Star Wars Adds Shine to Croatian 'Pearl' Dubrovnik

Star Wars Adds Shine to Croatian '' Pearl ' Dubrovnik The first Star Wars movie, A New Hope, which premiered in 1977, in fact was chronologically the 4th episode of the legend. Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back, and episode six, Return of the Jedi, followed in 1980 and 1983 respectively. Lucas went …
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The opening of Return of the Jedi is weirder than you thought
Return of the Jedi is a movie that does not care whether you have any idea what'' s going on. It ' s hard to express the scale of Star Wars: A New Hope'' s reach, specifically for its time. Some U.S. theaters kept it playing for over a year past its 1977 …
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Latest Batman Vs Superman News

'' Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' ' Video Exposes New Video footage of the Dark Knight
With the return of CW'' s The Flash for the rest of its second season, following a short mid-season break, came a bit of a deluge of all things DC, with brand-new video footage and video interviews from the cast of Wonder Lady, Justice League, and Batman v Superman …

Who Is Kelly Marie Tran?

Earlier today when announced the filming for Star Wars: Episode VIII had begun, they also announced three new cast members including Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro, Academy Award nominee Laura Dern, and talented newcomer Kelly Marie Tran.

Earlier today when announced the filming for Star Wars: Episode VIII had begun, they also announced three new cast members including Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro, Academy Award nominee Laura Dern, and talented newcomer Kelly Marie Tran.

Han Solo Star Wars Anthology movie sticking to May 2018 release date

Han Solo Star Wars Anthology motion picture sticking to Might 2018 release date
The Han Solo film is being directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 Jump Street, The LEGO Motion picture), while the shortlist for the role of the smuggler is said to consist of Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort, Dave Franco, Jack Reynor, Scott Eastwood, Logan Lerman, …
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'' Han Solo Film ' Updates: Disney casts '' The Age of Adaline' ' actor Anthony
Fans of Star Wars can now expect a standalone Han Solo film from Disney. Rumors said that Disney already discovered a star who will play as the young smuggler. Names like Miles Teller and Dave Franco were included in a shortlist of skill who auditioned …
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Assassin'' s Creed: Identity is an action-RPG for mobile

Assassin'' s Creed: Identity is an action-RPG for mobile
The game is being developed by Blue Byte (Anno 2205), and seems to be a bit of an experiment for Ubisoft, possibly testing the waters for RPG elements slipping their method into the primary series. '' Identity ' could well be self-referential, with the series …
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First appearance preview of Assassin'' s Creed: Templars # 1 All-new experiences from the world of Assassin'' s Creed. In 1927 Darius Gift showed up in Shanghai on his first project for the Templar Order. A minor error implies he soon finds himself blended up in the shadowy underworld of the International Settlement …
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Leading 4 Assassins Creed Tricks on Xbox and PS4 You haven'' t Heard of In Assassins Creed Revelations, there was a saying that was referencing an extremely historical occasion. When you come across The Brawler, one of the memories, the citizen will tell you, “Ah … we will call it a draw, alright?” Well, this is a direct reference to …
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Get hold of Far Cry, Splinter Cell and Assassin'' s Creed For Less Than
Simple Bundle– the world'' s most virtuous digital shop for video games– is back with an offer far too friendly to decline. This time excellent guy Ubisoft has actually signed up with the charitable fray, selling titles from their biggest franchises at bargain prices …
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Latest Force Awakens News

BB-8 Originally Spoke Written Discussion in '' Star Wars: The Force Awakens '
If you stuck around through the Star Wars: The Force Awakens credits (perhaps waiting fruitless for a post-credits scene), you may have seen that both Expense Hader and Ben Schwartz were credited as “BB-8 Voice Consultants” for the film. Hader spoke …
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Maz Kanata Finally Gets a '' Star Wars: The Force Awakens ' Action Figure
Star Wars: The Force Awakens has actually been in theaters for virtually 2 complete months, and Hasbro hasn'' t even begun to scratch the surface on its action figure line. There are numerous popular characters from this sci-fi sequel that haven'' t been given …
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Forest of Dreams
return of the jedi
Image by tommyscapes
I headed into the forest as the sun was falling out of the sky, its rays piercing under the canopy onto the forest floor carpeted with ferns. Learning the undergrowth restored childhood memories of chasing friends and playing soldiers in the wilds of Wales. Sometimes we would imagine we were on speeders on Endor from Return of the Jedi. Other times we would make up scary stories of a spirit living in the forest that wanted to capture us and turn us into trees.

Now as a professional photographer when I head out, my mind is more attuned to finding genuine appeal rather than the fictional– up until I get home and sit in front of a computer. Then somehow the truth just isn’t fairly as appealing as roaming around a naturally stunning location. Obviously there’s nothing incorrect with delighting in a little fantasy from time to time. Maybe I’ll compose some fictional tales to choose my images. Till the next journey …

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02.13 – River Read series at RBPL Published poets John Smith and Evelyn Hampton are featured, as Gregg G. Brown and Linda Jade present the monthly free poetry reading and open mic occasion, in its go back to the upstairs space at Red Bank Public Library. 02 …
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Countdown to '' The Force Awakens ': Keeping in mind 'Return of the Jedi'
' Star Wars: The Force Awakens is practically upon us and you understand exactly what that suggests … it'' s time to review the remainder of the Star Wars saga for the thousandth time (offer or take a few viewings). To obtain through the last days leading up the greatest film geek …
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Elton John Carpool Karaoke; 'Jason Bourne' trailer; Batman vs Superman: AM Buzz

Elton John Carpool Karaoke; '' Jason Bourne ' trailer; Batman vs Superman: AM Buzz
In an option to motion picture trailers, Batman fights with Superman in Turkish Airline companies' ' Super Bowl commercials instead of merely ensuring “”Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” “Ben Affleck appears as Bruce Wayne, welcoming you to fly to Gotham City …
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Could “”Suicide Squad” “be a PREQUEL to Batman Vs Superman!
.?.!? So with Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice coming out in 50 days, speculation time is virtually over. However something has actually been lurking in my mind ever because the very first Comic Con use Suicide Squad. What if Suicide Squad is in fact a prequel to the …
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View: Batman Vs. Superman Legion of Collectors Trailer
DC Comics is introducing a geek box subscription of their own with Legion of Collectors, and up very first is the Batman Vs. Superman-themed box, which includes an exclusive Funko Pop! Batman. Take a look at a teaser trailer below. You can sign-up at …
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Mark Hamill tells how Luke really felt about kissing his sister Leia

Mark Hamill tells how Luke actually felt about kissing his sis Leia
It'' s well known that Star Wars protagonist Luke Skywalker and Princess (now General) Leia are sibling and sister. The estranged siblings didn'' t learn about their familial relationship up until “”Return of the Jedi.” “They even shared a passionate kiss in …
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Will Luke Skywalker'' s Other half Be Exposed In Rogue One, Or Star Wars Episode 8?
Prior to Star Wars: Episode VII– The Force Awakens was even released, fans have been questioning how Luke Skywalker'' s life in the new motion picture canon is different to his story in the Expanded Universe. The books, comics, and video games released after the …
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From Sherlock Holmes to Luke Skywalker – 10 fictional characters we want were genuine
From Sherlock Holmes to Luke Skywalker – 10 imaginary characters we want were genuine. Jack Murphy. Published 11/02/2016|14:19. 0 Comments; Share. Facebook & middot; Twitter & middot; Google & middot; Email. Luke Skywalker. Jack Murphy on the 10 fictional characters any young …
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