows, lounge-style seats, and headsets for each passenger. Even the wings have been elevated so as not to obstruct your view. The aerodynamics of these planes is such that you are guaranteed the smoothest flight possible.

3. The airplane flight is the fastest way to reach Grand Canyon National Park from Las Vegas. Flight time is just 45 minutes. How does this stack up to other modes of transportation? The bus, for instance, takes 5.5 hours. Your flight includes Lake Mead and Hoover Dam as it follows the Colorado River to Grand Canyon Airport, AZ. This tour comes with a bus trip to the South Rim and a box lunch. For more aerial thrills, add a helicopter ride to your package.

4. You have an option to include a no-rapids float trip on the Colorado River. This journey leaves from Grand Canyon Airport and heads east along the canyon’s rim to Glen Canyon Dam in Page, AZ. Here you’ll hop a pontoon raft and begin the 15.5-mile float trip to historic Lee’s Ferry. Runs from late March to November. Open to kids four years and older.

5. The flight includes a trip narration that’s been translated into 16 different languages. German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese…it’s all here. The Grand Canyon’s history, science, and landmarks are all revealed in this unobtrusive narrative. You’ll know as much as a Park Ranger when you deplane.

6. These flights are safe. Two pilots, each certified by the FAA, fly every South Rim airplane tour. Planes are equipped with a TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) and a GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System). The airspace above the Grand Canyon is strictly regulated with all sightseeing flights operating under the same FAA rules that apply to commercial charter flights. It doesn’t get any safer than this.

7. It’s priced right. Tours start at about $ 120 per person. That’s a major deal considering how much Grand Canyon sightseeing you get. For the best deal, get your flight on the Internet. As a travel reviewer, I order tickets regularly online. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s safe and secure. And all of my reservations have been recorded correctly.

Grand Canyon airplane tours cover more of the canyon than any other form of transportation. You will see three of the rims as well as Glen Canyon Dam and the Painted Desert. No other tour delivers half as much. Your safety is job one, too. From professionally trained pilots to the state-of-the-art Vistaliner aircraft, you’re cleared for take off. Definitely book your tour on the internet and look to pay about $ 120 per person. Ready to take to the skies? Do it aboard a South Rim Vistaliner aircraft. It’s the ultimate way to experience this natural wonder.

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