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Hello Kitty Darth Vader
darth vader
Image by JD Hancock
My other half and I finally finished this art project for my daughter, a custom, full-sized Darth Vader helmet in the style of Hello Kitty. This is not a Photoshop manipulation.

Image aimed for the Flickr group 7 Days of Shooting.

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?. !? Picture seen in Flickr Check out.

Five reasons Star Wars: The Force Awakens villain Snoke probably isn'' t Darth
Exactly what Abrams has done is borrow motifs– a kickass female Jedi, Darth Vader'' s grandchildren turning to the dark side– from the EA novels and comics. So it would be not a surprise, for circumstances, if it turned out that Snoke had actually used some kind of Plagueis …
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Darth Vader Assists For An Unbelievable Pregnancy Statement
Taylor Starr'' s spouse Bryan is a big “”Star Wars” “fan. So it was just right that Darth Vader and a couple of stormtroopers were associated with her surprise pregnancy statement. Starr, 25 and Bryan, 27, recently launched a video of the emotional minute Bryan …
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An Easter egg in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' pays homage to the original movie

LowLug Star Wars Contest
star wars
Image by workfromtheheart
For the Lowlug LEGO Star Wars MOC contest I’ve created an easy scene after this image. Constructing the scene was relatively simple, however it took me over an hour to obtain the best shot.

An Easter egg in '' StarWars: The Force Awakens ' admires the original movie
In a 1975 script titled, “”Adventures of the Starkiller, Episode One: The Star Wars,” “George Lucas dreamt up an 18-year-old hero, Luke Starkiller, trained in the methods of the Force by his Uncle Owen. Starkiller'' s referred to as “a”sensitive artistic type …
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354 days till Star Wars: What we understand about '' Rogue One ' so
far Out with the old, in with the brand-new! “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” remains in theaters, which implies there is less than year till “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” informs the official tale of how those Death Star strategies ended up in Princess Leia'' s ownership. 354 …
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See how Hayden Christensen's Darth Vader may have appeared in Force Awakens

See how Hayden Christensen'' s Darth Vader might have appeared in Force Awakens
As it stands, Darth Vader exists in STAR WARS: THE REQUIRE AWAKENS as a charred helmet and in a couple of references, although this was not always the case. “”The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens” “book shows us that at one point in time, Vader would …

Watch Darth Vader Attack a Mexican Soccer Interview
On Tuesday, he was introduced at an interview, and instead of revealing up to the event as a normal individual, he entered the Star Wars spirit– and played down his function in the U.S./ Mexico soccer competition– by rocking a complete Darth Vader attire. And …
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Star Wars is rated M but marketed at small children. What can a parent do?

Star Wars is rated M however marketed at little children. What can a moms and dad do?
It'' s not rocket science to link the massive merchandising of multiple child-oriented Star Wars products with youngsters'' s desire to see the film. Everything from Lego, action figures, outfits, to fluffy toys, Play-Doh, sticker label books, rain boots …
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'' Star Wars ' Sales”Single Handedly Saved” Q4 For Wall Street Forecasters
Due entirely to the mind-boggling efficiency of Star Wars: The Force Awakens– which created $ 149 million locally in its second weekend and $ 540.3 million to date– the quarter is up 9.4 % vs the period last year. That has actually “eliminated all issues …
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How ?Star Wars? Shaped the U.S. Military

How?Star Wars!.?.!? Shaped the U.S. Armed force Now that J.J. Abrams' ' Star Wars original trilogy remix The Force Awakens has been released, changing a brand-new generation of cinemagoers into Nick Winters at The Powder Room, fanboys have started to dissect its myriad inspirations. We understand, for …
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Who Star Wars' ' Supreme Leader Snoke Might Really Be
It also suits a previous rumor, which had actually mentioned that Emperor Palpatine himself would turn out to be the puppet master for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The implication, though never specifically specified, back in Revenge of the Sith was that …
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13 Story Concepts That Were Dropped from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Star Wars: The Force Awakens is definitely bursting with cool set pieces. However you didn'' t see half the outrageous stuff the motion picture'' s production group created. Early versions of the story teemed with Darth Vader'' s ghost, an undersea Death Star, and more.
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15 Lines By Yoda From Star Wars That Will Teach You To Be A Winner In Life

15 Lines By Yoda From Star Wars That Will Teach You To Be A Winner In Life
He might be old, he might be green, he may be imaginary, however the legendary Jedi Master is certainly wiser than you and I. His years of ancient knowledge have assisted many Jedi Padawans, become Jedi Masters and Knights. His sensible words are the reason why …
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Tim McGraw Shares Special Christmas Memories … With Yoda
The nation super star published an extremely special interview to Facebook where he shares some fond memories of Christmases past, and his recruiter is none aside from Yoda, the small, wizened sage who instructed Luke Skywalker in the ways of the …
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dressed Up as Yoda for the Star Wars Premiere
He went for it with green face paint and green Yoda ears, however beyond that, he actually appeared to be prioritizing convenience. He sported a green beanie, an extremely soft-looking robe, and some green pajama trousers. (If you look carefully, you'' ll see that those are …
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Funny drunken Star Wars recap stars Richard Gere and Yoda the chupacabra
Believe it or not, there are still some individuals who have actually never ever seen a Star Wars motion picture. One such person is DJ Mark Zabala'' s girlfriend, Maggie K, and Zabala published a video of her on his Facebook page on Tuesday describing the whole movie franchise …
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10 things Yoda would state if he were your monetary advisor
I think this is what Yoda would tell Jedi students about debt. has actually produced a clock showing that the current student-loan debt amount of money is enhancing at a rate of more than $ 2,700 per second. We saw how bad things ended up when …
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'' Star Claws ' video reveals felines 'going through ' jedi training ' with Yoda toy This is the adorable minute that 4 felines were left baffled by tricks being carried out by a toy version of Yoda, the Jedi master from Star Wars. The video posted to YouTube this week shows the reincarnation of the beloved green master spinning around with …
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Watch Yoda, Darth Vader and the 'Star Wars' Galaxy 'Sing' 'Stayin' Alive' on

See Yoda, Darth Vader and the '' Star Wars ' 'Galaxy ' Sing ' ' Stayin ' Alive ' on … The first weekend ticket office outcomes remain in: Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a hit. And to commemorate J.J. Abrams and Co. successfully renewing the Star Wars franchise, the team at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon have actually produced an apt tribute …
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Twitter '' Star Wars: The Force Awakens ' Fans Mob, Yoda They Speak
Changing simply about any line making it sound like it was delivered by Yoda is constantly a hoot. To the test fans of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” put that theory on Wednesday, with Yoda-inspired lines ending up being a trending topic on social networks, hashtag …
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Obi-Wan and Yoda are covertly in Star Wars: The Force Awakens– special
And within this, we hear at least two familiar voices: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. On Saturday night, I spoke with director J.J. Abrams and his co-screenwriters Lawrence Kasdan and Michael Arndt after a Writers Guild of America screening, and they …
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Watch Star Wars In The Finest Order To Avoid Spoilers

Watch Star Wars In The very best Order To Avoid Spoilers
2 seeing orders are generally proposed: as Star Wars creator George Lucas originally planned, starting with episode 1 of the '' prequel ' trilogy (I: The Phantom Hazard, II: Attack of the Clones, III: Vengeance of the Sith) or based on release date of …
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Disneyland to close some attractions to construct '' Star
Wars ' land Making method for “”Star Wars,” “Disneyland is about to introduce its biggest expansion ever, which indicates turning off a substantial portion of the Anaheim amusement park. In January, 10 attractions and dining establishments will close– some temporarily, some completely …
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'' StarWars: The Force Awakens ' Box Workplace: M Thursday, 1M First Week
Star Wars: The Force Awakens made a tremendous $ 27.59 million on Thursday. That'' s a drop of simply 27 % from Wednesday. Christmas Eve is typically an off day at the box workplace, with ticket sales shooting back up on Christmas Day. That'' s why studios have the tendency to …
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Will Yoda lead a future 'Star Wars' spin-off movie?

Will Yoda lead a future '' Star Wars ' spin-off motion picture? No thanks, Yoda works very well as a supporting character. I'' m not truly thinking about his backstory being fleshed out. Some things are best left to the viewer'' s imagination. The Prequels didn'' t completely damage his mystique but I'' d rather not put a film …
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North Wales baker produces design of Star Wars Jedi master Yoda
An imaginative baker has actually made a perfect model of Star Wars' ' Yoda- however is not able to bring herself to eat him due to the fact that he is '' too charming '. Vicki Smith from Flint, North Wales, celebrated the release of the current Star Wars film by utilizing her culinary abilities to …
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Darth Vader, Yoda screen stolen from backyard
LOGAN, Utah– A 6-year-old Logan boy is devastated after a Cache Valley Scrooge ventured over to the dark side today and stole Yoda and Darth Vader from his backyard. According to Meghan Falcon, she and her hubby are big “Star Wars” fans, and …
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An Unusual Method of Speaking, Yoda Has
When Luke Skywalker first comes across Yoda, it'' s on a marshy planet in The Empire Strikes Back. Initially, Luke doesn'' t realize the long-eared, wrinkly green creature is, in fact, the one he'' s looking for.” I ' m trying to find somebody, “Luke states.”Looking … Check out more on The Atlantic