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Image from page 170 of “Incidents of travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan” (1858)
doctor strange
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Identifier: incidentsoftrave11step
Title: Incidents of travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan
Year: 1858 (1850s)
Authors: Stephens, John L, 1805-1852
Subjects: Indians of Central America Indians of Mexico Mayas
Publisher: New York : Harper & Brothers
Contributing Library: Brigham Young University-Idaho, David O. McKay Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University-Idaho

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by an invasion of the Spaniards.An old man rises and exhorts them to defend their HACIENDA OF M J C U Y C H E. 147 country ; if need be, to die for it. The Indians areroused, but in the midst of his exhortations a stran-ger enters in the dress of a Spaniard and armedwith a musket. The sight of this stranger throwsthem all into consternation ; he fires the musket,and they fall to the ground. He binds the chief,carries him off captive, and the play is ended. After breakfast the cura left us to return to hisvillage, and we set out to continue our journey toUxmal. Our luggage was sent off by Indians of thehacienda, and the major domo accompanied us.onhorseback. Our road was by a bridle path over thesame stony country, through thick woods. Thewhole way it lay through the lands of the provisor,all wild, waste, and desolate, and showing the fataleffects of accumulation in the hands of large landedproprietors. In two hours we saw rising before usthe gate of the hacienda of Mucuyche. To the as

Text Appearing After Image:
l*eiwn.Ss. ~^-=r 148 INCIDENTS OF TRAVEL. tonishment of the gaping Indians, the doctor, as hewheeled his horse, shot a hawk that was hoveringover the pinnacle of the gateway, and we rode upto the house. I trust the reader has not forgotten this fine ha-cienda. It was the same to which, on our formervisit, we had been borne on the shoulders of In-dians, and in which we had taken a bath in asenote, never to be forgotten. We were once moreon the hands of our old friend Don Simon Peon.The whole hacienda, horses, mules, and Indians,were at our disposal. It was but ten oclock, andwe intended to continue our journey to Uxmal, butfirst we resolved upon another bath in the senote.My first impression of the beauty of this fancybathing-place did not deceive me, and the firstglance satisfied me that I incurred no risk in intro-ducing to it a stranger. A light cloud of almostimperceptible dust, ascribed to the dripping of thewaters of the rainy season, or perhaps made visibleby the rays of the mid

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doctor strange
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