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Image from page 76 of “The story of Doctor Dolittle, being the history of his peculiar life at home and astonishing adventures in foreign parts” (1920)
doctor strange
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Identifier: storyofdoctordol00loft
Title: The story of Doctor Dolittle, being the history of his peculiar life at home and astonishing adventures in foreign parts
Year: 1920 (1920s)
Authors: Lofting, Hugh, 1886-1947
Publisher: New York : Frederick A. Stokes Company
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
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Text Appearing Before Image:
ke people well: and I can make people ill—just by raising my little finger. Send your sol-diers at once to open the dungeon door, or youshall have mumps before the morning sun hasrisen on the hills of Jolliginki. Then the King began to tremble and was verymuch afraid. Doctor, he cried, it shall be as you say.Do not raise your little finger, please! And hejumped out of bed and ran to tell the soldiersto open the prison door. As soon as he was gone, Polynesia crept down-stairs and left the palace by the pantry window. But the Queen, who was just letting herselfin at the backdoor with a latch-key, saw the par- 54 The Story of Doctor Dolittle rot getting out through the broken glass. Andwhen the King came back to bed she told himwhat she had seen. Then the King understood that he had beentricked, and he was dreadfully angry. He hur-ried back to the prison at once. But he was too late. The door stood open.The dungeon was empty. The Doctor and allhis animals were gone. THE SEVENTH CHAPTER

Text Appearing After Image:
THE BRIDGE OF APES UEEN ERMINTRUDE hadnever in her life seen her hus-band so terrible as he got thatnight. He gnashed his teethwith rage. He called every-body a fool. He threw histooth-brush at the palace cat. He rushed roundin his night-shirt and woke up all his army andsent them into the jungle to catch the Doctor.Then he made all his servants go too—his cooksand his gardeners and his barber and PrinceBumpos tutor—even the Queen, who was tiredfrom dancing in a pair of tight shoes, was packedoff to help the soldiers in their search. All this time the Doctor and his animals wererunning through the forest towards the Land ofthe Monkeys as fast as they could go. Gub-Gub, with his short legs, soon got tired;and the Doctor had to carry him—which made 55 56 The Story of Doctor Dolittle it pretty hard when they had the trunk and thehand-bag with them as well. The King of the Jolliginki thought it wouldbe easy for his army to find them, because theDoctor was in a strange land and would

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Extraordinary Bodies
doctor strange
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