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One guy and his canine
x men
Image by Dave McLear

The Astonishing X-Men 114 1978 British Alternative
x men
Image by big-ashb
Following their battle with Magneto, Phoenix and Beast appear to be the only survivors left!

The Monster and Phoenix have actually ended up being separated from the remainder of the X-Men after the collapse of Magneto’s lair, and each group believes the other passed away.

Jean and Hank make their way back to the states, and tell Prof. Xavier that all of his students are dead.

On the other hand the X-Men find themselves in the Savage Land! While there, they attempt to loosen up and relax with the Fall People, however their respite is brief lived, as they are assaulted by old enemy SAURON! Sauron gets Storm and drains her powers.

There was a scene when Cyclops was lost in believed about Jean and why he isn’t feeling so bad about the death of the woman he loved, when he saw his own reflection with a mustache in a lake and recognizes he appears like Corsair. That make him keep in mind about his past when he and Alex (Havok) were still young and were tossed out of a plane by their dad – the Corsair.

Wolverine was likewise lost in believed about Jean and just how much he loved her, however now she is dead and he never even informed her his name.

Note: This is the first Uncanny Concern!

X-Men 3
x men
Image by Alain-Christian

Nice The Avengers images

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the avengers
Image by R ~ P ~ M
68008 “”Avenger”at Banbury with the 1U61 17.50 Marylebone – Banbury service on 13th March 2015.

Hunting for a Shooter
the avengers
Image by MSVG
Aim to the left exactly what do I see …? Cops and heaps of them! Undercover police officers everywhere! I should have counted over 30 vehicles splattered throughout this Mississauga area. Apparently, cops were searching for someone who shot and killed a male at a Mississauga hotel.

Cops state that the victim (determined as Donald Richard Grant, 27, of Toronto) was discovered without vital indications and was taken to healthcare facility with lethal injuries where he was noticable dead.

I was going to pry and kick in my journalistic side but the police officers seemed really busy (and I didn’t wish to conflict)!

Donald Richard Grant, 27, was a rising rapper called Don Kartel.

The Avengers Cake
the avengers
Image by CakewalkBU3
Side view – Black Widow’s spider was fondant.

“Pele Dancing” ~ Kilauea Volcano lava circulation

Some cool physician odd images:

“Pele Dancing” ~ Kilauea Volcano lava flow
doctor strange
Image by Konabish ~ Greg Bishop
KEEP IN MIND By clicking on the Words In Blue you’ll open a photo in some, or additional details in others.

“”Pele Dancing” “was recorded by French Volcanologist Katia Krafft while she and her Volcanologist partner Maurice Krafft were photographing and filming the streams of molten lava flowing down the slopes of Mauna Loa Volcano (on the Big Island of Hawai’i), during its 1984 eruption. Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes, and this remarkable nighttime picture shows her exulting in her outstanding volcanic power.” “My framed copies (2) have awaited my home for over Thirty Years. It has special significance to me.

I decided to publish mine when I discovered this Flickr photo today, published by someone I didn’t know of, and meant as a Christmas greeting. LISTED BELOW— The “”Juan Cortez” “picture immediately reminded me of the “”Pele Dancing” “image.

I ‘d been suggesting to publish this and more images (and video) for some time. However none of it is digital. So I’ll a minimum of do this much. These are my words, unless displayed in quotes. It also shows me I should have taken the advice of buddies who recommended I do a blog.

Maurice and Katia Kraft were internationally-known and highly regarded French volcanologists, who traveled the world going after volcanoes: They funded their journeys by offering the photos and videos of their experiences– that had actually lasted numerous years – along with speaking engagements. National Geographic has magnificent video of their work and remarks. There is a lot offered about them online.

“”The town of Kalapana was when a cherished Hawaiian fishing village. It was also the website of among the biggest and nicest black sand beaches. However in 1990, Madame Pele altered the landscape of Hawaii considerably. From April through December of that year, lava flowed non-stop, burying the town and the Royal Garden Subdivision under over 32 feet (10 m) of molten rock.”” I keep in mind seeing the incredibly detailed news protection on tv– night-after-night!

Hawaiian lava flows are very different from those like Mount St. Helens, which buried countless acres in choking volcanic ash, whose excellent “”megatons”blast blew-down ancient forests like toothpicks. Hawaiian volcanoes are generally not explosive, and their basaltic lava is gorgeous in its pahoehoe type. Although it had streamed as much as 7 miles from its source, this lava remained molten, nearly 2,000 degrees fahrenheit.How? As it flowed on the surface area, down the volcano’s slopes, it followed the terrain and produced channels. As the top of the circulation cooled in the air it eventually solidified the surface– and insulated the lava, which now flowed in closed tubes. That allowed the lava to stream excellent distances, while maintaining much of its heat. But then the circulation ultimately reached the “”bench”– flat, spread-out land developed by countless previous flows. Now it slowed significantly, and the lava flow broke-out apparently all over, going in numerous directions. Yet it stayed well-insulated, extremely, extremely hot. And it had the “”push”of the flow continuing behind it, driving it to the sea.

Now started the torturously slow damage: Residence and a few small companies including the marketplace, taro fields, farms, crops, tropical forests, anything that couldn’t be moved. Even the well-known “”Star of the Sea Painted Church” “was threatened, till an extraordinary effort transferred it. This was the starting point I went upon arriving on the Big Island; as quickly as my plane landed at Hilo I discovered a rental vehicle and drove to Kalapana at 3 AM to witness the historical ‘house-moving’.

Locals in many cases expected hours, even days, as the lava relentlessly approached their building; perhaps cooled enough to crust-over, harden, and totally stop; only to break-out once again a couple of feet away. The agonized locals had no way of knowing that the extraordinary volume of lava would ultimately cover a vast area in sterilized rock many feet deep. It would cover lovely, ancient beaches, producing completely brand-new shoreline– countless feet to sea from the previous shoreline. Exactly the way each of the Hawaiian islands was formed over countless years. However that was no consolation to those who were seeing the slow-motion death of Kalapana. [From the Hawaii Volcano Observatory site: In March 1990, the eruption entered its most devastating period of the 20th century when lava flows turned towards Kalapana, a location treasured for its historic websites and black sand beaches. By the end of the summer season, the whole neighborhood, consisting of a church, store, and 100 homes, were buried beneath 15– 25 m (50– 80 ft) of lava. As the lava streams sophisticated eastward, they required to the sea, replacing the palm-lined Kaimū Bay with a plain of lava that now extends 300 m (985 feet) beyond the initial shoreline. In late 1990, a new lava tube lastly diverted lava away from Kalapana and back into the National forest, where flows when again got in the ocean.]
In early May, 1990 Maurice & & Katia Krafft had actually hurried to the Big Island of Hawaii because of the volcanic eruption and miles-long lava flow of Kilauea Volcano … and it’s destruction of the paradise that was Kalapana Town. I was there for the exact same reason. All I had organized was a flight into the nearest airport, at Hilo.

Fate or whatever it was discovered us staying at the exact same small, remote lodge on the edge of Hawaii Volcanoes National forest … 30 miles far from the lava flow at Kalapana! As world-renowned volcanologists, the Kraffts’ had no problem crossing the barricaded access to Kalapana Village. It might not be forgotten that, despite the fact that this was a natural occasion of the earth, it was likewise a headache of devastation since the lava flow had reached more than 7 miles from the volcanic caldera to enter this populated area. This was amazing to witness, however nevertheless a catastrophe. Being a firefighter I currently knew that if I wished to get in the area I had to do so with respect. I would not photo any houses.

The Hawaiian Civil Defense (and director Harry Kim) were the authority here. I asked for a pass, and it was offered since I was a Fire Captain they felt could take advantage of seeing their handling of this natural disaster. And naturally I was very interested in seeing the lava circulation close-up.

I’m not a volcano chaser; but the generally ‘more secure’ Hawaiian volcanoes have always captivated me. I had actually experienced the blast-furnace heat from this same volcano on previous journeys; I had actually even hiked miles to see volcanic craters, along with ‘kipukas’– ‘islands’ of native forest totally surrounded by lava flows; cut-off from the rest of the world, some are understood for developing life (animal and plant) that exists only within their border. I walked on new earth that had not yet broken-down into soil; locations where existed no indication of ever having been walked upon by another individual. I found small, delicate, volcanic residue called “”Pele’s Tears”“, and “”Pele’s Hair” “– hairs of golden glass spun just when emerged lava, tossed high into the air, draws out glassy strands thinner than human hair, that then travel country miles in the wind. Wow. Some extraordinary memories stream around me.

However the lava flows I ‘d seen had actually been at night. On one memorable event, I was talking to a NPS Ranger, Jeff Judd, and we realized we both had a typical connection via my task in the Fire Dept. And we got-along fantastic. After the travelers left the lava flow for their lodgings (a drive of 20+ miles throughout absolutely nothing however volcanic surface), we hiked out throughout the lava fields in the dark. Although they were glowing an orange-red in the cracks, there was a solid, cooled surface we might stroll on … bewaring not to step on any thin crust covering an active lava flow. Jeff had actually done just that years earlier, suffering painful third-degree burns and very lucky to leave with his life. We spent over an hour enjoying the lava, walking over slabs of solidified lava that was still proceeding the molten, liquid lava it floated on: A mini-version of plate tectonics.

This volcanic activity in Kalapana was an unusual chance. After getting my pass I crossed the barricades, and quickly met-up with Maurice and Katia Krafft, who were accompanied by Vivianne Clavel. She was a young Swiss medical professional and volcanologist, in Hawaii to study the damage to the human respiratory system, when exposed to all the gases present in an eruption. Called “”Vog”. But right now, we were all intent on photographing and shooting everything going on. Since we were so near to the ocean, getting fresh air was easy. Lava flows broke-out all over mauka– – far from the sea. Lava surrounded high coconut palm trees; due to the fact that of the high water material of the tree, the lava would cool and strengthen, leaving the trunk to ultimately dry-out and then burn-up from the intense heat … leaving ‘tree molds’ numerous feet deep. Lava flows that cover vegetation rapidly will develop methane gas beneath the lava flow; that gas will shoot-out long flames, or develop gas bubbles in the lava that all of a sudden explode. Lava was completing ponds and streams. The strangest sight I saw was a pond of grayish water shooting-up jet-black orbs that popped like big bubbles from a carbonated beverage.

We discovered a shallow stream-fed pond that ‘toes’ of lava were slowly sneaking into, causing the water to boil near the edges of the lava. That location cooled by the water would solidify, and another ‘toe’ of red-orange lava would break-out on the side of the now ‘frozen’ part. There was constantly a bubbling, sizzling sound present, broken only by Maurice Krafft’s flourishing voice, as he shouted to Katia in French. Vivianne and I had actually agreed here to later exchange our pictures and video, once we were back house in our nations.

I had actually been so ecstatic to get out to the circulations after getting my pass that I broke among the most essential guidelines: Be prepared to be out for as long as it takes. Now I was lacking film and batteries, and even worse: water. I disliked to draw back, but I felt I ‘d be able to come back better-prepared tomorrow. That was not to be. I had actually been permitted just this short however unbelievable couple of hours by Madame Pele. Early the following day the Krafft’s– hearing of a just-beginning-to-erupt volcano in Alaska, captured a plane to their next adventure. Vivianne was back to her research. Kalapana was no longer a location I could access. There was still plenty to see and do, and I continued my trip– even going back to Kalapana to shoot the lava flows that were now sneaking across the black sand beaches– an amazing and unusual sight.

It was one year later on, June of 1991, that I saw a report on television that Maurice and Katia remained in Japan, at a volcano named Unzen. They were on the ridge of a valley nearly 3 miles from the crater when the volcano unexpectedly released a big, violent eruption: A pyroclastic circulation– hot ash, superheated gas and lava– blasted down the high slopes and caught them outdoors. 43 scientists, reporters, and firefighters died there that day, consisting of both Maurice and Katia. Though I ‘d understood them only quickly, I felt their loss as I would a buddy. Their deaths were a major blow to the neighborhood of volcanologists, and everybody who had been saved from volcanic activity because of their work.

I later on got a letter from Vivianne Clavel, the Swiss medical professional with us in Kalapana. She was not sure of my address, so had sent only the letter. She asked if I had heard the unfortunate news about the Krafft’s, over which she was heart-broken. They were her friends. She asked if we could exchange our pictures and video, “”anything and everything”“, in her words, from that day in Kalapana. The majority of exactly what I had was of the volcanic activity, but I assemble a VHS video, in addition to pictures, and sent them to Vivianne’s home in Geneva, Switzerland. I never ever heard from her again. I received a letter from Vivianne’s mom. She stayed “”your letter was found by us in her apartment … our dear Vivianne vanished on Mount Lokon Volcano (Sulawesi). She was taking photographs at the (edge) of the crater when it suddenly appeared … You see, she died some weeks after her dear buddies Maurice and Katia Krafft, and of the very same death …””

. From a site about them: “”Considering that their disappearance, no one has actually taken up the torch with the very same ability, charm, nerve however humbleness, love and desire, in the research, understanding and knowledge transfer of these phenomena that are beyond human understanding””

. Medical professional Unusual 079 [Oct 1986]
doctor strange
Image by Jim Barker

New York Comic Con 2014 – Physician Strange
doctor strange
Image by Rich.S.

Nice Doctor Strange photos

A few great physician odd images I found:

Doctor Strange en la #ComicConChile!
doctor strange
Image by Sibeckham
through Instagram Ud7X6P

Doctor Odd 051 [Feb 1982]
doctor strange
Image by Jim Barker

Doctor Unusual – vol 1 # 47 (June 1981)
doctor strange
Image by pitgp
All copyrights come from their particular owners. Under the terms of reasonable usage, image is reproduced here for informative and instructional purposes.

Benedict Cumberbatch dal buddismo al set tra Doctor Strange, Amleto e Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch dal buddismo al set tra Medical professional Strange, Amleto e Sherlock
La vicinanza alla cultura buddista lo ha aiutato a entrare nel personaggio di Doctor Strange, il film diretto da Scott Derrickson che uscirà nei movie theater il 4 novembre, in cui interpreta lo Stregone supremo dei fumetti Marvel: “Con i monaci buddisti c'' è …
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Rachel McAdams to follow Doctor Strange with Sherlock Holmes 3?
Rachel has now signed up with Robert Downey Jr. as part of the Marvel household, as she is set to appear in the brand-new Physician Strange motion picture, starring together with Benedict Cumberbatch, but would she be interested in getting the gang back together for Sherlock Holmes 3?
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Photography Equipment

Take a look at these the avengers images:

Photography Equipment
the avengers
Image by fensterbme
Here is my photo scrap, I got some brand-new things, moved some existing stuff and usually spent some time cleaning up things up. I decided to take a photo since everythings all spiffy arranged now.

KEEP IN MIND: This image is kinda out of date … things tha thave altered consist of adding another White Lighting X1600, an extra large softbox, a bunch of new grip gear (Avenger C Stands, Manfrotto Boom Stand, etc.).

Not everything goes every place, I typically choose select items or cases and take just exactly what I need. I have links to seperate pictures of each case with more detailed details with exactly what remains in each case on the image as notes.

NOTE: This image made it into Flickr’s ‘Explore” “as one of the top 5 hundred most interesting photos on a certain day, that makes me rather unfortunate as the actual resulting images didn’t make it, ha! You can see all my picture’s that have made it into the Flickr Check out pages here.

The Avengers!
the avengers
Image by jadesperry_jadedphotography

Cool Wonder Women images

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Flags of Our Dads
wonder women
Image by Lyarks
Concern 52 – The life stories of a couple of superheroes who did things, on their year off.

Checked out 4.27.15

This concludes the year long Real H. Word task!

Thank you to all you who remained for the trip! Its was a lot better having you with me. Been on Flickr for several years, and now being able to go from no views and registers for numerous has actually been freakin remarkable, and I like it. I wonder what can we do next???

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Wonder Lady
wonder women
Image by Darkain Multimedia
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