Awesome Art Picks: Wonder Woman, Thing, Hawkman, and More

Wonder Female
wonder women
Image by Annie Fischinger Fotografie
Costumeartist & & Model Awesome Art Picks: Wonder Female, Thing, Hawkman, and More Each week we search

and gather the coolest comic book artyou won ' t see in real comics. The factor you won ' t is because professional artists frequently draw sketches for enjoyable or commissions and publish them on their sites, blogs, and Tumblrs. Some … Read more on GameSpot Personal ambulance service backed by “Wonder Lady of Wall Street”files bankruptcy The privately-owned company, which operates 27 ambulances, is managed by funds connected with”Wonder Woman of Wall Street”Lynn Tilton ' s private-equity company Patriarch Partners. It

takes part in the city ' s 911 EMS system and runs 81 shifts … Find out more on New” York Company Journal

Tropaeum Traiani [Adamclisi]

A couple of great the avengers images I availabled:

Tropaeum Traiani [Adamclisi]
the avengers
Image by fusion-of-horizons
Tropaeum Traiani from the North

The Tropaeum Traiani is a monument in Roman Civitas Tropaensium (website of contemporary Adamclisi, Romania), integrated in 109 ADVERTISEMENT in then Moesia Inferior, to commemorate Roman Emperor Trajan’s very first triumph over the Dacians, in the winter of 101-102, in the Fight of Adamclisi.
The present edifice is a restoration [in situ] dating from 1977. The nearby museum includes lots of historical things, consisting of parts of the original Roman monolith.


The engraving from the monument can be equated in this way:

“”To Mars, the avenger, Caesar the emperor, kid of divine Nerva, Nerva Trajan, Augustus, who beat the Germans, the Dacians, great priest, for the 13th time tribune of the plebeians, declared emperor by the army for the 6th time, elected consul for the Fifth time, daddy of our homeland, …
after beating the Dacian and the Sarmatian armies.”

“76032 The Avengers Quinjet Chase
the avengers
Image by vynsane
Vision Minifigure

Review: Doctor Strange #5

Evaluation: Doctor Strange # 5
If magic passes away, so too dies the world and just Physician Strange can stop it. Comiconverse'' s own Mitch Nissen is here with the scoop on the current problem of Medical professional Strange! Strangers in a Physician Strange land, welcome once more to the world of monsters and …
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Doctor Strange: Leaked on-set footage reveals Benedict Cumberbatch in action as
Here'' s a little something for Benedict Cumberbatch fans eagerly waiting for to see the star as Physician Strange in Marvel'' s upcoming superhero flick– latest images and videos including the actor all suited up and in action on the sets. Cumberbatch was …
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X-Men Special FX

A few good x males images I found:

X-Men Unique FX
x men
Image by JD Hancock
Final entry in exactly what ended up being a week of pictures including my X-Men costume. That’s me as the superhero Cyclops, standing on a huge X. Optic blasts courtesy of Photoshop. Photo taken by my partner.

Picture aimed for the Flickr group 7 Days of Shooting.

Image seen in Flickr Explore.

Purchase this image and find out more about it at the source.

Source: …

Cyclist, X-Men
x men
Image by kohlmann.sascha

Colors in Dreams
x men
Image by Pensiero
X-berg, Berlin

Latest The Avengers News

That Thou Mightest Still the Opponent and the Avenger
the avengers
Image by Thomas Hawk

Here'' s Your First Within Take a look at Marvel'' s All-New, All-Different Wasp
” [Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort and I] both enjoy the Wasp, and we both like Janet Van Dyne– she'' s important to the Avengers, the one who called them. Everyone forgets, but she'' s the one who acknowledges that individual they dragged out of the ice [as] being …
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Avengers and Patriots partner for Air Defense Workout
Pvt. Imaris Suarez stands atop a AN/TWQ -1 Avenger Missile System during a preparedness drill at Osan Air Base, South Korea, Feb. 16. 2016. Suarez, an air defense fight management system operator appointed to E Battery, Sixth Battalion, 52nd Air Defense.
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Newest Han Solo News

Han Solo, Ann Arbor
han solo
Image by knitgrrldotcom
Han Solo graffiti, Ann Arbor

Before Your Han Solo Dies, Have a Business Estate Plan
In a Galaxy, Far Far, Han Solo ran a smuggling business with his good pal Chewbacca in his ship, The Millennium Falcon. He would periodically have a team however they would always end up passing away (I wouldn'' t wish to work for him anytime quickly).
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Star Wars: Updates For Episode VIII And Han Solo
With Star Wars Episode VIII and the Han Solo spinoff merely months apart from each other, expect the buzz to eventually reach a perpetuity high. After over a years of dormancy, the Star Wars universe is finally abuzz with news once again. Following …
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5 Standalone '' Star Wars ' Motion pictures to Make After '' Rogue One ' and '
Han Solo ' After Rogue One we ' ll get Phil Lord and Chris Miller'' s Han Solo film in 2018, and an unnamed standalone motion picture in 2020 that will probably be a Boba Fett origin story. There'' s a lot of apparent alternatives of exactly what the others will undoubtedly be– if …
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Representative Scully to join Han Solo in Official Tricks!
Gillian Anderson, most just recently seen in Fox'' s ' X-Files, ' which premiered to 50 million viewers worldwide, is in negotiations to join the all-star cast of Justin Chadwick'' s political thriller “Authorities Tricks”. Anderson will star together with Paul Bettany …
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The Division's mechanics could be incorporated into Assassin's Creed

The Department'' s mechanics could be incorporated into Assassin ' s Creed The Division'' s functions and mechanics might affect and be incorporated into future Assassin'' s Creed titles, according to IP director at Ubisoft Massive, Martin Hultberg. “Internally we aim to share as much technology as possible in between the studios …
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'' Assassin ' s Creed ' film 2016: Actor Michael Fassbender says movie inspired
Michael Fassbender, who will be playing the protagonist in the upcoming “”Assassin ' s Creed”motion picture, has said that the movie has actually taken a great deal of inspiration from parkour stunts of “”Assassin ' s Creed”video games and from the film “”The Matrix.” “””Assassin ' s …Find out more on International Company Times, India Edition

Már biztosan lesz Assassin'' s Creed 2
Megnyugodhatnak a filmadaptációt váró Assassin'' s Creed rajongók, ugyanis a produkciót készítő Regency Enterprises és a forgalmazó 20th Century Fox párosa bejelentette, hogy már tervezik is a sequelt, amelyet hamarosan el is kezdenek kidolgozni.
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Assassin'' s Creed: un deuxième movie prévu
L'' details est révélée par le website Tracking Board, la suite du premier movie Assassin'' s Creed serait déjà prévue. Un choix étonnant de la part de la 20th Century Fox alors même que Assassin'' s Creed n ' est pas repetition sorti au cinéma, et que le tournage …
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