1500 people take to icy sea for the annual Saundersfoot dip

1500 individuals take to icy sea for the yearly Saundersfoot dip
Hardy revellers braved the cold and blustery weather to bring in the New Year with a dip in the freezing Irish Sea. Shares. Get Exactly what'' s On news by email. Invalid email. Subscribe Thanks for subscribing! Could not subscribe, attempt once again later on. Welsh …
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Yoda and Obi-Wan are covertly in The Force Awakens
Yoda and Obi-Wan are privately in The Force Awakens. Ewan McGregor, Frank Oz and even the late Alec Guiness make sneaky reprisals in the new Star Wars film. CAUTION: SPOILERS. Yoda sneaks his method to the most current Star Wars movie …
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This Fanboy Animator''s' X – Guy ' YouTube Cartoon Was Too Hot for Marvel

marvel heroes
x men
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Esto es quizas lo que mas noto a faltar en las pelis sobre los superheroes de marvel, que no hay conexion entre ellos, Spidey ha colaborado varias veces con los 4F y la patrulla, estos dos ultimos incluso se han enfrentado entre ellos, Daredevil es socio de Spydey y juntos se han enfrentado a King Ping (que no es racismo entiendame pero prefiero el blanco de toda la vida) Blade ha colaborado con el physician extra├▒o, grupo en el que alguna vez entro Hulk a formar, pero algo mas modesto que el de los Vengadores en cuyas filas esta Iron Male change ego de Tony Stark fabricante de tecnologia puntera que alguna vez han usado todos los de la foto.

This Fanboy Animator''s' X-Guy ' YouTube Cartoon Was Too Hot for Marvel
When it was revealed in early 2016, the fan-made cartoon series X-Men: Danger Space Protocols by animator and video game designer Joel Furtado drew captivated the geek-centric internet. The task was planned as an 18-episode ode to Furtado'' s …
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Marvel Simply Close down A Significant XMale Fan Series
A web-series you might well have actually heard of in recent weeks, including as it did a really '' 90s style X-Men roster fighting timeless villains in the Risk Space, X-Men: Threat Room Protocols had apparently already endured the dangerous few weeks after initially …
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'' X-Guy: Armageddon'': Olivia Munn Dishes on the Changes to Her Psylocke in the Film
Starlet Olivia Munn, who is in the upcoming “X-Men: Apocalypse”, recently spoke to Screen Tirade about the modifications that will be made to her variation of Psylocke or Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock. Ideally, in doing so, hardcore fans of the character will be …
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Echo Base #45: Beyond the Sea

When Disney announced the “Star Wars Day at Sea” for their cruise line, we all wondered what was involved and whether it’d be worth it. Lou went on the inaugural voyage and has returned with a full report! Listen here!

When Disney announced the “Star Wars Day at Sea” for their cruise line, we all wondered what was involved and whether it’d be worth it. Lou went on the inaugural voyage and has returned with a full report! Listen here!

The Empire strikes back

AT-AT Snowwalker from Star Wars The Empire Strikes back
empire strikes back
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Photographed at the exhibit “”Star Wars: Where Science Fulfills Imagination””at the Oregon Museum of Science and Market in Portland, Oregon. The Empire strikes back A new era for an
old treasure-the remediation
of the Empire Hotel, birth place of the Dunedin Noise -is under method. The 1879 constructing found popularity in the 1980s when young Dunedin bands were offered the possibility to play live in its first-floor bar. In … Read more on Otago Daily Times Jason Wingreen Dead: Prolific TV Star Who Appeared In ' All In The Family ' Was 95 Star Jason Wingreen, perhaps best understood to Star Wars fans as the voice of Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back and to legions of TELEVISION audiences as Harry the bartender in All In The Family' and Archie Bunker ' s Location, has actually passed away. Wingreen, who likewise was among … Learn more on Due date ' Star Wars: The Force Awakens ' Deleted Scenes: Darth Vader ' s Error, ' Empire …” The Empire Strikes Back “: Rey ' s vision after very first holding Luke Skywalker ' s lightsaber is most likely one of the most gone over sequences in the film, and it appears there may ' ve been more. Once again, a long-ago report recommended that Darth Vader would make … Find out more on Indie Wire(blog)