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Some cool medical professional strange images:

Nusa lembongan cliff
doctor strange
Image by Jimmy McIntyre – Editor HDR One Publication
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Travel Journal Day 36
(my travel blog site – strange-lands. com/daily/2012/ 08/17/more-surreal-hdr/)

Given that we’re unwinding a lot in preparation for our return to the Motherland, I tried to go to the beach once again today. This time I smeared sun tan lotion all over my arms so that no skin colour might be seen. When I took my top off it appeared like I was using 2 long white sleeves – the reverse of a sleeveless top. I want to call it a sleeved top however that would simply be a jumper.

I found three things while observing individuals today. First of all, I shouldn’t be taking a look at ladies in swimsuits when Rachel is with me due to the fact that I’m a horrible loser if I do and I have to mature, even if it is for human research study functions.

Secondly, guys wearing speedos enjoy to stand with their hands on their hips, crotch pushed forward somewhat, and look into the distance as if deep in idea. No man ought to use so little in public.

And finally, when individuals are leaving of the sea they feel very hot, specifically the blokes. There’s a scene in a recent James Bond film when Daniel Craig goes out of the sea in some tighty-whities. The girls like that scene. The people believe they’re replicating it completely as they stumble out of the sea with beer-bellies hanging over their shorts.

For me this is the sober equivalent of dancing when you’re intoxicated. You’re almost 100 % particular you’re the sexiest person in the room at the moment.

Today’s Picture – Nusa lembongan cliff

Individuals concern this spot to jump off into the sea– it’s insanity. A lady was pushing the floor when we showed up. She was in a state of tears and being checked by a medical professional. I could not see if the damage was bad.

Her clothes and hair weren’t damp. We deduced that she ‘d tipped over on the way to the cliff– even the journey there is unsafe. As I based on the cliff, nowhere near the edge, Rachel was clinging onto my backpack to stop me falling in. Eventually in the future she’ll no doubt claim she’s saved my life before.

Medical professional Strange
doctor strange
Image by gluetree

Physician Unusual
doctor strange
Image by Dentsu London

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Doctor Strange

A few great physician unusual images I discovered:

Medical professional Strange
doctor strange
Image by dcnerd
Taken at Philadelphia Comic Con May 2013

Main Bay 2
doctor strange
Image by SmithGreg

A greyish, mineral-rich clay, fuller’s earth is well-known for its absorbent qualities and has numerous usages. Its best known use however is as feline litter, which countless bags are sold every year. Many of this is now imported from the Americas but up until just recently, fuller’s earth was quarried from the Lower Greensand strata at Woburn (Beds.), at Baulking (Oxon.) and at Redhill (Surrey).
On the Redhill deposit, the most successful quarry operating at the turn of the century was the Copyhold Works of the Fuller’s Earth Union Ltd, established c.1860-70. At first providing the woolen trade, need later moved to the growing chemical and comodity sector with consumers in the 1920s-40s including the Southern Oil Company Ltd, British Glues and Chemicals Ltd and Price’s Patent Candle Co

. In 1954 the works, now using 780 men, were bought by chemical business Laporte Industries. Production was stepped up to meet enhancing need and a big factory including kilns, granulators, blungers, silos and transit systems on numerous floors was built. A huge quarry existed to the east and in the 1970s this unusual landscape stood in for different alien worlds in the BBC’s Doctor Who series. In the 1980s, the Copyhold website was sending out loose earths and packaged cat litter all over the world.
By 1995, however, due to falling earnings it was revealed that the company would close 10 % of its 100 plants. Copyhold fell victim the following year and the Laporte Group ceased fuller’s earth production altogether in 1997. After the assembly line were switched off, the 119 acre pit was acquired for use as a landfill website by Biffa Waste Services and continues to take waste from across Surrey. The factory was for a while utilized as a waste transfer station but this was abandoned at some time in the last four years and the website is now derelict.

Friday-Love! ~ Bug Eyed Odd Guy Fawkes Edition
doctor strange
Image by Viewminder
Ooooooh yeah.

Can you feel it?

That feelin’ of Fridayness?

Uh huh.

Exactly what a crazy ass week wasn’t it?

I’m startin’ to believe that they’re all insane.

They’ll leave you kinda lookin’ like this individual if you let ’em.

Dude was cool.

He was walking down Milwaukee Opportunity carrying a trombone case.

In my experience individuals strolling down the street carrying trombone cases at midnight are either insane trombone players or they’re drug dealers carrying a trombone case filled with marijuana.

The devil’s weed.

Sugary food Mary Jane.

Packed complete in sandwich baggies three fingers thick.

I used to smoke pot in college.

I believe the last time I bought it I bought it from a guy carrying a trombone case down the street.

In Honolulu Hawaii.

I was on my way to Bangkok and the aircraft hadda stop in the islands to get some gas and I decided I ‘d get off and check out for a number of days.

Catch the next one.

You could do that in those days because people were cool.

They didn’t fly planes into buildings or butt search you when you flew anywhere locally like they do now.

I leased some crap ass Suzuki Samuri tin foil jeep like thing for twenty 9 bucks a day and oversleeped that piece of junk all over that island.

Kept getting began of pineapple plantations by security personnel in the middle of the night after the cops threatened to toss my ass in jail for sleepin’ on the beach.

Honolulu was really kind of boring if you’re not with a hot chick on your honeymoon and I ‘d heard about this legendary weed called ‘Maui Wowwie’ and figured possibly I could score some there.

Maui had not been too far away I thought.

I’m glad I did excellent in geography class.

Education pays.

I struck all the bad neighborhoods and people attempted to offer me every other vice on the planet but nobody had any of the sensimilian rasta love herbs I was lookin’ for.

I ‘d quite much quit on the entire concept and instead I chartered a boat and went marlin fishing for the day and enjoyed me some of the big blue ocean and since I didn’t catch a marlin I chose to hit some fish joint on the beach where you could barbecue up your own marlin steak.

It was an epic supper and when I was walkin’ back to that crap ass Suzuki Samuri I see this man in a tie colored Grateful Dead t-shirt bring a trombone case walkin’ down the street with a smile on his face and lookin’ like he didn’t have a care worldwide.

If you know anything about anything you know THAT man’s carryin’.

So as I strolled by him I whispered ‘weed?’.

The individual dropped in his tracks and turned around and stated ‘buyin’ or sellin’?’.

‘Lookin”I addressed.

You understand … simply in case he was Hawaii 5-0 undercover or somethin’.

Under the barbaric laws of the time they still put people in prison for havin’ that.

Oh wait … they still do.

Dealership guy shot back ‘follow me.’.

We strolled into a street alongside the Honolulu Hilton and he opened that trombone case and holy smokes the thing was filled to capability with the illegal green budness.

All nicely arranged in rows according to weight and grade.

The man was an expert.

Smelled like the Hienecken factory or a skunk farm right when he opened it I swear.

He was a complete pot dealer … probably focusing on the traveler market and he even had packages of rolling documents for the convenience of his consumers.

‘I do a great deal of business with the japanese’ he stated ‘they’re my most significant consumers.’.

I chose up a bag of his produce after he proclaimed it’s virtues, guaranteeing me ‘you ain’t never ever smoked weed this great.’.

We sat on the Hilton’s a/c device there in the street and he demanded twisting up a fatty with me and we smoked it right there.

Excellent gahd he was right.

I had actually never smoked weed like that before and I never have considering that.

That stuff made me ‘see’ music.

I fell right on my ass off the air conditioning unit and he packed up his trombone case and avoided into the sultry Honolulu night looking for more business.

I discovered my shitball Suzuki Samuri and headed to the north part of the island where he stated the waves were expected to be killer in the early morning.

Nobody was on the roadways and I drove real slow … awaiting stop signs to turn green and everything.

I kept my eyes open for a twenty four hour burrito shack.

It had actually developed into a gorgeous night and the stars were extraordinary to rest under.

I slept behind some shopping center and woke up feeling like shit.

A day on the beach cured me of all of that and with that little bag of the hashish I made a whole lot of brand-new friends.

Individuals could smell that things from a mile away.

Everyone enjoyed and the livin’ was great …

however I hadda catch a 747 to Bangkok late that afternoon and I headed back to the airport in the flimsy little Suzuki Samuri I ‘d been calling house.

It’s not a smart idea to take a trip worldwide with cannabis on your person so I rounded off that stuff right before I got to the rental return at the airport …

I snapped the last half of my last pleased cigarette carelessly into the breeze and bid farewell to Hawaii and that frickin’ Suzuki Samuri with a smile and some actually red eyes.

And a dreadful hankering for a bag of Doritos.

You understand that joint I flipped outta the automobile en route to the airport?

Well …

It never left the vehicle.

It landed in my video camera bag and melted itself to the top of it on the within the flap where you open and close it.

Where it remained while I went through customizeds in 2 nations.

I got a little additional analysis when I landed in Tokyo after spendin’ some time in Bankgok.

Dogs were sniffin’ all my stuff and everything.

But they never found that half a joint in my electronic camera bag.

I discovered it 6 months later.

Me and a friend completed it off and reminisced about the United States and after that walked around the streets of Osaka feelin’ truly good and havin’ a new appreciation for japanese letters in neon.

I’m not sayin’ old kid in this image’s got anything to do with cannabis dealin’…

He coulda just been walkin’ back from a trombone gig or something.

However he looked like he was actually feelin’ the love if you know exactly what I imply.

He sure reminded me of my pal ‘Budman’ in Honolulu.

I hope you’re feelin’ a different kinda love today.

One that doesn’t bug your eyes out like that.

I hope you got some cush plans for the weekend and you’re feelin’ like a million dollars ’cause you made it through that insane freakin’ week without too much collateral damage to your soul.

We made it to Friday.

The remainder of the week can kiss my ass.


I’m feelin’ the love you understand.


Impressive Friday-Love!

I hope you have the best weekend.


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Pinkhus Karlinskii. Eighty-four years [old]. Sixty-six years of service. Supervisor of Chernigov floodgate. [Russian Empire] (LOC)

Some cool x guys images:

Pinkhus Karlinskii. Eighty-four years [old] Sixty-six years of service. Supervisor of Chernigov floodgate. [Russian Empire] (LOC)
x men
Image by The Library of Congress
Making Your very own Color Image from the Original Glass Plate Negative, utilize this file:

Prokudin-Gorskii ̆, Sergeĭ Mikhaĭlovich, 1863-1944, professional photographer.

Pinkhus Karlinskii. Eighty-four years [old] Sixty-six years of service. Manager of Chernigov floodgate. [Russian Empire]
1 negative (3 frames): glass, b&& w, three-color separation; 24 x 9 cm.

Forms part of: Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii Collection (Library of Congress).

Older individuals.
Government employees.
Russia (Federation)– Volga-Baltic Waterway.

Format: Glass negatives.
Color separation negatives.
Portrait pictures.

Rights Information: No known constraints on publication. For additional details on business usage, see “”Prokudin-Gorskii …,” “ rr/print/res/ 237_prok. html

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 U.S.A

Higher resolution image is offered (Persistent URL): loc.pnp/ prokc.20882

Call Number: LC-P87- 5006

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