Cool The Avengers images

Take a look at these the avengers images:

The masked avenger strikes again
the avengers
Image by spablab
… and is handling the cold temps! Booyah!

Avenger crewman
the avengers
Image by The United States Army
Spc. Randall Norris, an Avenger crewman with the 263rd Army Air and
Missile Defense Command, South Carolina National Guard, scans the
radar in search of airplane in the area during Workout Amalgam Dart
on Camp Rilea, Ore

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‘Amalgam Dart’ tests NORTHCOM’s air defense

Latest Return Of The Jedi News

Run Your very own Adventure race to be held at Schuylkill Center in Roxborough
ROXBOROUGH >> > > Will you take the longer course, the one with more hills or the one that leads to the abominable snowman? Runners will have to decide in a new path race this month at the Schuylkill Center in Roxborough. The Run Your very own …
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War Hero Nien Nunb Will Finally Get His Due In New Battlefront DLC
Return of the Jedi is an incredible film, and is still somehow constantly believed of badly. It'' s underrated, and still holds up. Entirely is worthy of to be consisted of in the great beautifies of fans, and in history. And a rebel pilot because film, Nien Nunb, who …
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Watch: Batman vs. Superman Extended Spot

Enjoy: Batman vs. Superman Extended Area
“”Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” “has a March 25, 2016 release starring Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Lady, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, …
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'' Batman v Superman ' Set to Be Auctioned for Bat Conservation Charity
The Organization for Bat Conversation on Monday launched an online auction of 110 bat houses developed out of pieces of the Batman v Superman set by the movie'' s cast and team, with 23 of the homes signed by BvS director Zack Snyder, star Ben Affleck, or …
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Amazon Echo Now Lets You Examine the Murder of Bruce Wayne'' s Moms and dads …
Alexa, let'' s fix a double homicide: Amazon has partnered with Warner Bros. and DC Comics on an uncommon promotion for “Batman vs. Superman” that lets anyone who owned and operates an Amazon Echo clever loudspeaker or an Amazon Fire TV with Alexa integration …
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Superman Causes More Collateral Damage In Batman V Superman

Superman Triggers More Collateral Damage In Batman V Superman
Supes can'' t appear to obtain out of his own method in regards to making a mess, and in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice he seems to continue the pattern. Evidently in a tried rescue of Amy Adam'' s Lois Lane throughout a trip to Africa, Superman does even …
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'' Batman v Superman ' R-Rated Version Particulars Exposed; Which Character Was Cut
A few weeks ago, right after the success of Deadpool sent out a shockwave around Hollywood, we learned that Warner Bros. was planning an R-rated superhero motion picture of its own through a different, more violent cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

from Facebook: Han Solo and Kylo Ren argue via clips of Harrison Ford and Adam

Han Solo and Leia
han solo
Image by MightyBoyBrian
… with a couple of stunning distinctions (see additional photos below) Do any of you keep in mind in 2014 when I carved my better half’s face into a pumpkin? (timelapse here) Well I tried it again but this time with a little bit more flare

Here’s the sweet video (for those of you with facebook.)

from Facebook: Han Solo and Kylo Ren say via clips of Harrison Ford and Adam
One quick e-mail, once a day (sent out at 11pm GMT), with connect to all the day'' s brand-new posts. Sent out only on days when there are brand-new posts, of course. Sign up at MailChimp. (I will never ever offer or share your e-mail address. Ever.) …
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Veja Han Solo de barba em artes conceituais Star Wars: O Despertar da Força
Essas imagens feitas durante o desenvolvimento do filme você pode ver no site da empresa (acesse aqui) e há muitas outras. Você pode ver conceitos iniciais do Kylo Ren e também no BB-8. “”Cada artista começou a explorar individualmente e, …
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Star Wars: Chewbacca comparirà nel movie sul giovane Han Solo!
.?.!! Illustrando la serie cinematografica Star Wars Anthology, che esplorerà i personaggi e gli eventi che ruotano intorno alla legend di Guerre Stellari, Iger ha affermato di avere in programma “”una storia sulle origini di Han Solo e Chewbacca, che uscirà …
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Wonder Woman

Some cool wonder females images:

Wonder Woman
wonder women
Image by San Diego Shooter

wonder women
Image by johnb/Derbys/UK
I just wonder how numerous centuries has man/women took a look at just this?

Strawberry Marvel
wonder women
Image by jaci XIII
Make It Intriguing ~ Difficulty # 3 (Strawberry)
Beginner image with thanks to M4tik
female design by: Faestock
texture by JoesSistah …

Good Physician Unusual images

Take a look at these doctor unusual images:

The Medical professional
doctor strange
Image by Leo Reynolds
Hold the stethoscope to your stomach and you hear odd gurgling noises. The medical professional listens, nods as he makes up his mind and then composes out a prescription, which comes out of the device (absolutely illegible, like all genuine prescriptions).

Southwold Pier
Southwold, Suffolk, England, UK

Physician Strange vs. Medical professional Fate Setup
doctor strange
Image by JD Hancock
This is the setup picture for Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Fate.

The background is made of two glittery sheets of scrapbooking paper kept in location with binder clips and sticky notes. The “”floor”is a sheet of clear acrylic.

The doctors are back-lit with numerous incandescent flashlights. Furthermore, I “”light painted” “the backdrop with an incandescent flashlight (seen in front of Fate) to contain much more glimmer. This kind of light painting includes moving a flashlight over a surface area while the electronic camera takes a medium or long exposure shot.

Above the scene a huge circular diffuser softens the ambient light in the room. A dark strip of fabric is positioned above the scene to darken it a bit.

To get a more detailed look at the equipment I utilize, take a look at my Gear series.

Medical professional Unusual – M3v4
doctor strange
Image by M3cha
Fourth Variation of Medical professional Strange with fractal flow. and sharpening/blurring edits.

Cool Batman Vs Superman images

Examine out these batman vs superman images:

Batman vs Superman
batman vs superman
Image by robinkristianparker

Wonder Female, Green Lantern
batman vs superman
Image by Eva Rinaldi Celeb and Live Music Photographer
Human Statue Bodyart contracted to develop DC Comics superheroes: Wonder-Woman and the Green Lantern; To appear in Injustice video game promos and commercials …

‘Injustice’ is expected to be one of Australia’s and undoubtedly, the worlds, most popular video game this year and news media has actually tipped for it to easily crack the top 10 game titles.

The Game:


Oppression: Gods Amongst United States is scheduled to be released on April 16, 2013 in The United States and Canada, followed by April 17 in Australia and April 19 in Europe for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

The game will be released later on in Japan on June 9 for the PlayStation 3 and Wii U.

Prior to the game’s release, NetherRealm Studios developed a free-to-play mobile app of Oppression: Gods Among United States for iOS devices. The app utilizes a collectible card-based fight system, and can be utilized to unlock benefits in the console variations of the game.

An album featuring music from numerous artists consisting of Increase Against, Depeche Mode, MSTRKRFT, Awolnation, Minus the Bear, and Zeus, will be released by WaterTower Music. Titled Injustice: Gods Amongst Us – The Album, the album will be offered at digital merchants on April 16, 2013 to coincide with the release of the video game. The collection will later be launched in CD format on April 23, 2013.

Pre-order perks
Warner Bros. Interactive partnered with a number of retail outlets on a pre-order incentive. Pre-orders from EB Games, GameStop, and Game gives players access to the Red Boy Pack, a DLC pack motivated by the Superman: Red Child comics restricted series, consisting of alternate Red Boy skins for Superman, Marvel Female, and Solomon Grundy, and 20 added objectives set within the Red Boy story. Pre-orders from Wal-Mart bring the Arkham City Skin Pack, consisting of downloadable outfits for Batman, Catwoman, and the Joker, and a bonus offer copy of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Offers from Finest Buy and Amazon Germany consist of the Blackest Night DLC Pack, which includes an alternate Batman skin, based upon his Black Lantern design from the Blackest Night story, and an exclusive “”zombie mode” “which transforms all characters into the undead.

Retail editions and downloadable content
In addition to the conventional edition, the Collector’s Edition is offered for purchase for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, that includes a steelbook case (UK just), a collectible figurine, a digital download code for the animated film Justice League: Doom (United States only), 2 concerns of the Injustice comics series, and 3 unique costumes for Superman, Batman, and Marvel Female based upon their looks in The New 52. The North American and European variations of the bundle provide various figurines. The North American release offers a 13-inch (33 cm) statue featuring Wonder Woman battling Batman, while the European release provides a smaller sized 9-inch (23 cm) statue of the two locked in battle. The Fight Edition, special to GameStop and EB Games, includes a lightweight battle stick controller and the 3 DLC skins. In the United Kingdom and Australia, the Scandal sheet is offered, solely through Game and EB Games respectively, including the steelbook and the Red Kid Load.
A Season Pass available to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users grants access to the Flashpoint Skin Load, including alternate skins for Aquaman, Deathstroke, and Marvel Woman, in addition to four downloadable characters at an overall affordable cost.

INJUSTICE: GODS AMONGST US software application © 2012 Warner Bros. Home entertainment Inc. Developed by NetherRealm Studios. All other hallmarks and copyrights are the building of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Description: DC LOGO, and all characters, their unique similarities, and related elements are trademarks of DC Comics © 2012.

DC LOGO DESIGN, and all characters, their unique likenesses, and associated elements are hallmarks of DC Comics © 2012.


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