Darth Vader Tries To Ruin Christmas In This Hilarious Video

Darth Vader Tries To Destroy Christmas In This Humorous Video
This “”Darth Santa” “video from Corridor Digital not just mixes together 2 of our preferred things– Star Wars and Christmas– however it does so in a captivating and amusing way. When you stop and consider it, it makes good sense that Darth Vader wouldn'' t be a big …
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BATTLE ARENA: Darth Vader vs Obito Uchiha Darrin Auten
Force Proficiency: With the force, Darth Vader can do nearly anything he desires. With a vast flexible range of abilities, Darth Vader is a force to be considered. If his life support system closes down, Vader can make use of the force to keep his body up and …
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Darth Vader Tries To Mess up Christmas
In “”Darth Santa,” “the Sith Lord reveals off his dark side by destroying Christmas. He ruins lawn designs, vandalizes a wall with his sweet cane-shaped lightsaber, snaps a skateboard with a force push, knocks over a tree with a Jar-Jar Binks accessory …
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