Ewing's "New Avengers" Are Headed Towards An Explosive "Standoff"

Ewing'' s”New Avengers” “Are Headed To An Explosive “”Standoff”When you '
re the Marvel Universe'' s leading worldwide rescue team, you have to be prepared for all type of dangers, anywhere and at any time. In the very first four issues of author Al Ewing and artist Gerardo Sandoval'' s”” New Avengers,”Sunspot (AKA Roberto da …
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Stan Lee Teases A Real Star Wars/Avengers Crossover”I developed the Avengers by taking a lot of our characters and making a group out of them. We can have as lots of characters join the Avengers as we wish to for future motion pictures. That might be fun, all of an abrupt Luke Skywalker is an Avenger! “Which, up till … Read more on moviepilot.com If ' Game of Thrones ' and '
The Avengers ' were made in Pakistan Fawad Khan as Iron Male, Mehwish Hayat as Cersei Lannister … we '

re 'currently drooling. IMAGE: nasirmughalpk.wordpress'. Yes, we went there. After first art works of an Indian version of Hollywood motion pictures appeared on social media,'Graphic design company … Check out more on The Express Tribune

Latest Doctor Strange News

Very first appearance: For '' Physician Strange,' ' Marvel leans into Benedict Cumberbatch'' s … Shooting on “Medical professional Strange” has actually started, for a film due out in simply under a year. Therefore to jump-start this awareness campaign, we see Cumberbatch topped by gray-flecked locks, and underneath the Odd'' s signature hairs. We see the red cape, which …
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Everything We Know So Far About Marvel's Doctor Strange

Everything We Know Up until now About Marvel'' s Doctor Strange
The Marvel Cinematic Universe will release it'' s most experimental film yet on November Fourth, 2016 with the Stage 3 motion picture entitled Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the Master of Mysticism, Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One, Chiwetel …
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Hold Up, Doctor Strange and Representative Carter Will Have WHAT in Common?
Agent Carter'' s showrunners, Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, recently talked with CBR about how Agent Carter will link with Doctor Odd with something called '' Darkforce ' -it is a kind of unfavorable energy discovered in the Marvel Universe. Michele and …
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Marvel''s ' Physician Strange' ' Motion picture, Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Filming At
The Marvel movie is contending Exeter College in Oxford this week, according to the Bicester Advertiser. “”It ' s all really hush-hush,”” a student told the newspaper. Cumberbatch said last month that he'' s still “”in the early stage”of discovering magic. “”It was …
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Three Caryatid Assassins

Some cool assassins creed images:

Three Caryatid Assassins
assassins creed
Image by @sage_solar
These 3 hooded statues atop a building on California and Kearny streets in San Francisco are oddly similar to characters from the video game Assassins Creed. They are rather sinister looking, nearly as if this is the head office of an ominous, shadowy empire!

Cool Deadpool Movie images

Some cool deadpool film images:

Deadpool at the swimming pool (Merpool)
deadpool movie
Image by greyloch
This individual split everyone up at the GA Aquarium. Not only was he using all the gear you see in this pic, he likewise had swimming flippers on his feet. Although, I got ta admit that this was really creative and the swimsuit top was mildly disturbing. He won the “”Best Male” “category at the outfit contest at the GA Fish tank. A well-deserved win, IMHO.

UPDATE: This picture was included in an Uproxx three-part cosplay short article commemorating Deadpool finally getting his own film. Uproxx’s cosplay writer, Robo Panda, picked at overall of 10 of my– more than slightly-demented– pictures (out of thirty) to display in these articles. Boo-yah !!!

deadpool movie
Image by venox360/ 留学

Latest Assassins Creed News

Assassin’s Creed
assassins creed
Image by ElDave
I could shoot pictures like this all the time.

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'' Assassin ' s Creed 'Can Learn A Lot From ' Assassin ' s Creed Chronicles: India ' There'' s something about India in the mid-19th century that'' s always seemed ripe for an Assassin'' s Creed game. You'' ve got the clash in between an imperial force and a complicated society complete of resistance and collaboration, you'' ve got ancient cities with a …
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'' Assassin ' s Creed '
Movie Covers Production Recording on Assassin'' s Creed started in Malta this previous September. The story is about an advanced technology that unlocks hereditary memories. Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) experiences the adventures of his forefather, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain.
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XMen Spinoff Series Hellfire Seeking New Showrunners

XMale Spinoff Series Hellfire Seeking New Showrunners
Although FOX is still moving forward with strategies for the X-Men spinoff series Hellfire, the network is now looking to do so with a different innovative team than initially planned. Co-creators Evan Katz (24: Live Another Day), Manny Coto (24), Patrick …
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Brand new XMale # 3
In “”All-New X-Men” “# 3, young Cyclops remains to unintentionally trigger some headaches for the time-displaced X-Men, while the older (and dead) Cyclops does just the same thanks to the Ghosts of Cyclops gang. Similarly, Dennis Hopeless carries on the …
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