Video game of Thrones Season 6 Has a Badass Plot for Brienne

Game of Thrones Season 6 Has a Badass Plot for Brienne
At some point during Game of Thrones Season 3, when Brienne and Jaime were grimily cavorting around Westeros losing appendages and battling bears, the high girl warrior became a big fan favorite. However since the program and Jaime sent her packing with …
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Will the Sixth Game of Thrones Book Be Out Before the New Season?
The world of Game of Thrones is one of rumors and speculation, whispers from little birds, and ravens bearing news from far locations. While the majority of the Web has actually been consuming over the most recent Kit Harington sightings around the Ireland set of the …
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Why Game of Thrones Won Over Mad Men at the Emmys
But removing would-be kings is Game of Thrones' ' specialized, and the HBO program worked its magic on Sunday night when it took the most significant award of the night– Finest Drama– from Mad Men. It also set a new Emmys record: 12 wins for one program in a single …
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